Yang Yuanshi

“Lin, how are you?”

Looking at Lin Wei’s strange behavior, sitting on the back of Xiaoyanhu’s back, I couldn’t help but have some doubts.

Lin moved to wave his hand, did not answer, looked up, looked at the surrounding environment in the face of indulging, and then from the southeast and northwest, they grabbed a black soil and probed the silk in the mud. The strength of the impotence.

“The impotence contained in the mud in the north is stronger.”

Lin Dong discarded the black soil in his hand and waved at the green sandalwood. Then he went to the deep forest in the north. Later, the green sandalwood also rushed Xiaoyan to follow up.

The two of them quickly ran in the dense forest, and the soft light shone through the gaps of the leaves and shone in the forest.

Most of the iron wood villages are forests, and they are still quite primitive forests. Looking at this, it is obvious that Leijia only puts all the attention on the iron wood, so for these forests, it has not been done. Too detailed detection and understanding.

Every time I run for a distance, Lin will stop and grab a handful of dirt, and then go deeper after clearing the direction.

This kind of in-depth, which lasted for nearly half an hour or so, Lin’s footsteps suddenly stopped. The soil here is still dark black, but when Lin moved to grab it, he could feel it. The impotence contained in it is far more intense than the outside.

“Lin, brother, it’s hot!”

Qing Tan sits on Xiao Yan’s back, and the delicate cheeks on the paintings are actually sweaty. When she arrives here, she almost feels like she has entered the stove. If it is not Lin Zhi’s insistence, I am afraid she will be patient. Living.

“It’s good to bear it.”

Lin smiled and gave a sigh of relief, but his eyes were far away, but it was found that the woodland not far away seemed to be at the end, and in the faint, he smelled a kind of animal beast, and now he raised some vigilance against the green sandalwood. A gesture, then walked low, and after a while, a slightly sunken valley appeared in the sight of Lin.

The eyes swept in the valley, and immediately the forest was stunned and condensed on the two black shadows at the bottom of the valley.

The two shadows, like two black panthers, are all black and black, and the body is covered with black fine iron. Under the sunlight, the glare of the glare is reflected. The green animal is murderous and cunning.

“Black Iron Leopard.”

Looking at the two metal-like black panthers, Lin Dong couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air. This black iron leopard is also a monster, and the name is not lower than the fire tiger. After the leopard adulthood, It also has the strength of the master of the world, and it is clear that the body of these two demon leopards is in the strongest moment.

That is to say, these two big guys are the masters of the two heavenly realms. Lin Dong did not expect that in the depths of this iron wood, there are still such fierce existences.

“It’s no wonder that Leijia people don’t dare to go deep into the depths of the forest. It turns out that these places are such dangerous.” Lin moved his mouth, and when he planned to quietly retreat, the right palm pressed on the ground suddenly There was a strange wave of volatility.

This kind of fluctuation made the forest move, and then carefully climbed down the body. Since the stone will be fluctuating, it must be something that attracts it.

Lin moved the right palm flat on the ground, and then quietly sensed the kind of fluctuations, and his body slowly moved, and after a long while, finally stopped in a depression.

Looking at the ground with a little depression on the side, Lin was a bit strange, and immediately burst into a fist. The mud was actually exposed to a hole of a size, which was obviously long ago. Existence is only buried by the soil layer on the surface.

When the pothole appeared, the fluctuations in Shifuzhong were also aggravated. Lin moved hesitated, put his arm into the pothole, and then smashed.

Not far from the green sandalwood, looking at the forest moving on the ground, hands like a pangolin, constantly smashing some stone mud from the pothole, the small face can not help but emerge a strange look, obviously some I don’t understand what Lin Dong is doing.

Under the gaze of the green sandalwood, Lin’s arm lingered in the pothole for a long time, but all the scouring out were all some rocks, nothing was strange.

After a long while, there was still no gain, and when Lin Dong was also smashed with evil spirits, he couldn’t do it. The palm that reached into the pot suddenly caught a faint warmth. The stone, and that is, when the stone started, the fluctuations in the stone symbols in the palm of the hand only stopped.

“found it……”

When I noticed the change of the stone symbol, Lin’s heart was also overjoyed, and he hurriedly pulled back his arm, and suddenly a reddish stone appeared in his eyes.

The stone’s water chestnut is not clear, and the whole body is reddish, but it looks slightly transparent. It is like a spar. The faint temperature permeates out from this spar, just like holding a bunch of sunlight.

“This is… Yang Yuanshi…”

Lin looked at the light red spar on the palm of his hand, and suddenly took a sigh of coolness, and in his eyes, there was a thick stunned color.

Yang Yuanshi, a rather special spar, is said to be born only in the deep volcano prescription. This spar not only absorbs the power between the heavens and the earth, but also has long-term foaming through the lava. The power of Yangshuo is among them. This kind of Yang Yuanshi is simply tailored for some masters who have reached the heavenly realm.

Lin Dong accidentally heard from Lin Xiao that in the Great Yan Dynasty, many masters who reached the heavenly realm would carry a few Yang Yuanshi with them, but the price of the thing was not low, so in Qingyang Town. It is quite rare.

Lin Dong never thought about it. He would dig out Yang Yuanshi here. You must know that Yang Yuanshi usually rarely appears alone. Because of the birth conditions, the place where Yang Yuanshi appears is likely to There is a vein, this vein can be big or small, but if it is, even a small vein, for the Lin family, will be a great asset.

“It used to be a volcano. If you have a Yangyuan stone vein, it is not impossible…”

Lin moved his mouth and couldn’t help but twitch, then grabbed the Yang Yuanshi in his hand and suddenly got up.


Just as Lin got up, in the valley in front of him, two black iron demon leopards suddenly made a snoring sound, and the direction of the sound was like him.

“I was discovered…”

Lin Biao’s face changed, hurriedly flew back, jumped on the back of Xiaoyanhu, licking the slim waist of the green sandalwood, Shen Sheng: “Go!”

Hearing his drink, Xiao Yan was also a low-pitched, moving four hooves, like a whirlwind rushing out of the forest…


“Hey, first call the people to settle in Tiemu Zhuang, clean up the potion in the land as much as possible, and the rest of the iron wood, first cut down, and then observe whether it can grow iron wood, if not, you don’t have to put it here too. More people are coming.” In the hall, after a roaring afternoon, Lin Zhentian finally stopped the unnecessary anger, sitting in the first place, looking gloomy.


Wen Yan, Lin Xiao and others also smiled and nodded. They couldn’t say how depressed they were. They thought that they could get a big bargain. I didn’t expect it to be a half-destroyed Zhuangzi.


When Lin Xiao nodded, the door of the hall was suddenly pushed open, and the figure of Lin moved directly into it. When he saw his wolf-like body, everyone was stunned and just wanted to talk. Lin was directly A pale red spar was pulled from his arms and placed heavily on the table in front of Lin Zhentian.

“Grandpa, this time we are in the forest, we have a treasure!”

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