Xie Jia Xiantian

At noon, the sun shines vertically into the valley, and the river flashes the scales of the silver flower; the icebergs in the north are behind the overlapping mountains, revealing only a narrow sideline, white and charming, white and dazzling.

In this valley not far from the country of Kailuan, He Yiming, Shui Xuan, Ting Shiguang, and many masters of Xie’s family gathered together.

After learning that Xie Zhien was about to come to this place, the company’s Shiguang stayed.

As the innate master of Huowu, he knows the potential of Xie Zhien and understands how much influence it will bring to the whole country if he gives Huowu a more innate master.

Therefore, he was also obliged to stay, and invited the water to dazzle together to protect the law for He Yiming.

At this time, He Yiming looked at the heavily guarded Xie family and the two innate powers who were slightly nervous. They remembered that when he was in Yokoyama, he attacked the innate realm for Lu Zhengyi.

At that time, the Hengshan vein was up and down, why not go all out, up to the elders in the thunder, to the top ten masters of all internal strength, are kept by the creek, for their two to protect the law.

Nowadays, the posture of Ting Shiguang and others is no different from the past, but it is not as strong as the Hengshan.

With a wave of sleeves, He Yiming said: “Everyone, it is noon at this time. It is most suitable for the impact of the father of Zhineng. You are waiting in the distance, not to disturb me.”

The Xie family immediately respected it. Although they were very excited, they did not dare to express it at the moment. They scattered one by one, but their attention was still concentrated here.

As for the two innate powers, Ting Shiguang and Shuixuan, they have similar experiences. After a slight smile, they said, “Thank you, I wish you all the best.” Then they both quit dozens of meters away and condensed. If you look around, any wind and grass will not affect them.

Xie Zhien has a heavy head. He is deeply suffocating. It seems that he wants to absorb all the gas in the latter half of his life.

Slowly, from his eyes, from his body, there is a strong momentum.

When He Yiming sensed this momentum, he could not help but glimpse. There seems to be a lot of emotion in his eyes, and he has a deep admiration for the old man.

Because of the momentum from the old man, He Yiming has already understood his thoughts. The old man has embarked on a road of no return.

This is either a successful attack or he will die here. In addition, there is no third way to go.

Finally, Xie Zhien’s tone stopped. He said to He Yiming deeply: “He’s master, the little old man has decided to attack the innate world with his own old and ruined body. If you are exhausted at the time of blessing, please remove the infuriating.” His face has an indescribable solemnity: “Even if the old man is dying, the fire is still home. Thank you for your great grace.”

He Yiming raised his eyebrows and said: “The old man is not polite, as long as your body can bear it, He will never leave you.”

His words are arrogant, and the one in the heart of Xie Zhien’s heart is suddenly vanished.

He took a deep look again and then slowly sat down.

He Yiming’s heart fretting, his wrist turned over, and he took out a jade bottle and said: “Master, this is an energy Jindan, please take it.”

Xie Zhien hesitated, said: “Master He, as far as I know, the innate practitioners of the past generations seem to have never taken the energy of Jin Dan.”

He Yiming’s face with a hint of relief, said: “Your old man is right, but don’t forget that the innate practitioners of the past generations are rarely older than yours.”

Xie Zhien smiled and took over Jin Dan’s entrance.

He Yiming has already inflicted on him the instinct of the meridian protection. This kind of great grace is definitely a kind of reinvention for a family. If so, then taking another energy Jindan is nothing.

After taking the energy of Jin Dan, Xie Zhien sat on the ground, his energy was highly concentrated, and all the distractions were thrown away. All the minds were put into the internal strength of the body.

He Yiming put a palm on the back of Xie Zhien.

His ingenuity has entered the old man’s meridians and formed a thin protective film there.

Although the old man running at the moment is the wood system, it is different from Lu Zhengyi, but for He Yiming, there is no difference between the two. Moreover, he himself was promoted to the innate by the wood fire method, so when he once again sensed the woodwork of Xie Zhien, his heart could not help but feel a sense of extreme familiarity.

The scene of the promotion of congenital success is vivid, and it seems that history has reappeared in general, and his heart has gradually been invested in it.

Suddenly, He Yiming’s heart fretting, and his face showed a strange color.

At least two innate powers not far away had half of their attention on them. At this moment, they saw He Yiming’s face, and their hearts were also awkward, and they thought of a terrible thing.

Could it be that the physique of He Yiming and Xie Zhien are extremely repulsive, so can’t they add the meridians to Xie Zhien?

However, this thought just started, they saw that He Yiming’s face was calm, and Xie Zhien seemed to be ignorant. The internal fluctuations from him were more and more intense.

At this point, they looked at each other and they were relieved.

At the moment, He Yiming is also a sneak peek.

His infuriating spirit also touched the inner movement of Xie Zhien, and also sensed his inner strength walking route.

Although it is only a kind of acquired practice, but Xie Zhien’s woodwork method makes He Yiming have a refreshing feeling.

On the old man’s body, He Yiming felt the power of a vaguely “living”. This kind of power can only be exerted when the innate power is using the wood system.

However, nowadays, in a hundred-year-old, the old man who is going to be a wood, he actually feels like this.

Quietly sensing this strange feeling of nothing, He Yiming found that with the growing strength of the wood system in the elderly, this feeling became more and more intense.

In the end, He Yiming has even been able to determine that this is indeed the power of the innate powers.

His spirit is also highly concentrated. Through the connection of infuriating, he seems to be “seeing” some strange scenes. These scenes are not the experience of his life, but belong to the old man who has experienced vicissitudes.

In a shady room, the young Xie Zhien holds a medicine book and carefully distinguishes it with herbs. In his eyes, in his heart, it seems that only these herbs exist.

He ate in this room and slept in this room, even if he was practicing in this room.

His whole body is indulged in the herb. It seems that in this world, there is nothing worth paying attention to except the herb.

In the eyes of others, Xie Zhien is already crazy, and his fascination with herbs is beyond the scope that most people can understand.

However, it is because of such fascination and reluctance, so when he is here to recover, the cultivation of the “living” in the herb is poured into his body. in.

At this point, He Yiming suddenly realized.

When the old man was over 100 years old, why was he still so energetic? The general master of the day after he arrived at this age, but most of them have been dusty and earthy.

At this moment, He Yiming’s heart faintly emerged with a strange thought. Although this thought was only passed by, it was already firmly grasped by him.

Although Xie Zhien has the cultivation talent of the second generation of wood fire, his fire cultivation talent is obviously higher than the wood system. The reason why I can finally practice the second-line exercises to the ten-level apex, has a relationship with his madness.

Passing this crazy, almost perverted approach seems to improve a certain aspect of the individual’s talent. This method is absolutely incredible, even if there are no records in the ages. However, after passing the magical induction at this moment, after reading some of the memory of Xie Zhien’s life, He Yiming discovered this method faintly.

Although I don’t know if this method is feasible, He Yiming has such a feeling that perhaps Yuan Lixun and the brothers in Hejiazhuang can benefit from it.

The heart suddenly shook, and He Yiming remembered that he was still blessing the memo for Xie Zhien. He immediately converges his mind and once again concentrates his energy.

Although the discovery just made him ecstatic, it is a matter of the future, and it is not a matter of time to understand the mystery. At present, what he has to do is to try to help Xie Zhien to attack the innate realm.

At this time, Xie Zhien’s body meridians are already full of the internal strength of the wood system. The inner strength of the ten layers of peaks is already a sea of ​​sorrow. Under the state that Xie Zhien can not bear the meridians, this kind of internal strength is boiling like never before. .

He Yiming carefully sensed the subtle changes in the meridians, and his heart said: “Come.”

When his thoughts came to light, Xie Zhien’s meridians suddenly got a little more Mars.

This is the first time that the internal strength of the fire system has appeared. It is hard to burn in the meridians that are full of wood.

If a small dead branch is put into the furnace, it will surely ignite quickly and turn into ashes. However, if a little flame is placed on the bark of a century-old tree, the possible surname of extinction will be far greater than igniting the entire tree.

At this point, the feeling of this fire to He Yiming is the same.

Induction of this crumbling, it seems that there is a flame that may be extinguished at any time, He Yiming knows well, this is because the age of the elderly is too large.

Although his body has the support of “life”, the energy of his old man is not younger than that.

However, slowly, a glimpse of the drug has turned into the body of the old man, and it has become an infinite amount of energy devoted to this flame.

After being supplemented by the new force, the flames in the old man gradually stabilized from extinction at any time. But that’s it. So if you want to go further, it’s a bit of a power failure.

He Yiming’s heart sighed, no wonder the older generation said that the impact of the innate realm should not be more than eighty years old, otherwise the failure may be far greater than success.

Now it seems that this is true, even if it is under his own full blessing, and then swallowed the energy of Jin Dan, but Xie Zhien is still unable to continue to climb to a higher level.

If the average person is in this situation, it must have been abandoned. However, the old man is different. He tried his best to run the fire system. With the support of the energy of Jin Dan, he did his best and did not give up.

He has fulfilled his promise and will rather die on the spot, explode and die, and will never give up.

He Yiming sighed and his face changed a bit. I finally made a decision that even if he said it, no one could believe it.

His instinct was divided into a small piece of silk, which was quickly transformed into a surname, from the surname of the wood to the surname of the fire, and slowly flowed into the flames of Xie Zhien’s body.

Everyone is a reading individual, and the internal strength or instinct cultivated by the practitioners is completely reading.

Even if it is the practice of cultivating the same kind of surname, the internal strength and infuriating of cultivation are still different.

Although they can be borrowed from each other while healing and attacking the enemy. However, in the case of this impact neck, it is impossible to do any kind of external internal strength or instinct.

This is the consensus of all, and the experience that millions of predecessors have summed up over the years.

If the real name is impure at the moment, then waiting for them is not a successful breakthrough, but an unexplained explosion and death.

Not only is Xie Zhien difficult to spare, even He Yiming will be greatly affected.

However, after he thought about it, He Yiming still chose to do so.

What he relies on is his unique physical name.

At this time, in his body, the Dantian high-speed operation like a black hole is running, and the fiery hot air from here is constantly fine-tuning.

He Yiming’s heart has all converged to one place, and he does not understand why he has such a daring idea. But when this thought emerged, he couldn’t stand it anyway.

Under his control, the infuriating surname has undergone a subtle change to the extreme. The vagueness is gradually similar to the inner strength of the fire system in Xie Zhien.

In fact, He Yiming himself knows that this is not his own ability, but when he has this idea, the automatic adjustment of the infuriating in Dantian is gone. It is like the instinct of the outside, even if it is cold if it is ice, or if it is hot, once it enters Dantian, it suddenly becomes a dark chaos.

