Cruel training

In the early morning, a thin white mist shrouded the top of the mountain, and it didn’t linger for a long time. The breeze blew, and suddenly brought a burst of sound of physical contact.

In a hidden grove on the top of the mountain, Xiao Yan’s feet are inserted into the soil like stumps, the toes are tightly attached to the ground, the teeth are tightly bitten, the forehead is above, the cold sweat is flowing, and only the naked body of a pair of shorts is worn. Cyan bruises, densely covered.

After Xiao Yan’s body, the old medicine that turned into a soul state was sitting on a boulder. At this time, he was looking at the Xiao Yan who insisted on his teeth, and his palm waved.

With the waving of the old palm of the medicine, the air was slightly microwaved, and a reddish temperament puffed out of the old palm of the medicine. Finally, it was like a whip. The heavy one was on the shoulder of Xiao Yan, and suddenly left a Long cyan bruises.

There was a violent groan in the corner of his mouth, and a cold breath was taken between the teeth. Xiao Yan only felt that his shoulder suddenly became numb, and a burst of burning pain went straight into the heart. Under this severe pain, Xiao Yan was Even the toes were a little soft, and I almost couldn’t hold it down…

After the severe pain, it is the violent temper of the body. The gas of the fighting seems to be more energetic than the usual, and it flows cheerfully through the veins and acupuncture points on the shoulders. Slowly penetrate into the skeletal muscles and quietly strengthen it…

“Come on again!” The pain on the shoulders gradually faded away. Xiao Yan’s young face was full of persistence and stubbornness, biting his teeth.

Looking at the Xiao Yan who insisted on the bite, the old face of the old drug, squeezed a smile of gratification, nodded slightly, and in the palm of his hand, the reddish temper was shot again.

“Hey, hey, hehe…” Among the little trees, the road was a bit squeaky and the low-pitched snoring of a painful voice, which continued to spread…

The old man’s hands are extremely measured, and each attack is just the critical point that Xiao Yan can bear now, so that he will not let Xiao Yan seriously hurt, but also bring him a real pain.

The kind of pain that hits the body above the body, so that the little face of Xiao Yan, the pain is almost distorted.

Above the body, with the waving of the old palm of the medicine, more and more bruises…

“Hey!” is another temperament shot, Xiaoyan, like a wooden pile, finally reached the limit that can withstand, the legs are soft, and the force is gone.

Severe gasping for a long while, Xiao Yan wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, looked up, and the difficult cracked mouth smiled: “Teacher, how?”

“Very good. Today, I took eighty-four times of vindictive whip, which is much stronger than nine times a month and a half ago.” The old man’s face nodded with a smile, and there was a faint surprise in the old eyes. This one and a half months, Xiao Yan’s resilience has exceeded his expectations. For example, today, he thought that 70 times of vindictive whiplash was already the limit of Xiao Yan, but the latter, but survived to the eighth. Fourteen times, this really made him have to sigh the patience of this little guy.

Listening to the old words, Xiao Yan took a heavy breath and rested in the mud for a short time. After the body returned to consciousness, it slowly climbed up and took it from the stone on the side. Get out of clothes and wear them.

When you dress, the cool cloth touches the bruises, and naturally it hurts.

The transparent body twisted, and the aging of the medicine flashed into the black ring, leaving a saying that had been said many times: “Hurry and go back and use the building foundation to infuse the body, otherwise the residual blood in the body will Make you seriously injured!”

Clearly nodded, Xiao Yan wearing a good underwear, slow down the line down the mountain.


Going back to the hut, Xiao Yan, who had already couldn’t stand the pain, quickly closed the doors and windows, then took off his clothes again, and jumped into the tub with blue water in his hands and feet…

The cold green water was stained with bruised skin. Xiao Yan suddenly took a few mouthfuls of cool air, and the feeling of fluttering and scented, let him enjoy the eye-opening slowly, straight. Lying in the tub, not moving.

Xiao Yan softly leaned on the edge of the tub, and the rapid breathing gradually stabilized. At the end of the day, the low humming sound was transmitted from the nose and blurred. After a painful torture, Xiao Yan Finally, I couldn’t stand the double exhaustion of my spirit and body, and I slept deeply.

During Xiao Yan’s sleep, the cyan water sloshed slightly, and a slight faint gentle energy, along the tiny pores of Xiao Yan’s body, quietly penetrated into the body, washing away some traces of muddy scars. , and constantly add vitality and continuous strengthening to the body that has reached the limit…

Slumber continues, and reinforcement is carried out unconsciously.

While strengthening and repairing Xiao Yan’s body, the blue water in the tub is gradually getting weaker. Obviously, the potency contained in the water is about to be squandered by Xiao Yan.


I don’t know how long I have slept. Xiao Yan only remembers that when he woke up, the hot daylight had already brightened the room.

Lazy and stretched out a lazy waist, slamming his bones and slamming his screaming, raising his head, feeling the energy and enrichment of the unspeakable body underneath, Xiao Yan could not help but lose his voice: “Good cool!”

Standing up from the tub, Xiao Yan suddenly saw a glimpse. He found that the water in the basin was originally cyan, and it had completely turned into a clear and transparent water.

“Is the medicine absorbed?” Touching the nose, Xiao Yan shook his head helplessly. Suddenly it seemed to think of something. Some delightedly closed the eyelids and carefully sensed the situation of the body.

After a while, Xiao Yan opened his eyes, his palms were slightly gripped, and in the light laughter, there was a sense of surprise that could not be concealed: “The fifth stage is finally fighting!”

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