In the next few days, Xiao Yan was almost on the side of the medicine Ding all day, although the days were extremely hard, but the healing medicine full of one ring was to let him rest, I feel Very pleased.

Of course, it is worth mentioning that in the nearly five days of continuous refining, the vindictiveness of Xiao Yan’s body is actually arrogant and arrogant. According to the current level, I am afraid that I have reached the Star of the Fighter. .

Under this double encouragement, Xiao Yan finally came over with his teeth.

When Xiao Yan hid in the cave to bite his teeth and refining medicine, the atmosphere between the Xiao family and the Jiali family in Utan City was getting tighter and tighter. Two days ago, the Jiali family was more punctual and opened. All kinds of conditions that are extremely favorable to the merchants, and suddenly, those merchants who are still waiting to see, most of them began to switch to the market of the Galle family.

For the Jiali family, this is almost a measure to fundamentally shake the foundation of the Xiao family. The top of the Xiao family, in the midst of anger, almost started to kill.


“Mom, can’t stand it anymore. In just five days, our Xiaojia profit has lost at least 50% to 60%. If this continues, all the squares will be closed down!” In the Chamber, the three elders are full. The face is fierce and angry.

Among the halls, the family members who are not in the family are all sitting here, with a gloomy face, showing the anger of their hearts.

“It really can’t be dragged down any more…” The elders slowly breathed a sigh of relief and said: “Although the master of the Mittel auction site has refining hundreds of bottles of healing medicine for our family, this is too small. It is impossible to compare with the huge number of the Jiali family. In a short period of time, it can be deadlocked with the Jiali family. However, once the time is too long, the sale of the wound medicine is completed, and we have to return to the previous embarrassing situation.”

Sighing, the elders smiled bitterly: “Although if Gu Niken is fully assisted, he will be able to use the number of refining pharmacists in the family. But he is the person at the Mittel auction site. They have always been It’s very surprising that you’re rarely involved in fighting between families.

Sitting in the first place, Xiao Zhan’s face was gloomy and nodded. Although the ranks of the healing medicines sold by the Jiali family were extremely low-level, they were more powerful and cheaper, most suitable for the mercenaries who often added blood in the knife. appetite.

“If we can also get a one-metal pharmacist, then we can compete with them…” In the hall, I don’t know who whispered.

Wen Yan, Xiao Zhan shook his head helplessly, Wu Tingcheng’s refining pharmacists are very few, want to invite those who are very self-satisfied, how easy it is, this time the Jia Li family did not know what to step on the dog, even I really got a refining pharmacist to help.

In the corner of the hall, Xiao Yu and Xiao Ning and other younger generations of the family also sat in it, looking at the gloomy face of their parents, they also did not dare to interrupt, the atmosphere was silent and depressed.

“Sister, that product pharmacist, really so strong? Even let us Xiao family into this?” Some can not stand the dull atmosphere, Xiao Ning whispered to ask Xiao Yu next to him.

Wen Yan, Xiao Yu sighed with a low breath, smiled and whispered: “The refining pharmacist is indeed a unique profession… a refining pharmacist of one product, the strength is at the level of the fighter, if it is a positive fight, the family Any one of the elders can easily kill him. The terrible part of the refining pharmacist is not a frontal battle. They can refine the magical remedy that makes people crazy. With these remedies, they have no With the appeal of Ellen, in order to get these remedies, many strong people are willing to act as a pawn for the refining pharmacist.”

“On the ruthless mainland, many people like to compare the refining pharmacists into poisonous honeycombs. As long as they are stunned, he can find countless thugs immediately. Think about the scenes of the top 100 people, then you can’t beat you, I’m afraid You have to live your life and die.”

When the scene of the group was heard, Xiao Ning first shuddered and immediately stunned.

“Don’t think about it, how to be a harsh condition for a refining pharmacist, you don’t know, the chance is almost smaller than the pie in the sky.” White Xiaoning glanced, Xiao Yu was unceremoniously splashed He had a cold water.

Xiao Yu’s blow was a bit wilting, and Xiao Ning whispered: “I’m afraid we’re all in the Xiao family, but there’s really no blessing to a pharmacist.”

Wen Yan, Xiao Yu just wants to nod, in his mind, but it is extremely abruptly jumped into a black shirt boy, watching the appearance of a teenager, it seems that Xiao Yan…

狠狠 甩 甩 , , 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧 萧

After cursing Xiao Yan in his heart, Xiao Yu turned his eyes to the corner of the window, where the girl in Tsing Yi was quietly holding a thick quaint book, and the occasional opening of the book page, the eyes flowed, calm and elegant. The appearance of it attracted a lot of sneak peeks from nearby peers.

“How good a girl, how can I favor the little bastard?” Shakelessly shook his head, Xiao Yu remained silent again.

Sitting quietly at the window, although the mind sinks into the book, the child can also perceive the oppressive atmosphere in the hall. Liu Mei is slightly stunned. No matter how she says, she has been in Xiao’s family for more than ten years, and she does not look at it. Looking at the Buddha’s face, even because of Xiao Yan’s sake, she would not really let Xiao Jia be beaten by the Jiali family to never turn over.

“Hey, I hope those guys won’t be too much…” Sighed with a sigh of relief, and Kaoru once again turned his eyes to the page. Without Xiao Yan, she almost didn’t want to talk.

At the time of the discussion of the plan in the hall, a family guard rushed in, and Gong Sheng reported: “The patriarch, there is a black robe outside, saying that there are some cooperation matters to find the patriarch to discuss in detail.”

Wen Yan, Xiao Zhan and several elders are a glimpse of each other, and they look at each other. The gloomy face suddenly ecstasy. Several people stood up at the same time and hurriedly said: “Please!”

Looking at Xiao Zhan and the three elders, everyone in the hall was a little dismayed, and then they looked at each other.

“Oh, no need to ask, the Xiao chief is close? The old man, but I don’t want to come.” Xiao Zhan’s voice just fell, the old laughter, it was a laugh from the door.

As the sound passed in, a figure shrouded in a black cloak, and in the eyes of the public, did not rush into the hall.

At the glimpse of the black robes, the scent of Liu Xie, who had been invading the books, suddenly picked up, slowly raised his face, and the autumn scorpion, staring tightly at the black robes entering the door.
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