In the same way, as long as he is willing, the infuriating out of chaos can also be changed as desired to become the rest of the various surnames.

This is the real reason why he can complete the five elements and be able to promote the first-line days with the ice power.

When the instinct in Dantian entered the flames of Xie Zhien with his heart, the frequency of the two had already reached a perfect combination.

It was like a loud bang, the wood energy of the old man was completely ignited, and the crazy flame sprinkled countless fires, and the old man’s body began to become red.

When the energy accumulation in the body reaches the extreme, it finally leaks out of the body surface and intersects with the power of the heavens and the earth.

Shui Hyun and Ting Shiguang look at each other. They know that from then on, there will be another innate power among the small countries.


Far away, in the temple, Zhan Tianfeng looked at the direction of the valley, and his face seemed to be able to scrape a layer of frost.

Turbulent, a black figure appeared behind him, and then, the murmur sounded: “Zhan brother, you send me a secret letter, what’s the matter?”

Zhan Tianfeng did not return, said: “Sima brother, five

Basilica on the Lonely Peak

In the sky, the wind broke, and in the battle circle, the light and shadow of the road flashed, and then the light dissipated, both sides of the horse are all coming out.

The three tigers, there are still six people coming in, and all six of them are also in possession of the strength of the revolving wheel. Obviously, the three tigers of this time are also really motivated by the turmoil of the broken space. There are many top strong players.

As the eight kings, their foundations are not as good as the four major hegemons, but they should not be underestimated.

However, although the lineup of the three major tigers is not weak, at this time their faces are so good that they can’t see where they are, because across the other side, a dozen figures stand in the air, and the fierce eyes are like wolves, before that Lin moved their scattered Zhu Lidai elders, Liu Qing, Jin Yu Yao Shuai and so on, but also arrived at this time.

This lineup of the top four powerful forces of the Four Elephants, Dragons and Heavenly Demons is obviously more luxurious than the three tigers.

In the sky, there were still some fierce battles, but it was because the arrival of both sides of the horses gradually stopped. The strong tigers of the three tigers looked at Liu Qing and others with sneer in the distance. Can not stop shaking.

Both Zhu Li’s elders and Liu Qing are the top powers who touch the reincarnation. The strength is far from being comparable to the ordinary runners. If you really want to fight, I am afraid that they can stop them all. .

“Hey, I said, the courage of your three major tigers is getting bigger and bigger. I know that Lin Dong is the elder of my Dragons. You dare to shoot. Do you dare to look down on our dragons?” Liu Qing laughs. Road.

“Auntie is my patriarch of the genius of the genius. You are shooting against him. That is to provoke my genius.” Zhu Li’s elders are also faint.

The strongmen of the three major tigers heard that the body is slightly stiff. Although the three tigers are also considered a big family in the demon world, they obviously do not dare to offend the dragons and the celestial tyrants. If the matter is passed back to the family, it will definitely lead to severe reprimand.

“Oh, the two don’t want to be angry, it’s just a misunderstanding.”

On that day, the two elders of the Devil Tigers laughed, although in order to obtain the last blood of the Dark Tigers, even if they offended the two major hegemons, it is still acceptable, but looking at the present, they obviously Losing the best chance of seizing, and in this case, it is too unwise to offend the Dragon and the Tianluo.

“The Yan Shuai of the Sixiang Palace is also pregnant with the blood of our Devils and Tigers. It is also a family. How can we move other minds?”

Xiaoyan heard the words, all secretly sneer, in the tiger’s eyes, swept a bit of fierceness, this day the devil tigers today made him particularly unhappy, if there is a chance in the future, you can have a good calculation.

“Lin Dong leader, today’s thing is that we are reckless. The old man apologizes here. I don’t know if I can release Luo Teng first?” An elder of the Dark Tigers looked at it and was trapped by the forest. Rothen, holding a fist.

“Let’s let people go, but they still hope that they will be cautious and cautious. Otherwise, they will have to blame the killer.” Lin moved his eyes and made a slight indulgence, which was faint.

When Naroteng and others heard this, they bite their teeth and immediately nodded. Lin’s words were very clear, and they were told not to talk about the last blood of the Dark Tigers.

When Lin moved to see it, this waved his hand, and Xuantian Temple suddenly turned back into a streamer, and the array that was trapped in Rotten was also dissipated.

Although his heart is slightly angry because of the actions of the three tigers, it is obviously not suitable for them to fight with them at this time. After all, the main purpose of his coming here is to swallow the temple.

The powers of the various parties that are engulfed by the Lord are obviously quite a lot. It is too unwise to consume power here.

Naroten was released, and his face was a bit sloppy, but at this time he recognized the situation, and he had no previous fierceness, especially under the fierce eyes of Liu Qing, he could only sneak down. The figure, which was lifted by the sway of the forest.

Naluo’s face is also covered with iron blue. In the presence of so many people, and in the case of two dozens, Lin Biao made such a wolverine. This is a fear that will cause many people to laugh.


However, although the heart is resentful, but Luo Bian also knows the current affairs, had to wave his hand, and then quickly with the strong of the dark tiger family, while the other two tigers after seeing the dark tigers retreat, only Can smile awkwardly, rushing to Lin and other people to hold a fist, and then quickly sneak away.

The original fierce competition was the end of the tiger’s tail. It seemed that the strong people around him couldn’t help but shake their heads. The three tigers didn’t know which ones were wrong. They knew that there were dragons behind the four elephant palaces. The Tian Yao Yi people support the waist, and even dare to provoke, it is really boring.

In the sky, the strong parties of the parties saw the end of the good show, and there was not much left. The body shape was dispersed.

“It didn’t take long before it was separated. You got into the three tigers…” Zhu Li’s elders saw the crowds disperse, and then they turned their heads. They moved toward Lin, and Xiao Xiao and others shook their heads helplessly. Obviously, his efforts to trouble these guys are a bit speechless.

“These guys dare to grab our stuff. If the grandfather didn’t kill them, it would be a good heart.” Xiao Yan grinned, and there was a thick fierce light in his eyes.

“What are you robbing?” Zhu Li’s elders were a bit stunned.

Lin moved to shrug, this is nothing to hide, said the dark tiger’s things.

“It turned out to be the Dark Tiger…” After listening to Lin Dong, Zhu Li’s elders and Liu Qing were a little surprised, and immediately looked at Xiao Yan’s eyes, which made it clear why the three tigers dared to take risks. .

“You are a good chance. The Dark Tigers are basically completely disappeared in this world. Perhaps the income you got before is the blood of the only dark tiger in the world.” Zhu Lida, the elder, sighed, his look Quite awkwardly, after all, in the ancient times, the dark tigers were not weaker than their dragons. However, after the catastrophe, they were defeated to such an extinction.

“I hope that the last blood of the Dark Tigers can really make this former hegemony rise again.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly, his palms stroking his chest, he could feel that the black and white beads that he swallowed into the body were slowly melting, and an ancient and majestic blood was spreading.

The blood is more powerful than the blood of his demon tiger.

“Let’s go, we should also go to the temple.”

Lin smiled and patted Xiao Yan’s shoulder, and delayed a lot of time here, but fortunately, with the subtle contact that swallowed the ancestors, he could feel the general direction of devouring the temple.

Everyone heard the words, they all smiled and nodded. They looked forward to the look. They wanted to come to the devourer of the legend, and they all had great curiosity in their hearts.

“Being off.”

Lin moved a smile, the body shape took the first to pluck, the body of the rainbow, facing somewhere in the depths of the broken space, and behind it, Xiaoyan and others followed, and the momentum was extremely spectacular. .


On the way to the next road, Lin Dong and his party did not stop at all. His eyes were staring at the depths of the broken space. In the dark black scorpion, it seemed to have a burning fire swaying.

On the way, I also met a lot of strong players who entered the broken space. Most of these are strong people who have a lot of fame in the demon field, but these strong people are all seeing Lin Dong’s people. It’s a taboo, after all, their lineup is a bit shocking.

Lin Dong did not care about this, and the speed was applied to the extreme. After about an hour, his body was suddenly stiff. He felt that the body’s engulfing ancestors trembled fiercely at this time.

That kind of induction is becoming more and more clear.

“We are coming.”

Lin Dong gradually slowed down and said softly.

Everyone heard the words, and there were surprises in their eyes.

Once again, it took more than a dozen minutes. The body shape of Lin Dong and others gradually slowed down. Their eyes were all looking to the end of the front. There was a black lonely peak on the wasteland. Standing, the peak is so steep that there is no way to go.

As the line of sight shifts, it is only above the lonely peak, and a black hall stands quietly, as if it were so old.

Lin Dong and others looked at the lonely dark hall complexly, where they sat in the most outstanding peers in the world.

A once-passing crack in the plane, into the aliens, and even the ferocious allergens are the peerless powers with a few fears.

He was one of the most dazzling pearls of his time.

“I finally found you…”

Lin moved deeply and his body shook slightly at this time. He could feel the sorrow of the body’s swallowing ancestors.

The devourer, since Lin Dong got the devour of the ancestor, the name is deeply imprinted into his heart, and now, he can truly face him in another form.

Excitement rushed in Lin Dong’s heart, but after a while he slowly suppressed this excitement, because he felt the rush of wind that began to come from behind.

The top powerhouses from all sides of the demon domain also began to arrive in succession.


A rainbow of light, quickly plundered, and finally appeared in the sky, they looked at the black hall above the lonely peak, for a time they have never spoken, there is a sense of admiration in the eyes.

Ancient Eight Lords, ancient times, the pro-disciples of the Fuzu adults, they guarded the countless creatures of this world.

Lin Dong felt the atmosphere, but his eyes closed slightly. He knew that this silence could not last long…

Time passed by, and after waiting for this quiet half an hour, the eyes of many powerful people in this world began to reply to the clear, and then, like the flame of the flame, began to come up.


Lin Dong seems to have noticed this change. The slightly closed eyes began to slowly open, and the slender palms were gently gripped, and the eyes looked firmly at the black hall.

Your inheritance, I will inherit.

This piece of heaven and earth, I will guard, in order to protect the people I want to protect.

Strong strength

Nirvana robbery and wind thunder robbery lasted for nearly half a day, the thunder in midair and the fiery volatility emanating from the forest, which made the cultivation station extremely hot, even the pervasive nirvana Gas is the violent anger that has become more and more.

Two kinds of catastrophe arrive at the same time. For the ordinary strong, this is indeed a ruinous unfortunate thing, but for Lin Dong who has the mysterious stone symbol and swallowed the ancestor, it just makes him The opportunity to improve the strength is getting better and better.

