To what extent do you want to be inferior?

Jiao Nanxin took a breath of air and said: “You are lighter.”

Guifang was on the floor with safflower oil to help her massage the ankle, and the loose pajamas neckline opened, revealing the cow’s general #乳. Li Xixi used her syrup to help her wipe her eyelids, and she had a very good girl smell.

Jiao Nan thought that if he was a man, he had to hold them to the left and right.

“Southern heart, you can bear it.” Li Xixi smiled slyly. “Yesterday, you said that you met a glasses brother, although not handsome, but we are still looking forward to it. I did not expect that people will bring you back today. This is simply aerospace speed. The beauty of beauty is endless.”

“I said, I just accidentally sprained my leg. Then he saw it and sent me back.” Jiao Nanxin said depressedly. Where does she mean to say that she originally wanted to find Tang’s challenge and was beaten by a fist?

She is a woman, but she is also afraid of shame.

“How do I feel that this boy is familiar?” Gui Fang gently massaged the delicate feet of Jiao Nanxin and said: “Southern heart, what did you just call him?”

“Tang Zhong.” Jiao Nanxin said. I couldn’t help but grind my teeth.

Tang Zhong was the first classmate she met after she came to school. She first sneaked a peek at Grandpa’s office. When he took a group of people along the playground yesterday, her class was practicing her and many girls in the middle of the playground. In the same way, I also remembered the hoarse voice that shouted round and round.

Many girls are talking about the two handsome guys in the penalty team, but she has been watching Tang Zhong. Because he is a student who Grandpa received this year, she always pays special attention to it.

She found that she was the team leader and leader of the team and the soul of the team.

Their physical strength has long been exhausted, but because of Tang’s slogan, because of the urging and agitation of his running voice behind, they can only move forward mechanically without Tang, and the team has long since collapsed. It is even more impossible to run for twenty laps.

It is precisely because of his difference that he has strengthened the determination of Jiao Nanxin and his competition.

As a result, the result of the competition became such a leg, and his eyes were labeled as a panda eye.

“How did he get his hand?” Jiao Nanxin thought from self-satisfaction. “Even if your face is not long, the skin color is not white enough, but you also have long legs on your chest. You are also a woman.”

“Tang Zhong? Is it ours?” Li Xixi bowed his head and asked Guifang. “It seems that we have a big freshman named Tang Zhongli. I was also accepted as a disciple by the Dean. Wow, Nan Xin, Tang Zhong who is holding you back today will not be him?”

“It should be.” Jiao Nanxin said.

“Wow.” Li Xixi’s exclamation was even more exaggerated. “It’s really Tang Zhongye. Although he is as long as he is, but the future is boundless. Nanxin, you know that as long as you can be accepted as a disciple by Jiao Yuan, you don’t have to worry about the work after graduation. Moreover, The students of Jiao Dean are all Nan Nan, a well-known figure in the field of psychology. You have to seize the opportunity. It is said that many girls are ready to take him down.”

“Tang Nanxin really wants to tell them that Dean Jiao Yuheng is my grandfather.

You actually let me go to pursue my grandfather’s students, just because he will have a good future?

Because of the severe punishment of killing chickens and monkeys yesterday, no one was late again when reporting on the playground today.

Li Tieshu’s instructor was very satisfied with the performance of everyone, and then began to teach the line and transfer around.

“Two rows of No. 7. Out of the list.” Li Tieshu instructor shouted.

Tang smiled hard and had to come out of the team.

He has a heartbeat to slow down the beat, but his body consciousness is too good. After the instructor shouts out the order, he always performs it for the first time. Therefore, although he is standing in the middle of the team, he is still a bit out of tune with other people’s oysters or stiff movements.

“You will give everyone a demonstration.” Li Tiehu said with a black face. “Standing. Turn left and turn left and turn left. Everyone can see how he turned. You look at how people turned around? Decisively, there is a tough style of a soldier. You turn around and turn to sing a song with a girl.” Is it not shameful?”

After reprimanding the other players, Li Tieshu shouted again: “The second row of the seventh is included.”

So, Tang Zhong went into the queue again.

“The second child. Handsome.” Hua Ming whispered after standing behind Tang Zhong. “I didn’t expect you to have such a hand. Unfortunately, the girls’ team is too far away from us. Otherwise, just because you just turned around, you can attract the attention of a group of little girls. Let it be.”

307 first charm man? How can you die so badly and put gold on your face?

Other boys who are familiar with Tang also asked whether Tang Zhong had practiced before, or how the posture was so standard.

Tang Zhong has not come and talked. Li Tieshu’s instructor has already shouted: “Give me shut up. Do you want to talk? Do you really want to talk? OK. Let you say enough.”

Sure enough, Li Tieshu’s instructor is a man who must do what he says.

When the morning drills ended and the students were exhausted and the stomach was empty and needed food filling, he pulled the team to the door of the first canteen.

“All have.” Li Tieshu shouted. “A song before the meal, this is the rule in our army. I start, everyone sings unity together, that is, strength preparation, starting.”

“unity is strength”

Everyone sang softly.

Already at lunch time, who has the strength to sing?

