Yunzong Zong, as one of the most powerful forces in the Gama Empire, is directly placed on a majestic foothill just over a distance of more than ten miles from the Imperial City. Because of the name of Yunzong, this mountain is also called the cloud. Lushan.

Yunxiao Mountain has a steep mountain, three faces the cliff, and only one road can pass through the foothills. It can be said that it is a dangerous place to be easy to defend and difficult to attack, and there are clouds and sects of the sects of the sects. It is a small fortress.

Just two miles away from the foothills of Yunxiao Mountain, there are 50,000 iron rides where the empire is stationed. Although it is called the guarded capital, anyone can see that this is the ruler of the empire. Head to the tiger in the capital.


Yunxiao Zonghou Mountain, the clouds are haunting, like a fairyland.

On the bulging black rock at the edge of the cliff, the woman in the white dress is wearing a knot of cultivation and closing her eyes, and with the help of her, she forms a perfect Circulation, in the alternating between each cycle, the surrounding air with strong energy will ooze a faint cyan airflow, which circulates around the woman’s body and is continuously absorbed into the body for refining. , storage…

When the last cyan air flow was sucked into the body by the woman, she slowly opened her eyes, and the faint green mans passed through the scorpion, the shawl’s blue silk, and the windless automatic, slightly flying.

“Master Nalan, the father of Nalan Su came to Yunzong, and he said that he would let you see him.”

Seeing that the woman had withdrawn from the state of cultivation, a maid who had already waited here was hurriedly sympathetic.

“Father? What is he doing?”

Wen Yan, the woman frowned slightly, confused and shook her head, elegantly stood up, standing on the edge of the cliff, the oncoming breeze, the month white skirt roasted tightly attached to the woman Lingjiao Above the body, it looks very bumpy and extremely attractive.

The eyes were lazy and swept under the bottomless cliffs. The woman’s jade hand smashed the white robes of the moon, and immediately turned away from her special cultivation place.


Among the spacious and bright halls, a middle-aged man with a slightly darker face, holding a teacup, placed on the palm of the table, and violently beat the table.

Naransu is now very annoyed because he is almost a cloud sect on his stick with his father Nalan.

He did not expect that he only led his troops to the western part of the empire for a year. His own daring daughter, even dared to privately push the marriages that the old man personally set.

Among the family, who doesn’t know that Nalan’s face is extremely important, and Nalan’s current move will undoubtedly let others say that his Nalan’s family saw Xiao’s weakening power and disdain to marry him. .

This kind of gossip makes Dana Lancome thundering at home every day. If it is not because of the fact that he can’t move, I am afraid that he has already dragged the body of the wood to climb the mountain.

For the marriage between the Nalan family and the Xiao family, it is true that Nalansu did not agree with it. After all, Xiao Yan was almost synonymous with waste, so that he would have his own appearance and cultivation talents. The daughter chosen to marry a waste, Nalan Su really is a hundred reluctance.

However, at the beginning, according to the information he had received, the boy of Xiao’s family now not only took off the name of the waste, but also showed the speed of cultivation almost even more terrible than when he was the peak of his childhood.

At this time, the potential of Xiao Yan’s performance has undoubtedly made it possible for Dana Lansu to pay attention to it. However, Nalan’s private move is to make the relationship between the two sides a cold stalemate, which makes Dana Lansu extremely Hey.

In accordance with this relationship, if he does not do well, he will not only lose a woman with unlimited potential, but may even make him hate the Nalan family.

Just thinking about a future chance to become a strong fighter may be hostile to the Nalan family, Nalan Su is afraid of the future, it is mad.

“This gimmick, now the courage is getting bigger and bigger…”

The more I wanted to get angry, the teacup in Nalansu’s hand suddenly slammed on the table, the tea splashed over the table, and the waitress waiting at the side was shocked, and I changed my cup carefully again.


“Father, come to Yunzong, why don’t you tell me?”

Just when Nalan’s anger was angry, the woman’s crisp voice suddenly sounded in the hall, and the white shadow of the moon slowly came out from the gauze, and smiled sweetly at Nalansu.

“Hey, do you have my father in your eyes? I thought you became a disciple of Yun Yun, I don’t know what the Nalan family is!” Looking at this daughter who is getting more and more watery, Nalan Suxin The anger converges a little, cold.

Taking advantage of Nalan Su’s not very good-looking face, Nalan shook her head helplessly, waving her hand to the maid on the side and sending it out.

“Father, I haven’t seen you for more than a year. When you come back, you will reprimand you. When you go back next time, I must tell my mother!” After the waitress quit, Nalan suddenly wrinkled her nose and sat in Naran. Sit down and spoiled.

“Go back? Do you dare to go back?” Wen Yan, Nalan Su has a crack in his mouth: “You dare to go back and see your grandfather dare to interrupt your leg!”

With a slap in the face, Naran, who knows the truth, knows the meaning of Nalan’s words.

“Do you know the purpose of my visit here?”

The sputum poured a sip of tea, and Nalan Su was sullen.

“Is it for my regretful marriage?”

The hand was playing with a glimpse of blue silk, and Nalan was a faint voice.

Looking at Nalan’s calm appearance, Nalan was suddenly beaten by the air, and the palm of his hand was slammed on the table. He said: “The marriage is personally handed by your grandfather. Who asked you to lift it?” ”

“That is my marriage, I don’t want to marry who you want. My business, I will be the master! I don’t care who I promised. I only know that if you follow the agreement, it is me, not Grandpa!” When it comes to this matter, Nalan is also unsatisfied with her face. She is somewhat independent of her temper. She hates her big things and walks according to the route specified by others, even if this person is her elder.