Although under these two simultaneous catastrophes, Lin Dong still ate some bitterness, but compared with the strength of the next surge, these pains can be completely neglected.

Therefore, when the day gradually approached the evening, the violent fluctuations in the cultivation platform covered by the red mask were quietly weakened until the final disappearance.

In the center of the cultivation platform, Lin’s figure sat quietly. At this time, the golden light above his body was full of concealment. The former violent and powerful atmosphere was also lurking to the body of Lin’s body with the dissipation of Jinguang. Where.

From Lin’s gradual return to the normal color of the skin and the calmness of the midair, it is clear that the Nirvana and the wind and thunder have been quietly passed by Lin.


Closed eyes, suddenly opened, looming, with wind and thunder, the air in front of Lin, was shocked at this moment, making a harsh low-pitched explosion.


Lin’s fists are slowly gripping, and the muscles are squirming. A force that is not as strong as it used to be, is like a sponge of drowning water. From every part of his body, a strand of oil permeates.

The palm was clenched and then punched out.


The invisible air, the lightning-like condensation under the boxing, was directly compressed into an invisible air cannonball, and then slammed on the red mask, making the mask a circle. Subtle fluctuations.

This punch, if it is the usual nirvana, the fear is at least the result of serious injury.

When a fist hits, Lin moves with a heart, and the majestic spirit is the lightning-like condensation in his body, and his body is suspended. Lin’s hands are slightly open, and with his strong mental power, he can sense To this blushing hood, there is a constant flow of Nirvana, and even he can penetrate this red mask, and all the circumstances outside the Dan River are in the mind.

At the same time, he naturally discovered the king and other people who were watching the tiger outside the cultivation platform. At that moment, his lips and lips gradually set off a chilly arc.

“Successfully passed?” Xiao Yan and Xiao Yan also sent a slightly delighted look to Lin Dong. Although they knew some answers, they still couldn’t help but ask.


Lin smiled and nodded. He could feel that his current strength is not the same as before. The original one is a little taboo, and now it is already for him. Does not constitute any threat.

This time, the results of the accumulation of thin hair, the results achieved, obviously far beyond the expectations of Lin Dong.

Now, he is confident that he will compete with the real strongmen of the ancient battlefield. Even if he is the one who has seen the unknown, but the strength is extremely strong, Lin Sen does not dare to say that he has absolute certainty. It’s not easy to beat him, but the latter wants to do something to him.

This is the confidence brought by strength.

“Let’s go, the cultivation here has come to an end, some troubles, it should be completely solved.” Lin moved down and smiled at Xiaoyan Xiaoyan, the smile, the chill.

Under the previous spiritual divergence, he already knew what Wang Shu and others were doing. Lin Dong’s people have always been people who don’t commit me. I don’t commit crimes. But now that people count on him, they naturally don’t sit back and watch. reason.

When Xiao Yan and Xiao Yan listened to Lin, the eyes also looked at the red mask, and seemed to understand what they were, and they immediately nodded slowly.


A large number of people, such as the edge of the Dan River, Wang Fen, suspended in the air. Their eyes were closely locked to the looming cultivation platform under the cover of Nirvana. In the eyes, there was impatience and fierce light flashing.

“Isn’t that forest movement really going to practise here to close this space?” The face was thin and dry, and the face was staring at the cultivation station with a haze. The voice was already impatient. They kept here. In the past two days, if this is normal, perhaps they don’t care, but now it’s an ancient secret. All the people are desperately searching for treasures, but they are wasting time on this bitterness. Under the circumstances, whoever to change, fear that the heart is quite uncomfortable.

The people on the side heard the words, and they nodded in the same sense. It seems that the waiting for these two days has consumed almost a few of their patience.

“Chen Fuxiong, don’t worry, as far as I know, the protective array of this training station is not long-lasting. At most five days, it will automatically dissipate. The kid can’t hide for a long time.” Seeing their intolerance The king rushed.

“And as long as you catch the kid, you can get the coffin in his hand. For this baby, if you pay some time, you should not lose money.”

“Oh, yeah, wait for the kid to clean up, isn’t this cultivating platform also ours? When it is time to cultivate here, what loss will not make up?” Zheng Zhuizhu also looked like a deep smile, just the depth of the eyes However, it is constantly flashing with the color of blackmail and sin.

“Hey, then wait, this kid, it’s really tolerable, like the tortoise, waiting for him to catch this time, but let him try my way.” Hearing the two, That Chen dry face is only slightly slower, said.

“What Chen Fuxi said is that when you catch the kid, you want to deal with it. You have the final say.” Wang cracked his mouth and smiled, and there was a thick hustle and bustle in his eyes.

Chen Kui nodded and just wanted to close his eyes, his look suddenly changed, his eyes suddenly turned to the red mask, and Sen smiled: “Is it finally coming out?”

“Oh?” Hearing this, Wang Bing and the spirit of Zheng Heizhu slammed into the mask, and they saw it. The mask that covered the cultivation platform was actually visible to the naked eye. The speed has become faded.

“Haha, this kid, finally can’t stand it!”

Upon seeing it, Wang Li suddenly couldn’t help but laugh at the sky. The strongmen of the Skyhawk dynasty behind him were also excited. In order to solve the forest movement, they waited here for a long time.

At this time around the Dan River, there are still many people staying here. On this Dan River, there are many people watching every cultivation station. Here is no exception, but now this place, It has been seen by the three senior dynasties such as the Tianying Dynasty. Although others are coveted, they also know that the chances of succeeding are not great. Therefore, staying here has the meaning of watching the fun. By the way, if you can see if you can fish in troubled waters. Opportunity.

During these two days, they all knew that Wang Bian and others were waiting for Lin to come out here. For the name of Lin Dong, they also heard that for this guy, their first impression was to make trouble. Before the offense of the Magic Rock Dynasty, I did not expect that this has just entered the ancient secrets not long after, but also the power of the Eagle Eagle dynasty that is not inferior to the magic rock dynasty to offend…

At this moment, the eagle dynasty calls for friends and friends, but it is to find a lot of famous and strong people to come, obviously does not want to give Lin a chance to escape, so everyone understands that when Lin moved out from this cultivation platform At the time, perhaps it was the moment he was buried in the Dan River…

Because of this, when they saw the red mask that gradually became faded, there was a sympathy in their eyes.

“Oh, what’s so happy, let me be happy?”

The red mask was getting weaker and lighter. After a while, it was completely dissipated. Then, the two figures appeared in the eyes of the road, and at the same time, a chuckle, from the cultivation platform. Outgoing.

“I will know if you should be happy or crying, Lin Dong, today this Dan River is the place where you are buried!”

Wang cracked his eyes and stunned. He stared at the current figure from the red mask. At that moment, he seemed to notice that the figure had some different places from two days ago. However, this kind of flashing feeling, he did not go too far, no matter what, now they are three high-ranking dynasty people here, and there are three genuine one-yuan nirvana strong, these Lineup, even if Lin Zhen really has three heads and six arms today, I am afraid it is impossible to escape!

“Chen Fuxiong, Black Pillar, start!”

Wang cracked a fierce drink, as if he was worried about Lin to turn around and flee. In fact, he did not give Lin a half-time to reply, and his body shape was a violent rush.

“Hey, boy, we can wait for you for a long time, give me a coffin!”

Chen’s eyes stared at Lin’s greedily, and he was already impatient. Almost at the moment when Wang’s voice fell, it flashed out, and his powerful mental power condensed in his body.

The last one is Zheng Baizhu, who seems to be honest. He is naturally cautious and suspicious. Even at this time, he has not rushed to the forefront. Years of experience have made him feel what he is today. A little bit of uneasiness.

However, this feeling is also like Wang Chuan. This Zheng Heizhu did not detect it. First, time is not allowed. Second, their lineup here is indeed quite powerful. Although they dare not say nothing, they have nine. Cheng Zhicheng will solve the forest movement!

Therefore, Zheng Heizhu smashed his head and left the restlessness of the point. The sneer of sneer, also plundered out under the sympathy of many people around Lin.

The three big ones are the Nirvana powerhouses. At the same time, everyone knows what this means. Perhaps, after today, the forest movement that has some reputation in the northwestern region will disappear in this ancient battlefield. Someone will remember the light that he brought up.

After all, this world is the stage of the strong, the loser, only in the passage of time, completely disappeared into the world.

Make up


I heard that the spurs of the spurs were filled with the sound of killing, and the many strong people of the yin dynasty were also neatly squandered, and the smashing of the suffocating air broke out, which made the cold and cold sky become more and more The hair is cold.

Although the former squadrons were broken because of the big squad, many of them are also some of the top three, but they are also one of the top three forces in the Great Wilderness County, not to mention the fact that today, it’s still a haze, and others want to mess around. Nothing can be done, I am afraid I can only find death!

With the explosion of the murderous murderous, those who are already eager to move are suddenly awake, and their eyes are flashing, they are not afraid to make a random shot. After all, they are not the big magic door and the Wumeng forces. They have to be cautious and careful about these behemoths.

However, the shock of the Yinzong sect is not small for the ordinary forces or the strong, but for the characters such as Murray and Wu Zong, there is no shockingness. Therefore, for his drink, the two are almost rational. Ignore, the big hand that Yuan Li has made is directly grabbed against the black light group.

“Let’s relax!”

Seeing their actions like this, the elders of the Yinzong ancestors were also furious and screamed coldly. The two figures were plundered and wanted to stop Mulei.

“Haha, the two elders, you can’t be so greedy!” However, the elders of this age have just shot, and the four old people who have come with Murray and Wu Zong are also laughing at the sky. Qi Qi shot, the sky is full of force, directly to the left and right elders to retreat.

“Half-step makers, meet the enemy with us!”

With two enemies and four, the elders around the world naturally do not have the upper hand. The current figure retreats, but they do not panic, but instead sigh.


As the two men sighed down, the square suddenly rang through the four voices, and immediately the four figures swept out, appearing behind the left and right elders, and actually four strong players who achieved half-step strength, and among them There is also a familiar figure in Lin, which was Cao Zhen who had played against him that day.

Moreover, after the four-and-a-half-step strong-handed shots, the two elders’ sleeves waved, and the two figures appeared next to them. Without hesitation, they directly turned 100,000 yuan Yuan Dan into Rolling the force, into the two figures, time, a fierce breath, is slowly spread from the two figures.

“High class!”

When these two figures appeared, they caused some horror, and the breath was enough to compete with the half-step strong.

