I have a heart to the moon.

Unlike Hu Haihai’s generous heroism, he is very clear about this person’s grievances. Hu Dahai is his friend, so he would rather give up his life before the two armies, and he would not leave Hu Haihai. However, Lulu had dared to faintly take his family to ask for help. I am sorry, even if you don’t want your life, you have to pull you together to be an anti-thief!

It’s just that the bend in my heart is on my mouth, and it becomes another kind of rhetoric. It is affectionate and righteous, and it is also well-intentioned. Nahu Daming knew that he was squinting and saying something, but one word could not refute it. For a long while, I bit my teeth and said, “The family of Lu’s adults live in the big city. If he stays there, will the court not take his family?!”

Yan Zaicheng shook his head again and said with great confidence. “If he stayed in the Xuzhou City as an official of the Red Scarf Army, the court would naturally not let his family go. And if he was detained as a prisoner, the court Even if you don’t make sense, you have to think about who will be willing to bring troops next time!”

When you talk, you take your eyes and look at Wu Liangmou. I know that this time Wu Liangmou seems to suddenly become alert. Smiled and shook his head and responded: “If the surname is really like what he said, he has not done anything that hurts the world. I am afraid that Xuzhou Army will not really hurt him. As for staying, don’t stay, It depends on his old man’s own meaning. After all, he sang under the Chongtianmen more than 20 years ago, and now he is counted as the great Confucianism under the sun. If he is not tied to the army for no reason, is he not going to study in the world? Are they pushed to the court?!”

The Da Yuan Dynasty took the world with a bow and horse and ruled the world with a butcher knife. The Imperial Examination was originally considered dispensable. It was only after more than forty years of reigning the Central Plains that the first imperial examination was officially opened. And since then, there has been no fixed regulations. Therefore, if you want to leave a name on the list, the difficulty is not that big. Over time, anyone who can test the scholars has no place in the Confucianism.

And Lulu had this, the scholar of the two years of the calendar. And the name is listed in the seventh of the left list, and then the Hanlin National Academy of History was edited, and the career has been steadily on the way. This is the only way to read and be an official. It is of course a model for Confucian children to follow. Countless people are willing to worship the wall and become the disciple of his disciples. After careful calculation, even Wu Liangmou’s mentor, Mr. Feng Lin, met this person and claimed to be a younger generation, and served as a teacher.

Such a hot potato, in Wu Liangmou’s view, if the Red Scarf Army did not want to kill him at the beginning, it is better to send away as soon as possible. Reluctantly leaving it in Xuzhou, it is asking for trouble. Not to mention that the old man’s ability to bring troops to fight is similar to that of an idiot, and he will not be able to help the Red Scarf Army. In the unlikely event that the old man lived unhappy, he made a few complaints. Spread out, in the mouth of the readers of the world, the Red Scarf Army is really a enchanting. I am afraid that it will not be clear for thousands of years.

Thinking of this festival, Wu Liangmou smiled again and whispered to Hu Dahai and Yan to become two tricks. “In my opinion, this Lu Laofu is probably not a person who is willing to give up to death. The two may wish to listen to him if he is willing to stay and assist him. If Xu is willing to stay, he will not be hard. Drive him away!”

“It is!” Hu Dahai and Yan and then nodded in two. After a false holiday with Wu Liang, he turned back and went to find Lu. I just thought that the interest analysis had just been completed. I was afraid that I would not be able to make a difference. I suddenly became a big sorrow. “One nonsense! You two are self-deprecating, even though you go. The old man only initially misunderstood. People, will not stop you! But if you want to drag the old man to the same level, but the door is not! The old man was blessed by the four generations of the enlightenment, this life has long been not his own. Even after returning to the court According to the law, it is as sweet as it is!” (Note 2)

“Adults -!” A good heart was all regarded as a liver and lungs, Hu Daqi really wants to pick up the slap to wake up Lulu.耿 耿 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 却 耿 耿 耿 耿 耿 耿 耿 耿 耿 耿 耿 耿 耿 耿 耿Lost my heart!!”

“You also want to take words to stimulate me!” It is not because of the heat of roasting, or the defeat is not reconciled. Lulu once stunned Hu Dahai and Yan and made another two eyes. He said loudly: “After the old man went back, the court did not ask. If you want to ask, you will say that your generals are almost killed on the spot. The specific surnames are seen before the expedition. In Huainan’s roster, I hope that you two will be good at it here, don’t really do the thief who harms the people! Otherwise, even if the old man is a ghost, he will be pestering you every day!”

“Thank you for the success of the adults!” Hu Dahai and the singer became two listeners, and quickly squatted. Lulu was too lazy to look at the two again. He took a branch of charred root from the fire and wrote the grass directly on the ground. The end is the pen to go to the dragon snake, if you are shocked.