“Speak louder.” Li Tieshu instructor snarled. “I don’t want to eat at noon? If you can’t find the sound I want, I won’t have to eat at noon today. Come again. Unity is strength. Prepare, get up.”

“unity is strength.”

Unity is not power, food is.

Hearing the punishment of not being able to eat when he sings badly, all of these students are screaming with a scorpion.

The senior schoolmates who came to eat at the entrance to the cafeteria looked at the cute schoolmates with a smile, and there were some good memories in my heart.

These, they have also experienced.

“Good. The momentum is very good. The singing is also very pleasant.” Li Tieshu said with satisfaction. “Seeing your voice so loud, I am very satisfied, then sing another one. The people who are soldiers are ready to start.”


When the instructor announced the dissolution, Li Yu had already had a soft calf and was difficult to stand. The physical strength of Hua Ming and Liang Tao is equally unbearable, and they can barely support their bodies.

However, at the time of their weakness, they encountered a group of people who had conflicts in campus restaurants.

They have six people wearing red uniform basketball uniforms. The chest part of the basketball uniform is lined with the words ‘Southern University’ with white lines. It seems that they are school school teams.

They are sweating, and the ball suits on their bodies don’t know whether they are soaked by sweat or their own mineral water. The girls in the university are simple and immature. They like sports boys, who like to see the sweaty appearance of boys. This makes them feel very men, very masculine.

There is a market, there is supply. So, there are a lot of boys who have nothing to do with basketball uniforms and go to the stadium for two laps. When you go back, you pour mineral water on your head. Have you done this kind of thing?

In fact, this masculine thing can also be processed.

The road to resentment is narrow!

“Hey, isn’t this a fat brother who used a beer bottle to give a teacher to our school teacher Zhang?” Li Dapeng, who wore a headscarf on his wrist, said with a smile. Because it was Huaming who had a conflict with them that night, they set their sights on Huaming as soon as they came up. “Hey, I really have a lofty age. When I was like you, I saw that the teacher had to pay homage to the fat brother. It’s amazing to see you in a bottle of wine. Now it’s fascinating to think of it. The fat brother continues to work hard, and the next bottle will turn over the principal.”

A group of people laughed.

Huaming was ridiculed by this sarcasm, his face was blue and white, his eyes staring at them viciously, holding his fist tightly.

“What? Want to give us a scoop?” Li Mo said with a smile. “However, there is no bottle of wine here. Or, do you buy a few bottles of beer first?”

“Fuck you #妈的.” Huaming can no longer stand, snorted, striding toward Qiao Lei.

Although he is big, his eyes are poisonous enough. From the posture of the station, he knows that Qiao Lei is the core of this group. With his ability, it is obviously impossible to kill this group of people.

Therefore, he wants to blame the thief first.

As long as you give up Joe Lei, it doesn’t matter if he himself is hurt a little.

Hua Ming’s body suddenly stopped, because Tang grabbed his wrist.

“Huaming.” Tang shouted. “Don’t be impulsive.”

“Tang heavy. Let go.” Huaming shouted. “This grandson is too deceiving.”

Tang looked at Li Yu and said, “Are you okay?”

“Nothing.” Li Yu shook her head. Signal that you can walk.

Tang re-released Li Yu and patted Hua Ming’s shoulder to signal him to relax.

Then he went to Qiao Lei and said, “What is it called?”

“Qiao Lei.” Qiao Lei said with a smile. “Joe Joe of the size, bright and upright Lei.”

Qiao Lei smiled while observing Tang’s reaction.

In his heart, Tang Zhong is the most dangerous person among the four guys.

“The name is good.” Tang said. “I am very surprised. We didn’t know it before. My friends never bothered you. Why are you always entangled?”

“Just a little joke, why bother?” Qiao Lei said with a smile. He glanced at Hua Ming and said: “He is not worthy of the people who can make us entangled.”

“I am Tang Zhong.” Tang said. “Psychology application professional. Let me analyze your psychology with a little knowledge of fur that I know.”

“I just want to hear.” Qiao Lei thinks this guy is still very fun. Therefore, he wants to ‘play play’.

Tang Zhong looked up and down a bit of Qiao Lei and said: “It seems that your family condition is not bad. It is not rich and expensive, but at least it can protect you for a lifetime. You are the only child, or there are several brothers and sisters outside. Only your dad knows. Because of the over-loving of the family, you have developed a character that loves vanity and self-sufficiency. In high school, you must be the man of the school?”

“I have a lot of money in my pocket, my face is very good, and I still have a lot of girls screaming for you when I play basketball. But when you come to Nanda, you find that everything has changed. You find that you have Not the most, there are too many people who are better than you, and the things that everyone is chasing have changed. You are no longer the focus of the school’s teachers and students, you are not the man of the school.”

“You are lost, you are wronged, you start to be degraded. You want to regain your former prestige. You want to be the trump card in the eyes of the students. However, there are too many money in the school than you are. Your study is too bad. It is more hard than ability. So, you can only compare with people. I admit that you are really talented in this respect. So, you have a group of lost thoughts with you. The people are swaying around the campus, and then find someone who is weaker than you and accidentally provokes you.”

“But, what I don’t understand is,” Tang said with a grin. “Why do you have to be inferior to what extent, can you do such a boring thing?”

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