“This is the high symbol of the yin dynasty…”

The forest movement hidden in the dark is also somewhat moving. According to the lineup in the field, the yin dynasty actually has four and a half steps, two high-level symbols that are comparable to half-step creation and two strong ones. By!

This lineup is enough to shock any force and dare not have the slightest movement. This yin sect is really strong like a cloud!

Lin moved to stare at the lineup, and his heart sighed. If it wasn’t because of the ancestor’s ancestor, he really didn’t want to venture here. After all, with his strength, there is really no way to compete with this yin.

The lineup of the sacred ancestral rituals, even Lin Bing feels shocked, and other strong people who originally had thoughts on the yin sacred baby, the face is also changed dramatically, and the foot that was originally stepped out is also quietly collected. Something came back, no matter how confusing the situation is now, but the name of the yin dynasty, but these years, the real knife and the sword are spelled out, even now, no one dares to have a slight shackle to them.

With the emergence of the four-and-a-half-step powers and the emergence of two high-class singers, even the big demon door, the four strong martial artists of Wu Zong, also slightly converged a little, here is the yin The old nest of the ancestors, even them, is too unscrupulous.

When they formed a confrontation on their side, the big hands of Mulei and Wu Zongyuan were already appearing in the black light group. However, just when they were about to grab it, a figure was Like a ghostly appearance on the top of the light group, a punch hit, time, the sky is exploding and the two forces are actually exploding.

“Murray, Wu Zong, are you really when my yin dynasty is not a soft persimmon?”

The two bangs slammed the big hands, and the figure slowly looked up, and the face was sullen, and it was the sinister sect of the sinister sect. Obviously, at the last moment, he couldn’t help but shoot.

“Haha, Tengsha, this baby, you have been hiding for so many years, now you should always share it?” For Tengsha can hit a two-person offensive, that Murray is obviously a bit strange, but Immediately he was laughing.

“Oh, Murray said it is good, and this thing is obviously a bit weird. With the power of your yin dynasty, you can’t crack it. It’s better to join us, maybe even get the treasure.” Wu Zong also laughed.

“I am a sinister thing, but no one can take it away!” Tengzha sounds cold like a knife, this thing is their yin sinister fee to get the boss’s strength to get their hands, although now cracking the seal failed, but if you want If he is free to come out and share it with the Wumeng, it is undoubtedly an idiotic dream.

“Haha, if that’s the case, then you have to see if you can stop me!” Seeing, Murray couldn’t help but smile, his eyes and the Wuzong look at each other, suddenly stepping out, in an instant, the atmosphere of the creation of Xiaocheng Unreserved outbursts, violent volatility, surging in the whole body, like a small force storm.

“The Promise!”

Mu Lei’s body suddenly expanded and opened at this moment. The body of the tiger’s back was like a giant. Above his body, the skin quickly turned into a dull purple, muscle creeping, a terrible The power spreads.

“I haven’t played against you for many years, Tengsha, let me try it today, you can improve in these years!”

“Great Thunder Mountain Boxing!”

The body swelled, and Murray’s laughter was like a thundering, and then suddenly burst into a punch, the air exploded and opened, a mountain-like fist wind, directly hit by Mu Lei, slamming to the Tengsha .

“Magic Eagle Split!”

At the moment of Murray’s shot, Wu Zong was also a big laugh. The palm of his hand was bent into a claw shape. He suddenly sneaked out, and the powerful force surged out. It was actually condensed into a huge tens of eagle claws in front of him. With a fierce and arrogant atmosphere, you can penetrate the sky and grab the Tengsha.

At the same time, the two great powers were shot at the same time. The momentum and the earth-shattering, almost in an instant, all the eyes were attracted.

The two extremely fierce offensives, the speed is extremely fast, in the blink of an eye, it is the cover of the Tengquan body, so that he has nowhere to avoid, but in the face of the two offensives of the small Chengqiang strong, that Tengzha The face is still calm, step by step, and a plain punch.


With the slamming of Tengsha, the sound of screaming and screaming was formed under his fist, and then a huge force gimmick, a lightning-like cohesion, gathered the turbulent level of Tengchao. A punch, and Murray’s offensive, life and hard regret together.


Under the gaze of countless gaze, the terrible force fluctuated, sweeping away, and the rumbling bang, like a thunder, was resounding above the sky.

The violent force fluctuations gradually dissipated. However, above the black light group, a figure is still standing still, and the eyes are cold and cold, and the Tengzha is actually defended by one person and unscathed. Under the attack of two small and powerful people!

“How is it possible?!” Inside and outside the city, there was a lot of shocking sounds. No one even thought that even Murray and Wu Zong joined forces to defeat the Tengzha!

In the sky, Mu Lei and Wu Zong, who are the main characters, are also suddenly tightening at this moment, and their faces slowly become dignified.

“Are you breaking through?”

Looking at the dignified face of Murray, Tengchao smiled and said faintly: “I just broke through to Dacheng, and took a step ahead of you.”

When Tengchao’s words came out, it immediately caused countless words to breathe in the air!

Make a great environment!

The strength of Tengzha, even unconsciously, the horror to this point, the creation of the environment, this level, is simply enough to compare with the leader of the great power of the Great Yan Dynasty!

The creation of Xiaocheng and Dacheng, although only a word difference, but the gap is extremely large, at least, now Murray and Wu Zong to join forces, there will be no more than 50% of the odds!

Around the Xuanyin Mountain, it has become quiet at this moment. Those who are eager to move are like being smashed down by a cold water, so that they can wake up and have a sinister ancestor. The strength will undoubtedly exceed the Great Devils Gate and Wumeng. At this time, whoever dares to offend them is undoubtedly a dead end…

“Creating a great environment…”

The forest movement hidden in the dark is also a light breath at this moment, and his hands are slowly tightened. He underestimated the strength of Tengzha and made great achievements. This strength is too strong.

At present, this situation is undoubtedly becoming extremely severe. I want to snatch the “swallowing ancestors” under the eyes of the Tengmao that has achieved the great achievements of the realm of development. It is as difficult as going to heaven…

However, even so, there is no way to give up.


Deeply spit out a group of white gas, Lin moving his eyes slowly became fierce, and the soft voice also sounded in his heart.

“Small, ready to shoot…”

Underground exchange

The trade fair will be located in the North Square of Qingyang Town, where there are just a lot of places where the forces are handed over. Because there are too many disputes, no one can squat alone, so the trade fair will be established.

In the trade fair, there are many industries with various powers. With oil and water, many forces have acquiesced in this existence. Over time, it has formed a peculiar balance.

The trading hall of Qingyang Town is quite famous in the vicinity of the hundred miles. Not only do the people in this town like to go to this transaction, but even some nearby Zhuangzi and even some unseen black-stolen bandits will come often. This, and this is also the result of the Qingyang Town, the transaction will be more and more mixed, even if it is the land of the snake Lei Xie two, although the interests of the trade fair, but still dare to monopolize it.


When Lin Dong and Qing Tan came to the door of the trade fair, they looked at the black crowd and the boiling sound of the sky. They couldn’t help but grin. This trade fair will indeed be near Qingyang Town. The biggest trading venue within a hundred miles, this popularity is simply horror.


Lin Ling’s gaze is also a strange look at the trade fair. He has rarely come to such a place in these years. Young people, no matter what, there is always some curiosity about this place.

Said, Lin Dong is the small hand holding the green sandalwood, and drilled into the trade fair.

In the trade fairs, the dazzling shops were dazzling, although the streets of the squares were quite spacious, but under the crowded traffic, they still seemed crowded.

Lin Dong and Qing Tan just just strolled around a street, they were already sweating, but the interest of the green sandalwood was extremely high. On the delicate little face, because the excitement became red, it was cute and crisp. The charming laughter attracted a lot of gaze, and then after seeing the eye-catching, snow-like girl, those eyes were swept away by the stunned feeling.

The final steps of the two men finally stopped at the end of a grand street at the end of the street. This is a very advanced place in the trade fair. In this place, there are two Lei Xi, the martial arts martial arts museum and even the Lin family. There are shops.

“Green sandalwood, you are here to wait for me, I will come and come…” Lin moved his eyes and swept around, reminded him of the green sandalwood, and then turned and broke into the crowd, disappearing in the blink of an eye. not see.

Shuttle in the crowd, Lin moved to buy a fight in a small shop, then safely walked into the street, followed the street two turns, and finally stopped in front of a black door.

Because there are people in the trade fairs, there are some people who sell things, and some of them are sourced for various reasons. Some people worry that selling things will cause some trouble. Therefore, some underground exchanges should be born accordingly. .

The place where Lin Dong came is an underground exchange in the trade fair. Here, no matter how unclear your origins are, you can smoothly get rid of it, and the price will not be better than outside. Too low.

Outside the black gate, there are some people coming in and out, but these people’s heads are like Lin Dong, with a black brawl, so that people can’t see the face.

The heart vomited a light breath, Lin moved down the tension, and then walked into the door calmly, and as the footsteps stepped into the door, a darkness shrouded, making the skin a little cold.

Behind the gate, there is a long passage, Lin moved along the passage, and then found on both sides of the passage, there are many closed doors, Lin Dong knows, these are the trading places, the moment I found a half-closed door and walked in.

Entering the room, the faint light made the room a little dim. There was a large table in the room. The middle of the table was separated by a black iron bar. At the bottom, there was a window of several feet.

“Please sit down, if you need to trade, you can put it under the window.” After Lin moved into the room, there was a slightly old voice coming out of the black iron bar.

At this time, Lin was no longer in the market. He sat down straight and took a transparent bottle from the sleeve. The bottle contained ten drops of stone spirit liquid. These stone spirit liquids are not very pure, because This has been diluted by Lin Dong.

“A liquid that is extracted from the elixir is good for people who have quenched the body, and the healing effect is also excellent.” Lin moved the bottle under the window, his voice, deliberately suppressed to be somewhat hoarse. It sounds ugly, but it has a big gap with the original voice.

A dry palm is extended under the window, and the bottle is taken in. Then Lin is the sound of the liquid dripping. I think the person inside is detecting the effect of the spirit.

This kind of detection lasted for nearly ten minutes, and the sound came out behind the window: “This liquid has a quality close to that of the second pill, and the medicine is mild, and it is really suitable for people who use the quenching environment, given it. It has a special effect on healing, and the value can rise a little more. What do you want to exchange for?”

Lin moved his fingers and shook it a little. Some of them were surprised by each other’s old-fashioned ability. Immediately, he was slightly addicted and said: “Seven strains of three medicines.”

“It’s too expensive, you take this liquid, people who are quenching the body, too luxurious, the effect of healing is also valuable for some people, but if it is used to heal, it is also too luxurious, so, It’s not so good to get rid of it.” The person behind the window, silent for a while, apparently because Lin’s lion’s mouth was a little depressed.