In a short time, Xu Hongsan also looked for Xu Da, the commander of the thousands, and stood quietly beside the fire. He accompanied Hu Dahai and then went to see the calligraphy. I saw that Lulu had been more fluent in writing, and the more he wrote, the more confident he was, and the two men who were greedy and fearful of death were judged. Written and written, I read aloud and read it aloud. It used the dialect of Yiliang. Although Xu Da and others did not understand a word, they knew that the old master was swearing, so he was afraid to bother him. All faces are admired.

A speech poem sings and sings, the old man dropped a wooden stick, and turned his back around his own ink treasure to watch a circle. He said with a bit of pride: “Oh, the old man’s post of Zhang Changshi always has to It is invisible, and today it has suffered a great setback, but it has finally seen its way!” (Note 1)

After all, it is a pity that there is no paper on hand for you to continue to play. Turning his head and asking Xu Da, who was full of admiration, asked, “I remember you. You are the leader of Xuzhou Red Towel. The arrow shot quite accurately. Can you know the words written by the old man?!”

After Xu Da became an officer, he has always been ashamed of being ignorant, so he does not like to listen to others and ask him if he is illiterate. However, in the face of Yan Lu, who had become a veteran of more than 20 years of fame, he could not get a temper. I arched my hand and responded earnestly and earnestly: “Let the Master laugh! Xu was young when he was young and had no money to study. Recently, he asked people to open the door in the past six months. So the words you wrote old, Xu can only recognize Three or two!”

“There is no money to study at home?” Lulu once stunned, as if for the first time he heard that someone was so poor that it was a pity. But since you have already done Wufu, how do you think of asking someone to open the door?”

“Return to the old gentleman!” Xu Da gave another gift and honestly told his thoughts. “The reason why Xu rebelled was because he couldn’t live because he was hungry. But God can’t always look at people all the time. Starving to death, there will be a day of re-environment in the morning and evening. At that time, you can’t use a knife to govern the country, nor can you use a knife to teach your own children and grandchildren!”

“This…….?” This time, it was Lulu’s turn to admire. He rounded his eyes and looked at Xu Da and looked at it. Finally, I sighed and whispered. “Unfortunately, the old man met you late. Otherwise, you can also earn you income. Oh, now, it’s a snobbery to say that you want to borrow your hand to live. It’s all right, it’s gone, there are people like you in the Red Scarf Army, and the old man’s loss this morning is not awkward!”

Immediately, he shook a few more times, stretched out his feet, and wiped the grass on the ground.

When Hu Dahai and Yan met again, they knew that Lu Laozi had really made up his mind. He would rather be a loyal ghost to the Da Yuan court and would not rely on the Xuzhou red towel. Therefore, if you advise, you don’t want to worry any more. Xu Dajing respects the reputation and knowledge of the old master and does not want to force this person. So I looked around and called a few familiar faces and ordered them to be responsible for serving the old master. Don’t let the old man suffer a little wrong.

At this moment, the state of mind of Lulu has been completely different from the previous one. After thanking Xu Dadao, An An’s heart was filled with loneliness and loyalty, and no longer any trouble for anyone.

It took about two more hours, and all the soldiers of the Red Scarf Army passed the river together with the heavy weight. Sesame Li sent an elite to meet Mao Gui, Peng Da and Wei Zixi. Others have used some fighting rice in a hurry. Then I took another step and set foot on the way back to Xuzhou City.

Pan Yizi, who stayed in Xuzhou, had already heard the news of the victory of the army and personally led the soldiers in the city to take out five miles. When the seized grain was put into the warehouse, the wounded were settled, and the sky was completely black.

Under the special care of the marching chief Shi Zhaojun, Lulu was very politely arranged into a courtyard left by the people. Except that you can’t go in and out, everything else is up to him. Eat and wear, pen and ink, Xuzhou Army also has no shortage of supplies.

After two more days, Mao Gui and Peng Da and Wei Zixi took the grain from the Huainan Army’s old camp and returned. The handling of prisoners is also on the agenda.

As the original ancestors and others said, Sesame Lee is also not interested in killing prisoners. After a few sentences, he ordered the release of the captured salt. If you are willing to stay in Xuzhou, you can choose to join the army as an auxiliary soldier or take a hoe to go to wasteland. If they don’t want to stay in Xuzhou, they will send two hundred coins to make a toll and let them go home on their own.

The prisoners listened and immediately thundered. More than 4,000 people, there are actually more than 4,000 people chose to stay. Only less than a thousand people still have concerns at home, only took the copper coins from the hands of Sergeant Li Mubai, and then walked away with great gratitude.

Lulu has seen this, and the mind is more and more peaceful. Every day in the house of house arrest, the poems are painted, and the days are the most leisurely period since the official. This day, under the window, he continued to sneak the charm of Shengxu Xuxu, one of the four servants who waited for him, and suddenly rushed in and leaned over, holding a famous post in his hands. “Master, Red, Red Scarf Army II At home, Zhao, Zhao Jun used to visit. At this moment, I was drinking tea in the concierge. May I ask you, do you have a chance to see him?”

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