Two-product pharmacist Gu Ni

The Tamil auction site, the largest auction site in Utan, is also part of the wealthiest family in the Gama Empire: the Tamil family.

In the Gama Empire, to talk about wealth, I am afraid that the Tamil family is second to none.

The Tamil family has a long history and has been in the Gama Empire for hundreds of years. The relationship can be described as intricate. According to some rumors, this rich family seems to have a relationship with the royal family of the Gama Empire.

In the empire, the Tamil family and the Nalan family, the Intel family and the Gama three giants, the three major families, in the empire’s business, military and other interfaces have a foothold, the power is not small.

Therefore, with the strong background of the Tamil family as the background, even if the profits of the auction house are so coveted, no one dares to hit their ideas.


Looking at the huge venue at the end of the street, Xiao Yan turned into a remote alley and quickly draped the previously purchased black cloak robes.

The huge robe covered, not only masked the appearance of Xiao Yan, but even the younger ones have a thin body shape, but also the swelled up, and now Xiao Yan’s appearance, I am afraid that even if it is a smoked child standing in front of it, it is difficult to look at it. recognize…

Covering his body shape, Xiao Yan was relieved. This can’t be blamed for being too cautious. Building this kind of thing is too attractive for some family forces. After all, if anyone can make this kind of spirit on a large scale. Liquid, the strength of its younger generation, will grow rapidly, which is undoubtedly the best catalyst for a family.

In order not to bring some unnecessary trouble to himself, Xiao Yan had to choose to sneak…

The palm touched the warm white jade bottle in his arms. Xiao Yan slowly walked out of the alley and then went to the auction venue at the end of the street.

In the eyes of several armed guards at the door, Xiao Yan walked straight in.

As soon as I entered the clubhouse, the hot feeling was like being stripped from the body and going to the general, cool feeling, giving people a strange feeling of two heavens inside and outside.

His eyes swept through the splendid spacious hall, and Xiao Yan walked over to the side of the house. On the door of the room, there were three large characters of the golden “Jianbao Room”.

Pushing in the door, there was some space in the house. Only one middle-aged man was sitting on the chair at the table with some boring, and he heard the sound of the door. The middle-aged man looked up and looked at the figure wrapped in the black robe. The brows were wrinkled without traces, and immediately the face quickly piled up with a professional smile: “Sir, are you planning to treasure?”

“Yeah.” Under the black robe, a little dry old voice, lightly floating out, turned out to be the old voice of medicine.

Xiao Yan took the first two steps and took out the white jade bottle from his arms and gently placed it on the table.

“This is?” The eyes were puzzled. The middle-aged man carefully picked up the white jade bottle, and the nose sniffed in the mouth of the bottle. After a while, his face changed slightly, and once again looked at Xiao Yan’s gaze. A trace of awe: “Is the adult a refining pharmacist?”

“Yeah.” The old voice was heard again.

“Excuse me, what is this bottle… What is the effect?” Hearing this, the middle-aged person once again asked inquiries.

“Building a foundation spirit can improve the cultivation speed of the fighting gas, but it can only be used under the fighters to be effective.”

“Oh? Can you improve the speed of cultivation of the fighting spirit?” Wen Yan, the middle-aged people are somewhat moved, and the fighting spirit can only be practiced in the middle of the law. This is almost common knowledge for all people, and the practitioners at this stage have extremely detailed internal circulation. Fragile, once the drug is too strong, it will be the end of the horrible end of the pulse…

“My spirit liquid has no negative effect, and the medicine is extremely mild. It will not cause that kind of result. You can rest assured.” It seems to understand the heart of the middle-aged people, and the old voice slowly explained.

The face changed again. The middle-aged man carefully put the white jade bottle back on the table. Respectfully said: “Adult, can you please wait a moment? I need to ask the Gu Ni master at the auction site to identify the spirit!”

“Well, hurry up.” Waving his hand, Xiao Yan was not polite, sat down on the chair in the side, and then closed his eyes and raised his spirits.

