Mysterious old man

In the deserted hall where the expression is indifferent, Xiao Yan, who is not obsessed with the gods, slowly climbs up to the back of the family in the habit of the family, sitting on the mountain wall, calmly looking at the steep mountains shrouded in the mist, where It is the famous Warcraft Mountains in the Gama Empire.

“Oh, strength 呐… This world, no strength, even a shit is not as good as at least, no one dares to step on the shit!” The shoulders gently sway, the younger self-deprecating laughter, with grief, Slowly on the top of the mountain.

Ten fingers were inserted into a black hair. Xiao Yan’s teeth bit his lip tightly, letting the faint blood smack spread out in the corner of his mouth. Although he did not show any inappropriate emotions in the hall, Nalan’s stunned That sentence is like a knife cut in the heart, so that Xiao Yan is shaking his body…

“Today’s insult, I don’t want to be a second time!” Spread out the left hand with a bloody mark, Xiao Yan’s voice, hoarse but firm.

“Hey, little doll, do you think you need help?”

Just as Xiao Yan’s vows were engraved, an old strange laughter suddenly passed into the ear.

When the face changed, Xiao Yan turned around, and the eagle-like sharp eyes glanced behind him, but he never found a half-personal shadow…

“Hey, don’t look for it, on your finger.”

Just when Xiao Yan thought it was just an illusion, that strange laughter, once again came out without boundaries.

The eyelids shrank, Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly stopped on the right hand… the black quaint ring.

“Is you talking?” Xiao Yanqiang held back his fear and tried to calm his voice.

“The little doll is not bad, but he hasn’t been scared to jump.” Among the rings, there was a ridiculous laugh.

“Who are you? Why are you in my ring? What do you want?”

After a little silence, Xiao Yan clearly asked the key questions.

“Whoever I am, you should leave it alone. Anyway, it won’t hurt you. Hey, for so many years, I finally met someone with a strong soul. It’s lucky, hey, but I still have to thank the little doll for three years. Ah, otherwise, I am afraid I have to continue to sleep.”

“Dedication?” The doubts blinked. After a while, Xiao Yan’s face suddenly sagged. The word of Sen Han, from the teeth, screamed out hard: “The inexplicable disappearance of my body, Is it your ghost?”

“Hey, I am forced to be helpless, don’t blame the little doll.”

“I am grassing your mother!”

Xiao Yan, who has always been calm and calm, suddenly violently jumps like a madman, his face is full of shackles, and no matter what this is the relic left by his mother, Lima pulls the ring on his finger without thinking, and then fights for it. Against the steepness, the roll went out…

The ring just left, Xiao Yan’s heart was fierce, and he hurriedly reached out to grab it. The ring that left the hand had already fallen off the cliff…

Looking at the ring that disappeared into the fog, Xiao Yan suddenly took a moment, and the small face slowly calmed down. He smirked his forehead with annoyance: “Idiot, too smashed, too smashed!”

Just knowing that the culprit that he has been humiliated for three years is actually the ring he has been wearing, it is no wonder that Xiao Yan will lose control of this appearance.

Sitting on the edge of the cliff for a while, Xiao Yan shook his head helplessly, climbed up, turned around, his eyes slammed, his fingers trembled pointing at the things in front of him…

In front of Xiao Yan, at this time, a dark and quaint ring was suspended, which was most shocked by Xiao Yan, or the space above the ring, floating in a transparent old shadow…

“Hey, little doll, don’t you need such anger? Don’t just absorb your three-year fighting spirit.” The transparent old man smiled and stared at the stunned Xiao Yan, opening his mouth.

There was a convulsion in the corner of his mouth. In Xiao Yan’s voice, he suppressed the anger: “Old guy, since you are hiding in the ring, you should also know how much ridicule that has brought me because of your absorption of my fighting spirit? ”

“In the three years of ridicule, have you grown up? Do you think that if you were three years ago, can you have the same kind of forbearance and mentality?” Unable to smile, the old man faint.

The brow wrinkles, Xiao Yan’s mood is gradually calm down, after the wrath is over, the joy comes with it, since I know the mystery of the disappearance of fighting, then now, his talent, must have returned!

As soon as I think of the opportunity to finally get rid of the waste, Xiao Yan’s body, almost like a rebirth at the moment, the abominable old man in front of him, it seems, not too annoying.

Some things, only when they are lost, know that it is precious! Lost and recovered, it will make people cherish more!

Gently stretched his wrist, Xiao Yan took a long breath and looked up: “Although I don’t know who you are, but I want to ask, you want to rely on the ring to absorb my fighting spirit.” If that’s the case, I advise you to go to the host again, I can’t afford you.”

“Hey, others can’t have the sensible soul perception of you.” The old man smiled and smiled at the beard: “Since I have chosen to show up, I will naturally not absorb it until I get your permission.” Your fighting spirit.”

Xiao Yan rolled his eyes and sneered, he had made up his mind, no matter how eloquent the old things, he would not let him follow him.

“Little doll, do you want to become stronger? Want to be respected by others?” Although the heart has already classified the old man as a non-sticking party, in this remark, Xiao Yan’s heart can’t help but jump. .

“Now I already know the reason for the disappearance of fighting gas. With my talent, do you need to be stronger?” Slowly took a breath, Xiao Yan faint, he knows that there is no white lunch in the world. It is not a wise decision to inexplicably accept the favor of a mysterious person.

“Little doll, your talent is very good, but you have to know that you are now fifteen years old, and your fighting spirit is only the third paragraph. I seem to have heard that you should have an adult ceremony next year. Do you think that in a short period of one year, you can only rise to the seven-stage fighting spirit by diligent practice and you have been betting with the girl for three years, the talent of the female doll, will not How much lower than you, you want to catch up with her and surpass it, how easy it is.” The vulgar old face of the old man is like a blooming ju flower at the moment.

“If you didn’t absorb my fighting spirit, can I be so humiliated by her? You are an old bastard!” When the old man got to the pain, Xiao Yan’s face was once again gloomy, and he was so angry that he gnawed his teeth.

After a big pass, Xiao Yan himself wilted down. At this point, how to swear is also helpless, and the cultivation of vindictiveness is especially important. When I was four years old, I practiced for six years and only had nine segments. Fighting the gas, even if your talent has been restored now, you may want to repair the seven-stage fighting spirit in one year, basically it is not much possible…

Depressed and sighed, Xiao Yan’s eyes glared at the transparent old man who pretended to be inscrutable. He moved his heart and said, “Do you have a way?”

“Maybe.” The old man vaguely smiled.

“You help me to reach the seven-stage fighting spirit in one year. You used to absorb the three-year fighting spirit, and you will write off, how?” Xiao Yan asked.

“Hey, the little doll is a good calculation.”

“If you don’t help me, then why should I bring a dragging bottle around? I think, you still have to find another hapless body…” Xiao Yan sneered, and for a moment, he also saw this. The transparent old man does not seem to be able to absorb the fighting of others.

“You don’t look like a fifteen-year-old boy. It seems that in the past three years, you have grown a lot. Can this be the result of self-satisfaction?” Looking at the slippery Xiao Yan, the old man glimpsed, and then some laughed. Shake his head.

Xiao Yan spread his hands and said: “I want to continue to offer you, do you have to show some sincerity?”

“It’s a little bit of a sharp tooth, good, good, who makes the old man, I still ask you this little guy.” Helpless nodded, the old man’s figure fell to the ground, his eyes looked at Xiao Yan several times. A singular sly smile appeared on the face, quickly dissipated, and hesitated for a while. It seemed that he was extremely reluctant to say: “Do you want to be a refining pharmacist?”

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