“Like this, three strains of three medicines.”

“Six strains.” Lin moving surface does not change the authentic.

“Five, this is the bottom line…” The person behind the window seemed to shake his head, but the tone was no longer loose, obviously it could not be improved.


Lin moved shrug, and the face under the fight, but it was a smile, ten drops of the spirit liquid diluted once, actually can be exchanged for five strains of three medicines, this harvest, is very good, regardless of whether the other party It was a play, and he really didn’t care much about the diluted spirit.

The speed of the other party’s work is obviously extremely efficient. In just five minutes, there is a delicate box with only the size of a palm. It is plugged out from the window, and the forest moves and then opens it. Five thumbs-sized dark yellow. The fruit is lying quietly in it, faintly, with aroma floating out.

“Three-pronged medicine, ground yellow fruit.”

Lin Dong obviously also knows this dark yellow fruit. After taking it out and checking it, he nodded with satisfaction. He just put the wooden box into his arms and no longer said anything. He turned out and went out of the room. .

After Lin moved out of the room, the iron bar slowly rose, revealing a gray old man behind him. The old man held the bottle and sniffed the aroma in it, nodding slightly.

“The ancient deacon, these things really worth five yellow fruits?” Behind the old man, standing a middle-aged man with a bloody body on his body, he glanced at the door and whispered.

“These liquids have excellent effects on people who have quenched the body. I think that Lei Xie or the Mad Knives will be happy to collect this liquid at a high price.” The old man in gray clothes smiled faintly.

“Oh? Do you need to check the bottom of the guy?” The middle-aged man stunned. However, his voice just fell, and he saw the gray old man’s face sullen, and immediately shut up.

“The rules we have here, you still don’t understand? If you break the signboard, do you want to stand in this Qingyang town?”

Hearing the resentment of the old man in gray, the middle-aged man can only hurry and nod.


The old man in the gray coat snorted, and he got up and took the bottle and went.


Lin moved out of the underground exchange, first strolled in a huge trade fair for a while before he was quickly thrown into the fight, and the smoke was directed at the street.

In the previous separate place, Lin moved smoothly to find his green sandalwood here, and when he was about to go shopping again with the green sandalwood, the latter suddenly pulled his arm.

Lin moved a glimpse, his eyes lifted, but it was seen that a familiar figure was coming out of the gate of the pavilion, turned out to be Linshan.

When Lin moved to see Linshan, the latter also discovered the two of them. In the eyes, they first shot a surprise, and then they thought of something. Their faces changed and they stayed in place.

Lin moved a glimpse of Linshan, the latter’s face was a little bruised, look like this, it seems to be beaten, it is very embarrassing…

Linshan stood there, watching Lin Dong, wanting to go over, but it seems to be in the face of the face, the desire to stop, the people are very tangled.


Lin moved a sigh and took the green sandalwood and walked over. He said, “What happened?”

Lin Shan looked at Lin Wei slightly with a little fear and hesitated. He said: “We met the group of jerkes of Xie’s family, and then Lin Xia was bullied. We started to fight with them… that, they There are so many people, I have suffered a little loss, I ran out… I want to find something… rescue the soldiers.”

At the end of the day, Linshan’s face turned red, and the head could not help but hang down.

“Is Lin Xia also?”

Lin moved, and immediately brows, slightly sinking, waved, said: “Take me to see.”

In any case, his relationship with Lin Xia is still good. As for Lin Shan Lin Hong, how to fight in the past, it is also at home, his heart is not so narrow, this kind of thing, he can not stand by.

When I heard Lin’s words, Lin Shan suddenly looked up and looked at Lin Dong with amazement. Obviously, Lin did not expect that Lin’s actions would help them. The eyes were all red and nodded hard.
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The scorn of the nine robbery sword

When Dahan waved his hand, a whistling sound was heard in his mouth. The ten black-faced masked men in the surrounding area were neatly arranged in a row. In the blink of an eye, a row of copper walls and iron walls were arranged in front of everyone, and the momentum of Senran showed the elite of these people.

The old man and the remaining four guards have a feeling of dreaming.

Seeing that the situation is in jeopardy, the other party is about to succeed. Everyone has a feeling of incomparable anger and grievances. When they are unable to return to the sky, suddenly Chu Yang actually grabs a person out, and the first sentence is to let both sides stop!

The other side actually still lived!

Now, listening to them, I know that the person I caught is actually the commander of this team!

I rely on! This is too clever, right? Tai Niu fork, right?

In the midst of a thousand miles, he went deep into the enemy camp and seized the enemy’s emirates. Under the chasing and interception, Shi Shiran calmly and back, with one person’s strength, in one fell swoop to reverse the battle in an instant… Is this a myth? Still legend?

It seems that in reality, Wood has heard of such a thing!

Everyone looked at Chu Yang’s gaze and suddenly changed.

“One thing, I want to talk to him… He said a few words.” The black-faced masked man looked at Chu Yang: “I want to make sure that he is still alive.”

“No problem.” Chu Yang readily agreed, a palm shot in the hands of the big man’s heart, palm, a cold cold gas into the body.

The big man was stunned and suddenly woke up. Seeing his situation, he was furious. Struggling to drink: “What are you waiting for? Still not killing them?”

“But you…”

“Don’t worry about me!” Dahan said with anger: “When is it, what do you care about my life?”

“Your, your masked towel is still not solved.” Chu Yang whispered: “And, you have already lost. In this case, even if you ordered to go with us, do you estimate that it is possible? Your subordinates Will it be done?”

The big man screamed and yelled: “Bastard! Who are you? Lost? What qualification do you have to say that Laozi has lost?”

“My qualification is…” Chu Yang arrogantly said: “…now you are in my hands! I am a knife, you are fish!”

The great man was silent and panting, his eyes were strongly humiliated and unwilling. Suddenly, he twisted his neck and slammed into the sword!

A burst of exclamation sounded.

Chu Yang sneered, and with one hand, he turned his body around, and kicked his foot on his ass. He said: “If you don’t obey, even if you die, Laozi will solve you. Masked towel, strip your clothes, and hang you on the flagpole of Tieyuncheng! You can try it, can you do it!”

The great man was shocked and finally quieted down. He is not afraid of death, but Chu Yang said this method is completely vicious!

According to his prestige in Tieyunguo, if he is dead, he is so humiliated, it is really unbearable! What’s more, there is the reputation of the family, the reputation of the military…

“But it.” He sighed for a long time: “What you ask for is nothing but peace to reach Tieyuncheng, Lao Tzu promises you, no longer intercepts you!”

“But I don’t trust you!” Chu Yang coldly said: “So, you have to escort us personally!”

“You!” The big man turned and glared at Chuyang.

Chu Yang has a heart. In these eyes, all are filled with the power of killing and killing, and the endless coldness! And a kind of arrogance and disdain that defies life and death!

This is definitely a high-powered person!

“Don’t look at me. When we are safe, I will let you go. I know what you are scrupulous about. I don’t think you will be embarrassed by this way, nor will you reveal your identity. I won’t even be myself.” Chu Yang said safely: “I don’t believe in your promise, but now you can only believe me.”

He paused and said faintly: “You have no other choice!”

Dahan looked at him with a squint for a long time and suddenly snorted and waved: “You all go. I am going to play with them.”

“Will… Big Brother!” The black-faced masked man, who was headed opposite, stepped forward. He suddenly threw the big knife on the ground and walked over with his hands: “Let me change my big brother! I promise, one I listen to you on the road. Please be assured that although my weight is different from my older brother, we will definitely abide by the promise.”

“Fuck! Roll your grandmother!” Chu Yang’s big man was furious and violently thundered: “You fucking to mad at me! After I go back, I will copy your whole family and destroy your fucking Nine! You dare Noisy in front of Laozi? Fast roll!”

“Bring a good guy, fucking, those are all going to be used! Let’s roll it, roll it.” The big man screamed: “How? I saw the look of Laozi’s wolverine. Are you happy with these rabbits? Don’t roll fast?”

Under his drinking, the dozens of people opposite finally reluctantly withdrew.

“You listen to me! On this road, if you dare to move my big brother a hairy hair, the old people fight for the nine people to be shackled, look for the ends of the earth, and also smash your corpse!”

The black-faced masked man who took the lead shouted a sigh of relief, and then he went back in three steps. After a short time, I did not enter the jungle.

Watching them finally retreat, Chu Yang finally exhausted his strength and sat down on the ground. Both hands are trembled, barely stretched into the placket, grabbed the amethyst chalcedony, and they have to exercise to restore energy.

A hegemonic idea rose, and the swordsmanship of the Nine Robbery Swords came out, blocking his intentions.

Chu Yang was speechless for a while, and his heart screamed: When you fucked, you didn’t work hard when you were fighting. Now you don’t let Laozi recover!

“In the battle, you didn’t use the power of the nine robbery swords. How can I help you? I just assist you, not the more you occupy your body. Whether it is the body and the mind, the dominant position is always Chu Yang, not Nine robbery swords. You need to understand this section. Besides, when you are completely emptied, your body will be able to break through the limits and let your skills grow. You can let this piece take summer without being hot. What is the use of damn jade that does not have any usefulness to help you recover, then you still break through?”

Chu Yang did not expect the nine robbery sword to reply to himself, but even more unexpectedly, this guy suddenly emerged to say such a large section, could not help but be stifled by him.

Amethyst chalcedony, the treasure of peerlessness; in the mouth of this swordsman, it turned out to be a piece of “the yin jade with no use in the summer, not hot in the winter, except for the heavy use of the eyes!”

“When you solve the mystery of life experience, Lao Tzu is going to swallow this piece of damn jade for the first time! So much energy can only be watched and can’t be sucked, it is really troublesome!” Sword soul said a few words indignantly Not waiting for Chu Yang to reply, but also fell into silence.

I rely on!

Chu Yang was dumbfounded. It turns out that this guy has always been coveted with this piece of chalcedony!

“Now you can also absorb it. No one will not let you absorb.” Chu Yang tempted.

“Then, what do you want to look for in your mother? Are you walking around the world with bare bottom?” The nine robbery swordsman screamed angrily, muttering: “The tens of thousands of years have not found a suitable host, and now it is hard to find a It’s actually such a dead brain!”

“Who do you say is stupid?” Chu Yang was completely angry, and the small universe suddenly broke out, shouting, and his eyebrows stood up and angered. Fucking, there is no one in the past and present who dared to say that Lao Tzu is **, you can actually become a sword! It is unbearable!

“I… I didn’t marry you.” A slamming voice sounded.