The middle-aged man nodded quickly and then hurried out of the room.

Sitting in the chair, Xiao Yan keeps silent, and does not have a mouth to talk with the old drug. This is the site of others, or it is good to be cautious, who can guarantee that there is no voyeur or eavesdropping setting.

After staying in the room for a long while, the middle-aged man returned again, but this time, he also brought a Tsing Yi old man with some white hair.

His eyes swept over the old man and finally stopped at the chest of the old man. There was no gold star painted on it. Instead, he painted something similar to a medicine stove. On the surface of the medicine stove, two silver ripples sparkled noble. The mans.

“Adult, this is the master of Gu Ni at our auction site. He is a Samsung fighter! At the same time, he is also a two-product pharmacist!” said the middle-aged man.

Listening to the identity behind the old man, the brows under Xiao Yan’s cloak subconsciously picked and picked. This is the first time he has met a refining pharmacist other than the old man. Now he can’t help but look at each other.

The old man is full of red light, although the Tsing Yi on his body seems ordinary, but there is a faint light flow. Obviously, this clothes should be blessed with any magic crystal protection. On the ordinary old face, there is a arrogance that is difficult to conceal. This is Everything necessary for every refining pharmacist.

While Xiao Yan looked at the other side, Gu Ni was also scanning the former without any traces. The refining pharmacist was not a fighter. If this thing came out one by one, it would be tempted by any force. So, Gu Ni is looking at it. At the time, he also secretly guessed the identity of Xiao Yan.

The middle-aged man carefully picked up the jade bottle from the table and handed it to Gu Ni…

After picking up the white jade bottle, Gu Ni sniffed the smell of the fragrance, the old eyes were slightly stunned, the eyelids flickered slightly, the bottle mouth was slightly inclined, a small drop of cyan liquid, slowly rolled out of it, and then suspended in the valley. Ni palm.

The eyes are tightly staring at the cyan liquid, and the glutinous fingers are pinched. A silver fine needle appears between the fingers. On the fine needle, there is a slight turbulence, creeping into the cyan liquid, and then light. Lightly stirring…

With the agitation of the fine needles, Gu Ni’s face gradually turned from calm to dignified. After a while, the cyan liquid was collected into the jade bottle, and when the eyes swept to Xiao Yan again, the proud face was one more point. Pay tribute to the middle-aged man’s voice: “The spirit has reached the level of the second drug, the adult said earlier, no fake!”

Wen Yan, the middle-aged man sighed with relief, and Xiao Xiao eagerly smiled: “Adult, are you planning to auction this spirit?”

“Well, can you arrange the fastest auction time for me?”

“Oh, this is naturally no problem, adults take this to the auction room No. 1, where the auction is still taking place, your spirits will be shot later!” The middle-aged man smiled and handed over a dark iron medal. .

“Yeah.” I took over the iron card and Xiao Yan did not stop. I went straight to the room and watched the room.

“Master Gu Ni, is he a refining pharmacist?” After the disappearance of Xiao Yan, the middle-aged man whispered.

“Well, it is indeed a refining pharmacist, that sharp sense of the soul, can’t be wrong…” Gu Ni nodded, and immediately frowned, some doubts said to himself: “But which side of the power is his refining Pharmacist? Haven’t heard of Utse City when a refining pharmacist who can refine the medicinal herbs?”

“Need to investigate his origins?” The middle-aged whispered.

Gu Ni’s old eyes were slightly stunned and slightly thought. He shook his head slightly: “For the time being, the pharmacist’s temper is a little weird. If the investigation caught his attention, I am afraid that he would make a bad impression on the auction house and arbitrarily offend. A mysterious refining pharmacist who doesn’t know the level is not a wise move.”

Turning his head and glanced at the middle-aged man, Gu Ni faintly said: “How to make him feel good about us, you should know how to do it?”

“Oh, understand.”

“Remember, even if you can’t make it, you can’t offend it, or else…” A faint remark was given to some cold words, and Gu Ni floated away.

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