He hopes to keep him, he can’t go!

Li Tieshu’s instructor appeared on the second day of the military training class. He did not apologize and did not explain it, just as nothing happened yesterday.

He is still as usual, hoarse and screaming loudly yelling at various training slogans, not ruthlessly pointing out the number of students who are doing wrong or unreasonable movements and letting them go out and redo, and the means of punishing boys are still severe. –

He is like an iron tree, the knife can’t open, the axe can’t be cut, even the rain can’t penetrate.

The students in a class were miserable. They knew that Li Tieshu’s instructors must have remembered yesterday’s events. In the next military training process, he will double their revenge.

The noon military training course is coming to an end when everyone is guessing what kind of training they will be subjected to.

“Li Zheng.” Li Tieshu instructor issued a loud order. Shouting the password for so many days, his nephew has long been hoarse.

After listening to him, a group of boys immediately stood up and looked straight ahead.

“Slightly,” he shouted.

Everyone’s body is a little easier, but still can’t completely relax.

Li Tieshu sneaked a whole class of students, from the shortest number one Li Yu to the tallest No. 40 Zhang Quanwei, each face was not missed.

Then he opened his mouth and smiled.

His face was thin and black, so when he smiled, the exposed teeth were extraordinarily white.

Everyone is amazed!

Li Tieshu’s instructors have been secretly called “black face gods” by their secrets. They are hard-working and unsmiling. what is it today?

“I want to apologize to you for yesterday’s event.” Li Tieshu said softly. Everyone knows that he still has such a gentle side. Everyone thinks that his voice is big and thick. “The weather was hot a few days ago, and people had a cold, so there was no appetite for eating – I didn’t expect a stomach problem suddenly.”

“I lie in the hospital and hang a few bottles of syrup, and it is not too light for you. This is my negligence, I should let other instructors come to help me for a while, or let them help me shout “dissolve” – I am sorry.”

Li Tieshu is deeply jealous of the boys.

“Instructor. Don’t be like this. We can’t afford it.”

“That is to say. I also had acute gastritis. It hurts me to roll in bed. How can I have other energy to think about other things?”

“Instructor. You will laugh more in the future. You look cute with a smile–”

The students are so simple and simple, you are fierce to him, they will reject you. If you suddenly feel a little gentle to them, they themselves will not adapt.

Li Tieshu nodded and said: “I am afraid there is no chance. I am leaving.”


The audience is stunned.

Because Li Tieshu’s military training style is strict and the punishment is harsh, many boys feel that his brutality is a pervert.

However, when he said that he was going to leave, the boys could not accept it.

The heart is lost, it seems to be cut off by something.

“Instructor, why are you leaving? Is your illness already serious?”

“Instructor, you can’t go. Our military training is not over yet.”

“Instructor, you stay. We all want to invite you to stay -” –

The boys’ voices were kept out.

“This is the order.” Li Tieshu said with a smile. “As I taught you on the first day, the military has obeyed the command as a vocation. I have no power to change the order of the superior. I should have left today. I took the initiative to apply to the head, give me some time for me to come over to everyone. The road is individual.”

“I know, you may not like me. Because my voice is too big, the execution standards for the action are too strict, and you can run 20 laps along the playground without moving – but this is what I want to teach you. Some things can’t be bargained. Some people can’t afford to bargain. I understand this reason earlier, I think it is good for you.”

“In any case, everyone knows each other. I am very grateful for your cooperation, and I am very grateful that you can call me a teacher. Originally, this gift is for me to be sent to you after the end of the military training show. Now, only in advance It is.”

Li Tiehu was embarrassed to sweep everyone a look and said: “Teach everyone a song. I hope you can like it. I will sing it again, then you will follow me.”

Li Tieshu cleared his throat and brewed a feeling. This sounded softly:

“Cold wind fluttering leaves

The army is a green flower

Dear comrade, don’t you think about home.

Don’t think about mom

I’m calling out every day and night, how many words are in my heart

Don’t leave tears when you leave

The military camp is a warm home

Mom, don’t worry about it~

Li Tieshu’s voice is thick and belongs to the kind of person who sings five insufficiency. However, I don’t know if it’s because of changes in my mood, or Li Tieshu really integrates feelings. Everyone listened to it, and some of the boys who sang still sang along with the whisper.

“This song is called “Green Flower in the Army”. It is the first song I entered into the Army Society. I like it very much. Come, let’s sing again now.” Li Tieshu said with a smile.

“There is a good girl in my hometown,” Li Tieshu took in front.

“There is a good girl in my hometown,” a class of students are following.

“I often dreamed of her” Li Tieshu’s tone is very stable.

“I often dreamed of her” class of students increased the volume a lot, like a full of anger to vent.

“The men in the army also have love.”

“The men in the army also have love.”