Gao Laotou’s complex look is close to Chuyang. He is about to open his thanks. I can’t think of the other person’s eyes openly. Zhangkou’s face is a slap in the face: Who are you stupid?

The old man was completely fainted. Am I yelling at you? I haven’t opened it yet?
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The secret of the nine robbery sword

The call for the most eagerness came up again, Chu Yangzai felt carefully and carefully, and sure enough, in less than a while, the bleak nine-robbery sword in Dantian once again issued a strong summoning idea…

It seems that a baby who is too hungry is crying hard to lick her legs and crying about the feeling of eating milk. Chu Yang was sweating by this feeling in his own heart. I really don’t know how this outrageous feeling is produced.

When the mind touches, the faint nine-robbery sword sends out a touch of resentment and curiosity. It seems that a baby is looking at himself with innocent eyes. There are hunger, strangeness, and expectation in his eyes…

There was no reason for Chu Yang’s heart to be filled with pity, and it was softly wrapped up with his own thoughts… This time the sword shadow was only slightly resisted, and the defense was lifted.

Under the contact of ideas, Chu Yang also understood how this thing came!

This is not a nine-robbery sword; to be exact, this is the sword soul of the Nine Robbery Sword! Or it is sword!

It was when he was doing the devastating trick that he stabbed the Nine Robbery Sword into his heart and watered it, inspiring the Soul Calibur. It is also the beginning of the biggest secret among the nine robbery swords…

And this is the spirit of the sword that inspired, I do not know how it happened, even with myself back to the youth moment!

The last trick of the Nine Robbery Sword is this taboo trick. Fight with the enemy, and, first, kill yourself and kill the enemy! Only if there is such a desperate idea can you display it!

What Chu Yang doesn’t know is that this is one of the mysterious things of the Nine Robbery Sword!

The lords of the nine robbers have only practiced in accordance with the road of repairing swords; they have not been recognized by the nine robbers! Because, completely, as a sword to cultivate… Then, what will you get?

Sword, this is ruthless. Therefore, under such a drive, they will naturally choose a ruthless kendo!

Therefore, the previous nine robbery sword masters, but all are “sword slaves”! Including the past life of Chu Yang, it is only a sword slave! Sword slave!

It is the sword that is using people, not the people who are using swords!

But Chu Yang made the last move, with my hard work, collapsed!

In addition to Chu Yang, people who have won nine swords in the past have never dared to make this move! When they reach the limit or accidentally killed, the Nine Robbery Sword will automatically decompose, return to the state of the remnants, scattered around the mainland, quietly waiting for the real master, looking forward to one day, you can board nine The peak of the glory of the sword, open its true sacred fate…

Therefore, the last move of Chuyang’s desperate situation led to the complete activation of the sword spirit, and lived in his dantian, and the first god of the nine heavens, from that time on, really had the master!

So it will also accept Chu Yang so easily.

It can be said that in addition to the people who created the nine robbery swords, Chu Yang is the first owner of the Nine Robbery Sword!

A veritable one, the nine robbery sword master.

This is the real thing, let it die!

From this moment on, Chu Yang clearly knows that he will embark on a different path from his previous life!

Now, the swordsmanship of these nine robbery swords, like a baby to be laid, is urgently in need of the fragments of the nine robbery swords and the nourishment of this heaven and earth! This urgent sentiment is also urging Chu Yang to find the fragments of the Nine Robbery Sword! Looking for the nutrients needed for the Nine Robbery Sword…

Chu Yang’s mind sinks into Dantian, and with his own mind, envelops the faint swordsmanship and wholeheartedly gives up the meaning of comfort…

After a while, the nine robbery sword seems to feel the true heart of Chu Yang, slowly calm down, although there is still some reluctance, but no longer the call of the desire…

It seems that a child who can’t get a toy of love, but who is sensible, no longer makes noisy, just flat-mouthed, with tears, grievances watching his parents…

This nine-robbery sword soul, like a child is generally lovable.

Chu Yang’s heart floated for a moment of pity. Under such emotions, there was a sly meaning in my heart.

Controlled the excitement, a long sigh of relief. Opening his eyes, he saw that Shi Qianshan was looking at himself in front of himself, and there was a trace of excitement in his eyes. I must think that such an abnormality in Chu Yang was caused by an injury. Seeing Chu Yang opened his eyes, the excitement of the fundus flashed away, but he was concerned: “Chu Shidi, what happened to you?”

“It’s okay. Just… I suddenly wanted to fart, the amount… but I took care of the master, you are in front of you, not so funny, so that you have a great strength to go back…” Chu Yang looked at it meaningfully. Shi Qianshan, seriously and authentic.

“Hey…” Shi Qianshan’s face changed, and he said: “This… it’s hard to be…” I don’t know how to answer it at a time. Is it to persuade him to let it out… or just squat… …

It seems that it is not suitable…

One side of the chatter laughed, but it felt out of place, did not dare to laugh, coupled with his unique voice, led to the sound of laughter, actually really like a dull boring… …

Shi Qianshan had a nausea and almost vomited.

Chu Yang’s heart burst into laughter. He seems to feel that his own mentality is changing quietly. It seems to be different from his previous life…

All the regrets have the opportunity to make up. The state of mind will naturally become excited and peaceful.

In the past life, he was the sword of the nine robbery swords after four years. And I don’t know for a lifetime, there is such a sword soul in the Nine Robbery Sword!

Step by step toward the house in the Zizhu forest, Chu Yang’s thought seems to be on this road, and continuously complete the transformation.

The house that exists in memory, when I walked closer, felt that my soul trembled once, and then a new mood and sentiment would rise from my heart, slowly, and my heart was full of desire.

In the room, I have my own master! The most respected person in your life!

Since I am back to the age of sixteen, then whether it is a rebirth or something, I am not the poison sword Wu Zun now! I am now Chu Yang, a boy! A weak boy!

Before I grow up, there are countless people on this continent who can put themselves to death! If you psychologically regard yourself as a master of the previous generation, and the strength does not match, then you will die fast…

Only Chu Yang knows that Wu Zun can be prestige for the next three days, but in the middle of three days, he is somewhat restrained and needs to be careful. And waited for the last three days…

Nothing great!

Only forget all the glory of past life and start from the beginning. Step by step, continue to climb the peak, is the right way! Then, the first step is to become the master of the disciples in the outer building in the shortest time, enter the land of the seven yin, and get the first sword of the nine robbery sword!

The road to this life, imaginable, is definitely much more exciting than the past!

The three stopped at the same time, but they have already arrived at Zizhuyuan. Looking at the houses that only existed in the memory of this chat, Chu Yang’s eyes shot a strong feeling, and they couldn’t stop standing, only feeling the tide of their hearts rushing. For a time, it was impossible to contain it!
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Yanyang triple stack explosion and footwork

In the next few days, Yang Kai has been enjoying the scenery of the place in Haicheng. The scenery on the beach is beautiful, and the air is clear and natural. It is indeed a good place to live.

In the teahouse wine cellar, Yang Kai also heard a lot of anecdotes that belonged to the seaside city pool. He even witnessed once the wonders of what is a mirage.

This kind of beauty is really making him linger.

There are also Zongmen in the vicinity, and the number is still quite large.

If the forces of the various parties are also graded, then the eight people in the capital are the superpowers, so the top of the Lingxiao Pavilion can only be regarded as a second-class power. The Zongmen powers here vary in level, there are two, and there are two or three.

There is even a faintness that is comparable to the existence of super power.

These forces are different from the inland forces. They occupy the islands in the sea, occupying large and small islands, and enjoying the cultivation resources on the island. It is a place of outstanding people, beautiful scenery, and attracts many people to study and learn.

However, in Haicheng, in addition to some family powers, few witnesses were seen. The reason is probably because these forces are distributed on the island. The energy of the heavens and the earth on the island is higher than that of the inland. In the island, the cultivation speed will be faster. In general, those forces The warriors will not come to the inland, except when there is special need, so the number of warriors in Haicheng is not only small, but also not very high.

Yang Kai took the sea town’s prosperity and went to the beach to walk away. He witnessed the ebb and flow of the tides and the ups and downs of the waves. Yang Kai’s brain flashed. He grasped the commonality between his own sentiments and Wu’s martial arts traces.

That is nature, not to force, to be temperamental, as if the waves are shot, a wave is higher than a wave, when it is in danger, it breaks into a blossoming spray and once again gathers into a torrent.

In front of his eyes, it seems that there is a door that is slowly opening.

Do not dare to neglect, this kind of aura that suddenly flashed out. Absolutely something that can’t be met, standing quietly, Yang Kai slowly integrates his own feelings with Wu’s martial arts.

I don’t know how long it took, Yang Kai is like sleeping. Standing straight on the beach, there is only the sob of the sea breeze and the waves on the ear. When Yang Kai blinks again, the temperament of the whole person has changed a little. The spiritual spirit has an indescribable sublimation. And baptism.

The self-made footwork was unfolded, and Yang opened his body to an illusion, stepping on the oncoming waves, like a flat, from this wave to another wave. The water does not stick.

One flash, two flashes… The body shape flashed fifteen times in a row, and the vitality was released, and the sound of the sound fell into the sea and was soaked.

But Yang Kai was laughing, facing a huge wave that was coming on the front, and a fist slowly pulled out.

Yanyang triple stack explosion!

Three blasts of rush in the air, three elements rushed out of the boxing ring, and the huge waves hit a hole.

At this moment, Yang Kai traced the martial arts from Wu Lao. It has been completely integrated into itself, and there is also a change in the waves.

This change was realized by Yang Kai, and the yang burst was now hit, and it was not a one-time burst. Instead, three stocks emerged, and one share was stronger. If the waves hit, it will be hard to prevent.

“The Wizards!” The demon had no language at all. When he opened his mind in the past few days, he was shocked. I didn’t expect it to be a long time ago. He once again gained a deeper understanding on the original basis.

Is it that the old man has not been born for a long time, has this world changed? The devil has a flaw.

A wet climb out of the sea, Yang Kai was found to be not far from where he was standing. There was a little girl with a wheat-colored skin and a messy hair, looking at herself silly.

This little girl is only seven or eight years old. The two big eyes are very god-like. They are dressed in a coarse cloth, and they have many patches on their clothes. They have bare feet and a small mouth. The sea breeze is poured in. She is again Hurry up and close.

People who live on the beach may be exposed to the sea breeze for a long time, so the skin is generally not too white. The color of the skin is normal, giving a very healthy feeling.

Yang Kai smiled, dressed in a gentle and elegant manner, human and animal harmless, step by step toward her, and my heart was secretly blamed, I just did not notice the person around me when I woke up from the sentiment, I am afraid to give her Scared.