“Don’t think that I don’t know, you just think that Xiao Yan was not worthy of a waste at the beginning? But now people’s potential will not be lower than you! With your position in Yunxiaozong, you should have received it earlier. The news of his strength improvement?” Nalan said with anger.

Nalan squinted and frowned, and the boy who was full of slutty in his mind, his red lips were slightly faint, and faintly said: “I have heard some news about him. I did not expect that he actually can take off. Going to the name of waste, it really surprised me.”

“Unexpected? An accident is all right? Your grandfather spoke up, let you find a time, go to Wutan City, it is best to apologize to ease the stiff relationship and some.” Nalan Su frowned.

“Apologize? Impossible!”

Wen Yan, Nalan stunned Liu Mei, a vertical, refused without hesitation, coldly said: “He Xiao Yan is no longer a waste, but my Nalan still will not marry him! Not to mention what let me go Apologize, you like it, then go by yourself, anyway, I won’t go to Utan City anymore!”

“Where is there room for you to reject! The disaster is yours, you must go to give me a knot!” When Nalan suddenly refused, Nalan was suddenly furious.

“Don’t go!”

Cold and pretty, Nalan suddenly raised a white chin, and there was a touch of tenderness on her cheeks: “Is Xiao Yan not very skillful? Since I dared to agree on the next three years, then I am Nalan. Just in the cloud, Yunzong waited for him to challenge. If I lost to him, I was a slave, and it was with him. Hey, if not, I want to apologize, it is impossible!”

“Budget, if three years of agreement, you finally lost, when the slave is a slave, then did you even bring my Nalan family, but also lost his face?” Nalan angered.

“Who said that I will lose to him? Even if he Xiao Yan replied to talent, but Nalan is really worse than him? And Yunxiao Zongzhong is not only innumerable, but also high-end fighting skills. There is Dan Wang Fuhe grandfather helping me to refine the medicinal herbs. These things, can he have a small family of young masters? It’s rude, I’m afraid that looking for a high-level martial arts, you can make him spend ten A few years!” Nalan Su was so small, Nalan suddenly felt like a female cat who was stepped on the tail. What she hated most was that she was said to be inferior to the waste that she had been looked down upon!

Being so noisy by her daughter, Nalan was so angry that she burst into her eyes and suddenly stood up. She raised her palm and wanted to go down against Nalan.

“Nalan brother, don’t you mess around.” With the action of Nalansu, a white shadow rushed in and stopped in front of Nalan.

“Ge Ye, you bastard, I heard that I went to Xiaojia last time, or did you accompany him?” Looking at the figure in front of him, Nalan Su was even more angry and angry.

With a smile, Ge Ye smiled bitterly: “This is the meaning of the sovereign, and I have no choice.”

“What does Yun Yun do? Why do you want to do these stupid things? If Xiao Yan really defeated the stunned three years later, wouldn’t she really want to give others a slave?” Listening to the word of the lord, Nalan was angry. Slightly converged, but there is still a lot of grievances in the discourse. After all, whoever suddenly loses a great potential son-in-law, and an enemy with great potential, will not feel good.

“Oh, Nalan brothers don’t worry, this thing has been done, and it is useless to say anything now, and even if you let me apologize, it is difficult to make up for the relationship between the two, why bother to ask for fun? As for During the three-year agreement, you can rest assured that the Sovereign has recently personally descended the mountain and prepared the last material in one of the medicinal materials. As long as the ancient elders of the ancient river refine the medicinal herbs, Xiao Yan is absolutely difficult to catch up with. As for the progress of cultivation, as long as you have a little bit of love under the three-year contract, it is time to get rid of the anger in his heart.” Ge Ye smiled.

“What prescription has such a effect?” The brow was slightly wrinkled, Nalan Su asked.

“Oh, this can not be said, this prescription is the ancient Fuhe elders in a training last year, occasionally from the mountains, must be the predecessors to stay, as for the efficacy, then you will know …” Ge Ye mysterious.

Taking advantage of Ge Ye, Nalan Su waved his hand impatiently, looking at Nalan, who was hiding behind Ge Ye, still reluctantly, and had no choice but to swear, and said: “Forget it, It’s rare to take care of you. When you are defeated, you can be a warm-served maid to others. Don’t talk to you about Nalan’s family. I still can’t afford this person.” After all, I was out of the hall with grievances.

Looking at the back that disappeared at the end of the line of sight, Ge Ye was relieved. He looked back and looked at Nalan, who was also helpless. He sighed and said: “I really didn’t think… Xiao’s The little guy actually got up.”

“Climb and climb it…” Nalan sat in the chair, it didn’t matter.

“Oh, you… do you really have the confidence to defeat him in the three-year agreement?” Hesitating for a while, Ge Ye suddenly asked.

“Ge Shu, how do you even think that I can’t compare with the waste…he.” Wen Yan, Nalan suddenly felt unhappy.

Shaking his head with a wry smile, Ge Ye sighed: “I always feel that the little guy is a little surprised…”

After licking his mouth, Nalan stunned the jade hand holding the cup, and the scorpion stared at the pale green tea. The heart chilled and said: “I don’t believe it, you can really climb to Miss Ben’s head! There is still a year and a half. I see how you can climb from the Samsung Fighter?”

“I am Naran stunned, waiting for you in Yunxiaozong! It is like having an appointment!”

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