“I am also willing to accompany you to the end of the world”

“I am also willing to accompany you to the end of the world”


Li Tieshu’s instructor is gone.

When a song “Green Flower in the Army” ended, and he solemnly saluted everyone, many boys cried out.

They only know how much they respect and love this man with a black face and a violent punishment.

The third canteen.

Tang Zhong buried his head and ate the fried chicken wings on the plate but never took a bite.

“The second child, what’s wrong? There is no appetite?” Hua Ming smiled and asked, grabbing a heavy chicken wing of Tang Zhong and feeding it to his mouth.

Tang looked up at him and put down his chopsticks and said: “The instructor is too wrong to go.”

“Yeah.” Liang Tao said with a sign. “Lu Yifei is really a jerk. I think of the limelight, and the instructor has troubled him for the trouble.”

“This is not the most important thing.” Tang said. “The ability to be selected to train new students is generally a good soldier of all units. As long as this mission is fully executed, it will be beneficial to them to carry out the distribution in the army or to restore the distribution.”

“What do you mean?” Hua Ming frowned.

“From the remarks of Li Tieshu’s instructor, we can know that he is the son of a peasant. There is no background in the family. Such a person can enter NTU as a military training instructor and prove that he has paid more effort than others – originally this is for him. It was a good thing to say. But I didn’t expect that because of the fainting of several students, he was revoked when he was halfway through the training.”

“The impact of this kind of incident is extremely bad. Maybe his file should be recorded.” Tang sighed softly. There is a prison guard in the Hsishan Prison. It is a veteran. In the same year, he was also a good player in the army. Later, because of a small matter, he was recorded by the troops on the file. After the restoration, the unit is not available, and can only go to the prison to mix the days.

Whether it is a prisoner or a prison guard. For a young person, when he went to jail, his life was ruined. It is really rare to use a prison as his home.

“So serious?” Liang Tao frowned. “The Li Tieshu instructor is not in the end of this life?”

“Is there any way to keep him?” Li Yu asked. Although Li Yu is also one of the 307 four-person group, he rarely speaks and does not express his opinions for anything. Today, he was able to take the initiative to ask and prove that he did not want Li Tieshu to leave.

Tang shook his head. “Isn’t Li’s instructor just said that? This is a military order. All he can do is execute. We can’t help much.”

“What? The second child wants to leave the Li instructor?” Huaming asked with chopsticks to pick up his teeth.

“What do I want to do?” Tang smiled bitterly. “I am not the head of the army.”

“Oh, although you are not the head of the army, you are more useful than the head of the unit.”

“Break the egg.” Tang put his hand in his hand and stood up and said: “It seems that you have no appetite. Go back to sleep.”

Liang Tao also dropped the chopsticks and said: “I don’t know what the new teacher is like -”

“You are walking ahead. I am in a hurry. I have to go to the toilet first.” After Hua Ming finished, he got up and ran to the bathroom in the third canteen.

When I arrived at the door of the bathroom, I didn’t go in, but I turned to the garden behind.

I swept around and found that no one was paying attention to myself. Then I took out my mobile phone from my pocket, rummaging through it and dialing out a phone call.

Soon, the phone was connected.

“Hua Ming?” There was a man’s calm voice in the microphone. Although there is a thousand mountains and waters, Hua Ming can imagine that he is sitting there with a face and a face.

“Uncle. It’s me.” Huaming put away his usual cynical expression and said with a serious look.

“Well. What?” asked the man. The sound is also softer.

“Uncle, I have something to trouble you.” Hua Ming said with a smile. “Is the 135 troops that came to our school to be under the jurisdiction of Uncle Wei? When I came to Pearl, you asked me to visit him.”

“Not bad,” the man said.

“Can you call him?”


“This is the case. I have an instructor. He was involved in military training. The responsible leader canceled the task ahead of time. We are worried that this will affect his future future.” Hua Ming said the matter in detail.

The phone was silent and there was no connection.

After waiting for a while, Hua Ming asked with a voice: “Uncle? What is your opinion?”

“You know – if I call this phone, what does it mean?” The man said quietly.

“I know.” Huaming gently sighed. Of course, he knows what it means to Li Tieshu if his uncle makes a phone call. In the position of the uncle at this time, in order for a small soldier to call the main leader of the 135 troops, even if he is stupid, he knows that their family values ​​this person.

The latter things, needless to say, those people also know how to support and cultivate Li Tieshu.

“This is the meaning of Tang Zhong.” Hua Ming said.

“He instructed you to come to me?” The man on the mic still spoke in the same tone, but the voice was filled with the meaning of depressing.

“No.” Huaming explained. “He wants to leave the instructor, but he can’t do it. I said to go to the toilet and sneak out to call you.”

“So – what do you mean?”

“He wants to leave him. He can’t go,” Huaming said quietly. The gentle and kind face of the pie when facing the roommate was so serious and determined.

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