Seeing her look, it seems that she is not scared. Yang Kai does not dare to run her own clothes and steam, and walks so wet.

Came to her knees, with a friendly smile, softly asked: “Little girl, what are you doing here?”

The little girl licked her eyes and looked at him. The innocent eyes were not mixed with the slightest impurities. I was watched by this kind of gaze. Even if Yang Kai didn’t do anything wrong, I felt that I couldn’t afford it. People come, I am afraid that they will be purified on the spot.

For a moment, she reached out and handed over one of her hands.

Yang opened his head and saw that it was actually a grilled fish.

The fishermen living by the sea are naturally fish-based.

“Give me?” Yang happy head warm.

The little girl nodded lightly, stuffed the grilled fish into the open hand of Yang, and ran away with his feet. He left a row of clear small footprints on the beach. It was lovely.

Not far away, suddenly stopped again, looking back at Yang Kai.

Immediately, she returned and went to Yang Kai to pull his clothes and walked in one direction.

Yang Kai did not resist, he did not know what the little girl was going to do, but people are so simple and lovely, certainly not malicious.

As she walked a short distance, she came to a simple room, and the little girl pointed her finger inside.

“Go in?” Yang Kai asked, the little girl nodded.

With a chuckle, Yang happy to think that people are pulling themselves to be friends at home. Before he took the pace, the old man suddenly came out of the house. The old man was not young. The years left many ruthless traces on his face, and the old man walked on the road, and one leg was also unfavorable.

The old man also saw the little girl and Yang Kai, and looked a glimpse.

Inadvertently misunderstanding, Yang Kai quickly said: “The old man, is this little girl your family?”

The old man smiled awkwardly and rushed to the little girl and waved: “Light rain, come over.”

The little girl shook her head and pulled the clothes of Yang Kai and pulled him inside.

The old man smiled at Yang Kai: “If the little brother doesn’t give up, just come in and sit down. It’s a rain that is afraid that you are frozen. You have to pull in and go to the clothes.”

Yang Kai suddenly relieved, the original girl went and returned, pulling him here for this reason. People are kind, how can Yang Kai refuse to accept?

“It’s harassing.”

With the rain coming into the house, Yang opened his eyes and looked at it. His heart could not help but be sour. This family can be said to be the real family. In addition to a bed and a few beds of quilts, there is no other thing.

In Haicheng, Yang Kai also saw the life of wealthy people who spend their days, but on the beach not far from Haicheng, there are still two people, who are full of water and heat. This scene is really shocking.

After the rain was busy, he turned the charcoal fire and pulled Yang Kai to the clothes near the charcoal fire.

This charcoal fire is also born in the house, after all, the sea breeze is too big. Together with the flames, the dust inside the house rolled, and the old man could not help but cough a few times.

Without a chair, Yang Kai did not pay attention to it, just as they sat on the ground.

“Small brother should be a warrior?” The old man put a light rain on his lap and asked.

“Why can you see it?” Yang Kai is a bit strange, and he is now astringent. If you don’t do it, even if you are a real-world warrior, you can’t see your clues, unless you learn the gods of heaven.

But did not think, an old fisherman on the beach actually saw it. This made Yang Kai somewhat surprised.

The old man laughed a few times: “The little brother stood at the beach for a few days without moving. If the ordinary people can eat it?”

“How many days?” Yang Xinzhong was stunned. The last time he fell into the sentiment, he could not feel the passage of time. This time, the same is true. If you want to know what you are next time, you will find a good place. If you are in danger, you may die and you don’t know how to die.

“Light rain goes to see you every day. If not, do you think that an old man will let you enter the house?”

“I am not a bad person.” Yang smiled and smiled.

When talking, Xiao Yu had been watching Yang Kai, and he saw that the grilled fish on his hand did not move, and he could not help but stretch his fingers.

“Well, I eat, Xiaoyu is really awkward!” Yang opened his mouth and bit a piece of fish. Although it was cold, it was still fresh and tender, and he could not help but nod. “Good.”

It was only a light rain that showed a smile.

After eating the grilled fish, the clothes were dried up. Yang opened his mouth and stopped it several times before he said: “The old man, Xiao Yu will not speak?”

The old man suddenly showed a sorrowful grief and touched the head of Xiaoyu’s head: “No, it’s just that there have been some changes in the family. Since then she has not spoken.”

“Oh.” Yang Kai sighed helplessly. I thought that the rain was a natural illness. I could find a way to find someone to treat her, but I didn’t think she was not talking. This is a knot, and if the knot is not open, she will not speak.

The elderly are obviously not willing to talk about this matter, and Yang Kai will not ask any more, so as not to provoke the sadness of others.

“It’s too late, if the little brother doesn’t give up, he will rest here for a night.” The old man shuddered and got up, and the rain quickly helped.

“So it is bothering.” Yang opened up and took a ceremony.

The house was not big. The old man and the rain fell asleep on the bed. Yang opened his mouth and slept, listening to the wind blowing outside, how could he not sleep.

I have been living in Lingxiaoge for three years. I thought it was hard enough, but what do you think of now compared with others?

This old and young, in addition to occasionally catching a few fish, what to support themselves?

In the middle of the night, during the day, Yang Kai heard a footstep outside.

Suddenly awakened.

Before coming here, Yang Kai had already seen it. There are no traces of other people living nearby. There is only this room and the old man and grandson.

And listening to footsteps, the person who came is actually a warrior!

Just as Yang Kaihu suspected, the old man who slept in the bed suddenly sat up. In the dark, Yang Kai clearly saw the look on his face.

Dreamless Wrath

There, it was full of bans, and the disciples quickly reported the findings.

After Hu Man got the news, he quickly went down to see it, but he couldn’t understand it and couldn’t understand it.

In the bloody battle, the dragon is the oldest and most knowledgeable in the sky, and he already knows the things here, so Hu Man asked him to preside over the bans and see what is hidden inside the ban.

Hu Man has a feeling that it is a secret that is hidden in the ban. If the bloody gang can get this secret, then the strength will definitely leap a grade, not to mention the eight people who have been uploaded for a long time, at least It can also be on an equal footing with those top-notch forces.

Hu Man was also somewhat annoyed. At that time, Hu Meier repeatedly insisted that the matter must be kept secret, but he did not think that he did not mind at all, leading to the high level of the entire gang now know.

After returning from the mining area that day, Hu Man quickly went to find Hu Meier and wanted to find out how she knew there were hidden secrets under the mine.

What he didn’t expect was that Hu Meier had a big argument with him because of this incident. In the noisy, Hu Man knew that his little daughter had got the guidance of the high man, that is, the high man told the Humeier mine that there was a mystery underneath.

But because of her carelessness, her daughter also failed the high-powered entrustment. The high man didn’t want to let the dragon family know the secret.

“Daughter, what kind of high man.” Hu Man respected the mysterious high man. You can see the secret buried deep in the underground dozens of feet at a glance, this high man’s strength will be different.

In Hu Man’s imagination, this person must have the power to scream and scream.

“What kind of high man?” At that time, Hu Meier’s mind showed Yang Kai’s appearance, his face was a little red, and he glanced at himself: “Don’t tell you!”

Look at her appearance, Hu Man was shocked at the moment, thinking that his daughter is interested in this high person?

After some inquisition. Hu Man was shocked at the time.

This high man is really a young man who is not old. Such a character, where can I be born?

“Daughter. Do you like to go to someone else?” Hu Man was very excited to inquire. In his opinion, the daughter always has to marry, but who is the most important problem. If you can marry in the middle of the eight people, it is better, bloody help can fly to the branches and become a phoenix.

But this young man with a strong eyesight is certainly not bad.

“What do you like?” Hu Meier sighed with a sigh.

“I like to go closer to others. My daughter is so beautiful, can he still look down on his eyes?” Hu Man was stunned. “Yes, is there a wife in the family? What is this, man, three wives and four This is normal.”

Hu Meier twisted and glanced at him: “It’s because of you, now let me live up to the entrustment of others. How can I still see the face again? Hey!”

When Hu Man heard this, he could only laugh. Where does he know that his daughter was telling the truth? If you know. I will not share this secret.

I have to say that Hu Man is completely misunderstood by Yang Kai. If he knows that his unrivaled man in his mind is now only a trial disciple of Ling Xiaoge, I am afraid that Hu Meier will not be able to avoid it. Where will she let her go? Close?

Thoughts are withdrawn. Hu Man is a long sigh, thinking about it, it’s really awkward. The younger daughter has been retreating for the past few days. She doesn’t like to go out and run like it used to. The strength is a lot of improvement, but you don’t touch the young man. How can I marry someone?

The group of main rudders underneath are still smacking, listening to the chewing wax in Hu Man’s ear, there is no taste.

Just about to get up and leave, Hu Man’s action was a meal, and he immediately looked up and looked out the door. The face could not help but show a dignified look.

The next moment, all the main rudders of the church also quickly closed their mouths and turned their heads.

An invisible pressure, as if the top of the sky was coming down, the people in the pressure trembled.

Have a master to help the bloody battle! Everyone in the lobby has felt the breath of coming.

Then, a somewhat old voice rang on the ears of everyone: “Where is the dragon in the sky?”

The voice was very dull, and there was no emotion, but anyone in the room couldn’t help but sneak a sneak peek. They faintly felt that the sudden arrival of the high man, some of the bad taste of the comers.

Looking for a dragon assistant? A group of people looked at each other and couldn’t help but wonder.

“Let me go out and see.” Hu Man grew up and walked out, and the main rudder behind them kept up.

When I came out of the house, everyone saw a veteran who stood in the air and stood still. This person has a white hair, a face like a water, a pair of sharp eyes swept over, like a goshawk overlooking the earth, with a arrogant and unyielding world.

Sweeped by these eyes, everyone can not help but give birth to a small feeling.

“The peak of the gods!” Hu Man snorted, and the rough face twitched slightly.

“The peak of the gods of the world?” Someone was shocked. “Is he the head of Ling Xiaoge?”

In this area of ​​a thousand miles, there are also some masters of the gods, but when it comes to cultivation to the peak realm, only the Lingxiaoge is a ghost, and the dragon is not the one who sees the tail.

The age of the coming is similar to the rumor that the head of Ling Xiaoge is similar. It is no wonder that someone will misidentify.

“Not him.” Hu Man slowly shook his head. When he was young, he had seen the head of Ling Xiaoge, naturally remembering the appearance of the person, completely different from the old man in front of him.

And… Although this person is the peak of the world of the gods, the pressure brought to Hu Man is far more than the extent of the gods.

