Looking at the stalwart teenager who was the first to challenge, other unqualified people suddenly sighed with some regret and looked at it. It seemed to envy the first person who had eaten crabs.

Xiao Yan squinted at the eyes, looked up and down the teenager in front of him, although the family members of the family he did not recognize, but this boy, he has some impressions.

If the record is good, the boy named Xiao Ke, who is a big elder faction, usually follows Xiao Ning’s ass, and looks like a pair of puppies. When he was lonely, he didn’t give himself a good face.

In my mind, I slowly recalled some old things in the past. Xiao Yan’s mouth suddenly raised a dangerous arc.

Turning his head and touching the scent of the scent, Xiao Yan smiled slightly, and under the gaze of everyone, nodded and whispered: “Okay, I accept.”

Seeing Xiao Yan promised to be so simple, Xiao Ke’s eyes were pumping, and an inexplicable uneasiness rose quietly in his heart, and his throat rolled a little. Xiao Ke suddenly regretted his own rash.

However, although there is remorse, but at this moment is the arrow on the string, can not repent.

“The illusion, one year to improve the four-stage fighting spirit, no one can do it, must be what means this guy used to blind everyone! I will be able to defeat him!” After the heart was stunned by the inspiration, Xiao Ke this Strong laugh: “Let me teach you the strength of Xiao Yan’s cousin!”

Xiao Yan smiled and stood up. In the eyes of the crowd, he went to the training ground and made a gesture of asking for Xiaoke.

Taking a look at the calm Xiao Yan, Xiao Ke’s heart is more powerful, and he laughed a little, moving a little stiff pace, slowly moving in the field.

Looking at the two people on the field, everyone around the training ground moved quickly.

On the top of the high platform, Xiao war took over and passed over the cloth, and wiped the water stains on his hands. His eyes fixed on the field, and there was a hidden tension in his eyes.

To be honest, not only those teenagers are somewhat unbelievable about Xiao Yan’s achievements, but even Xiao Xiao himself, there is a sense of unreality in the depths of his heart. This does not blame him for not believing Xiao Yan, after all. In one year, the whole four-stage fighting spirit will be upgraded. This speed can be almost described by the demon. This speed, even Xiao Yan three years ago, has not been done.

And because the results achieved are too rich, everyone is somewhat unbelievable.

However, whether it is a letter or not, as long as Xiao Yan and the people play, their true strength will be exposed, and by then, everyone can see the true level of Xiao Yan!

Beside Xiao’s battle, the three elders’ breathing was gradually rushing. The dry palms, on the chair handles, squeezed out a deep impression, a pair of turbid eyes, and staring at the scene intricately.

Above the Bluestone training ground, all eyes are firmly on the two people in the field. The horror performance that Xiao Yan showed before is really true or false.

“Absolutely fake!” At the edge of the square, Xiao Ning licked his dry lips and whispered.

“Should be… fake?” In the crowd, Xiao Mei’s teeth bite the rosy lips, and there are some sorrowful words in her heart. She also has a hard time to believe that this young boy who has been silent for three years will suddenly achieve this. Horrible results.

In a pair of complicated eyes, Xiao Yan and Xiao Ke in the field have completed the etiquette before the fight.

The palms were slightly vertical, and the faint fighting spirit lingered on them. Xiao Ke took a deep breath and walked on the ground with his soles on his feet. The body shape rushed toward Xiao Yan.

Low-level battles don’t have any dazzling feelings, everything is the simplest touch.


The figure quickly deceived Xiao Yan’s side, and Xiao Ke was on the right palm. The fighting spirit was slightly condensed, and the right palm waved. He slashed away from Xiao Yan’s chest.

劈山掌, Huangjie intermediate fighting skills, five-segment fighting above the people, are eligible to learn!

An oncoming breeze blew the hair in front of Xiao Yan’s forehead, revealing the next pair of black and white eyes, and the eyelids smashed, and Xiao Yan’s gaze faintly stared at the palm of the hand.

When the palm is about to reach the shoulder, Xiao Yan has not moved slowly to the left. The physical exercise of one year makes his reaction nerves extremely excellent.

Not a lot of steps, just to avoid the attack of Xiao Ke, slightly on one side, Xiao Yan’s palm is like a flower picking leaves, through Xiao Ke’s arm, casually printed on his shoulder.

“The crushed stone palm!”

Gravel stone, yellow level low-level fighting skills, you can learn with only three stages of fighting!

“Hey!” A muffled sound, Xiao Ke’s ruddy face hit by Xiao Yan suddenly pale. One sullen, the footsteps receded, and finally it was a foot that was unstable, softened, and fell to the ground.

The silence of the audience, the defeat of Xiao Ke, is a good confirmation of certain facts.

One palm defeated the opponent, Xiao Yan shook his head with some boring, this kind of opponent, it is very challenging, let alone use the card, and even his own real strength, have not used half.

Of course, unlike Xiao Yan’s own boring, at this time, everyone, all of them are slowly closing their eyes. Since Xiao Yan can easily defeat a six-segmented tribe, then his Strength, it must be above seven.

So, then the horror score that Xiao Yan showed before… is true!

One year to improve the four-stage fighting spirit, this kind of achievement is a miracle miracle!

On the high platform, Xiao Zhan took a heavy breath, and in his heart, he finally put down the hanging huge stone.

“…really, the seventh paragraph…”

Looking at the defeated Xiao Ke, Xiao Mei’s little hand slowly covered the red lips, and the shocking voice murmured.

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