Hu Man himself also has the strength of the seven layers of the gods. Even if the head of Ling Xiaoge personally arrives, he will not give him too much pressure.

This old man is different. Hu Man looked at him as if he were looking at a mountain that could never be climbed. A river that could not cross the past, even if it took his life’s energy, he could only look up to it.

It feels very evil, but Hu Man always believes in his instincts.

This old man is invincible. Invincible!

Where did the master come out? Hu Man’s face is heavy, stepping forward, holding a fist and saying: “Don’t ask the seniors to name their names?”

It is natural to be a dream. The dream of no end is so angry that it can be long enough. When he returned to Lingxiaoge, he wanted to find the trouble of the dragon in the sky, but he was afraid that the apprentice would sneak out to find Yang Kai. So she kept her for two days and decided that she was really closed, and this came to me.

“You are the dragon in the sky?” The dream has no eyes, and the eagle’s general eyes are fixed on Hu Man.

Hu Man’s strength is involuntarily running, as if he is at a critical juncture, but he is not moving. After all, he is a gang of masters, and his mind is determined. If he is intimidated by the other party, what is it?

“In the bloody battle to help the Lord Hu Man. I do not know the seniors …”

Hu Man’s sentence has not been finished yet, and he was interrupted by the endless dreams. The tone is full of impatience: “Isn’t the dragon in the sky?”

Hu Man was bitter and bitter, but it was not good, and he was about to explain one or two. The dream has no time to worry.

“The dragon of the dog day is in the sky, I am grassing your ancestors for eighteen generations, and rolling out the old man!”

This roar is really a shocking ghost, a direct pass to the clouds, and the Megatron. The whole bloody battle helped. Even the people of Fengyelou and Lingxiaoge are all clearly heard.

A sigh of silence, full of silence.

A group of gods in the world, the masters of the real world are stupidly watching the dreams are boundless, a look of stunned, stunned!

They never imagined that such awe-inspiring high-ranking person would actually swear at the mouth, and it would be so vicious and vulgar.

What is your demeanor? What is your identity? But all the masters who have a bit of strength and a little prestige will not do this self-destructive identity?

How much hatred is there in the end, so that he can even throw his own cultivation and demeanor? The dragon stole his chicken in the sky or grabbed his dog, and let him move such a big fire.

However, the dream of no end, this voice also makes the blood war to help people clearly know that the comers are really not good.

Hu Man calmly said: “This predecessor… can you talk about it?”

Although the strength of the people is tyrannical, Hu Man does not want to be an enemy, but the dragon is also the deputy lord of the blood warfare in the sky, the dream is not the end of this slap down, Hu Man also has to suffer half.

“I said that you are paralyzed! Let the dragon roll out in the sky. If he does not come out and cut his head to the old man as a urinal today, the old man will kill you bloody help!” The annoyance in my heart can be imagined.

Blood fight, he really did not look in the eyes.

There is a sigh of relief on Hu Man’s face. The clay figurine still has three points of fire. What about the temperament of Hu Man? If he is not worried about the strength of his dreams, how can he speak so well?

But the dream is not bound to sell his face, Hu Man is really angry.

“Hey, how is the dragon in the sky a tortoise, do not dare to come out to see the old man?” Dreams nowhere to sweep the eyes to the bottom, scornfully said.

This time, it was a young man who replied with a cold face: “Is this old gentleman talking about something to do with his words? What is the hatred of my grandfather and you, why are you insulting him?”

The person who talks is Long Jun!

When the dream is endless, it will hurt the dragon in the sky, swearing and swearing, and it’s hard to hear. Long Jun is a dragon family. Where can I live? I rely here for the bloody battle to help the headquarters, a large number of masters, and now refuted a sentence.

What happened to the peak of the gods? The bloody battle also has a sacred space. If you dare to start here, you will be asked to go back!

“Your grandfather?” The dream has no eyes and eyes, staring at Long Jun.

“The old man is looking for someone, it is my grandfather!” Long Jun replied in a loud voice.

“Good!” The dream is not smiling. “Longshenglong, Fengshengfeng, the mouse will have a hole in the birth, that Longhui is not a good thing, you are his brother, it is not a good thing!”

How did you pull the dragon head up? The crowd suddenly felt that the old man was somewhat unconscious, and he did not know what he wanted to say.

Are you still a boy?

In the house of the elders of Ling Xiaoge, Yang Kai gorged on eating things, and Su Mu and others sat down and spoke to him.

Of course, a group of people were also inquiring about why that Su Yan would be so heavy on Yang that night, Yang Kai did not dare to say.

“Right, Wei Zhuang didn’t have trouble finding you again?” Yang Kai opened the topic and asked, from the day after leaving from the prison, he was unconscious and then frozen in ice. In the end, Yang Kai really did not know how Zongmen handled this matter.

“That’s already gone. From the inside to the elders, down to our junior disciples, we won’t be entangled in that matter again.” Su Mu replied, suddenly looking at Yang Kaidao with a puzzled look: “In fact, this time we are So it’s not my grandfather’s merits.

“Well?” Yang Kai looked up. “Isn’t it because of the operation of the elders?”

“No.” Su Mu slowly shook his head, and some embarrassedly said what happened in the elder’s house that day, and then said: “When I was ordered by my grandfather, who are you guessing?”


“Why can’t you think of this person, it is the dream treasurer of the contribution hall, he brought the jade of the head, and the mouth of the head, which makes things big and small, and small things.”

“Dream old man?” Yang Kai suddenly.

“If it is not him, Master Yang, you are afraid that you will be severely punished by the elders.” Su Mu said that this is a face full of embarrassment.

Yang opened and smiled: “Su Shidi does not have to be on the heart.”

Su Mulian continued: “I know that there are a lot of big brothers, and I will accompany you to your grandfather. The old ghosts do not do this thing.”

Yang Kai did not put it in his heart. The high-level battle always used his disciples as pawns. This is human nature.

Su Mu said: “The dream treasurer is mysterious, and the old ghost also said that his strength is unfathomable. He just doesn’t know why he blends this thing, and he even has a relationship with the head.”

Yang Kai meditation: “Dream old man, this man geese have been plucking hair, no benefit can not afford to be early, this kind of painstaking thoughts, there must be some pictures, but no matter what, he helped us but it is a fact, always go thank you, By the way, see what he wants to do.”

“What the brothers said is that we are waiting for the brothers together.” Su Mudao.

“Going right now.”

Without further ado, a group of people rushed to the contributor.

In the contribution hall, the dream shopkeeper is hard to sleep, but sitting behind the counter, looking at the Yang Kai group of people who are smiling, as if they are waiting for them.

Su Mu accompanied by a smile and sold: “Dream Grandpa!”

The name of the second ancestor to the dream shopkeeper has always been “the old man”, but today, Su Mu dare to let him in front of him?

The dream shopkeeper smiled slightly: “The kid is very good.”

“Hey.” Su Mu is not.

“You are coming to thank you?” The dream shopkeeper squinted at the crowd.

“Well.” A group of people nodded.

“That’s OK, Xiao Yang will leave, everyone else will roll!”

“Yes!” Su Mu and others dared to hesitate, the bottom of the foot did not stand hot, and quickly quit, and after leaving the contribution hall, everyone realized that the reason why the dream shopkeeper helped them was all because of Yang Kai. Otherwise why did he leave Mr. Yang alone?

Just… Why did he help Master Yang?

In the contribution hall, Yang Kai is also puzzled: “Dream treasurer, what do you map me?”

He did not go around the bend, but directly asked the doubts in his heart.

The dream was boundless and laughed. He walked out from the back of the counter, carrying his hands, and surrounded Yang. He walked around for a few laps before he raised his head and asked, “What do you think I am?”

“I don’t know.” Yang opened his eyes and thought that I would know to ask you what to do.

The dream is boundless: “Since you are so straight, I am not sloppy with you. You should be a person who knows how to report. I will help you out of trouble this time. I just want you to do me a favor.”

Yang opened his frown: “Can I help you?”

The strength of the dream shopkeeper is deep, he can’t do anything, how can he handle it?

As if to see the worry in his heart, the dream shopkeeper smiled: “Don’t worry, there is no danger, as long as you meet the conditions, not only is there no danger, but also the great benefits are waiting for you.”

Yang Kai was keenly aware that when the dream shopkeeper said the last sentence, there was a hidden pain in his face.

“How can you meet the requirements for your busy work?” Yang Kai is puzzled, asking for help and picking up three people. I have never seen such a person.

Dream shopkeeper said: “Not only must I meet my conditions, but also have to make another person satisfied.”

“So trouble, don’t do it.” Yang opened his legs and went out.

“Don’t!” The dream shopkeeper was in a hurry, and it was hard to find a qualified person. How can he let him go?

“Small Yang can’t be like this. You need to know the grace of dripping water.” The old man said that it is also your savior. How can you make me chill?”

“Then don’t turn around. You say things, if I can help, I can help you, but you can’t help others.”

“You stick out your hand, I look at the vitality in your body.” The dream shopkeeper did not dare to hang his appetite.

Yang Kai suspiciously looked at him and reached out. He believed that the dream treasurer would not be against him.

Dreams have nowhere to find two fingers, put on Yang Kai’s wrist, a serious face to look up, the look on the face is uncertain, the beginning is careless, followed by a face of positive color, then face up, The change of face is so dazzling.

“Good, good and pure Yang Yuanqi!” Dream has no way to recover his own hands, overjoyed.

“Is this busy related to the strength of my cultivation?” Yang Kai guessed.

“Nature is related.” The dream nodded fiercely. “Or else I am looking for you, Xiao Yang, I will ask you another question, you must answer me honestly.”

“what is the problem?”

The dreamless endlessness suddenly became stunned, his eyes were erratic, and he carefully considered the words. After a long while, he asked nervously and expectantly: “Are you still a boy?”

Because it was too nervous, the long-necked neck of the dreamless endlessly put the face in front of Yang Kai, and the two eyes stared straight.

Yang Kai quickly stepped back two steps, and then took three steps back. He started a goose bump, and he couldn’t help but make a nap. He was very alert and said: “What are you doing?”

This old goods, there will be no special 癖, right? This question is too ridiculous!

“What are you doing so far? The old man does not eat you!” The dream was not chasing after the end, and Yang Kai was forced to the corner of the wall, and his face whispered mysteriously: “Are you a boy?”

“What do you want to do?” Yang Kai put on a stance that you dare to come and I will go with you!

“What do you think of the old man?” The dream of seeing Yang open this picture, finally wake up, can not help but red face, but also quickly back a few steps, “not what you think, how do you kid this way !”