I am riding a car.

Therefore, the only possibility is that Jin Gubang and Xie Guangbo have reached an agreement in private. As for the agreement, Chu Pengzhan does not know that a bad idea is in his heart…

After Xie Guangbo said this, he glanced at Jin Gubang, but found that Jin Gubang’s face was very dark. It was very dark and black gold.

Before, when Chu Peng Exhibition said that he would hand over his entertainment industry to Xie Guangbo, Jin Gubang was very happy, but now, Xie Guangbo actually refused, which made Jin Gubang directly thank Xie Guangbo as a fool.

What are you refusing to do? You don’t have to go straight now? Anyway, in your hands, can I still feel at ease? Now the trick is a grasshopper on a rope. I am not afraid that you dare to fight against water. Do you dare to fight against water and save your son?

However, if you refuse this way, Chu Peng Exhibition does not know the relationship between the two immediately. Originally, Jin Gubang did not want to expose the relationship between the two people prematurely, and prepared to give a fatal blow to Chu Peng at the crucial moment.

Now that the relationship has been exposed in advance, it is impossible to do so. It is sure that there will be some precautions. If you want to use this relationship, you can only do it in advance.

Jin Gubang really wants to swear, so it is easy to get a hole card. I didn’t expect to use it so quickly. He still doesn’t want to turn over with Chu Peng, because even if he is the chairman, as long as Chu Peng’s exhibition is still there, Chu Peng’s hand There is also a majority share of Pengzhan Group, and he is unlikely to arbitrarily sever the group’s real estate company.

Jin Gubang hated the Xie Guangbo, but this is the end of the matter, and he has no way. No matter how he refuses and denies, Xie Guangbo and his related things are seen by anyone, and the explanation is also No use.

“If you can do more work, then do it according to the meaning of Xie Dong.” Chu Peng exhibition snorted: “The entertainment industry is still handed over to Jin deputy director, I hope that Jin deputy director will train and rectify as soon as possible, do not appear again. A similar accident”

“Reassure, the chairman, I will immediately reorganize the playground.” Jin Gubang nodded. Chu Peng was unhappy, and he was very upset. How did Xie Guangbo feel so brainy? The relationship between the two was broken.

After the meeting, Jin Gubang did not go home directly, but about Xie Guangbo since this relationship was exposed, then it is necessary to speed up the action, so that the Chu Peng exhibition was caught off guard and completed the re-election of the chairman.


On Monday, Lin Yi sat in Fubo’s car to go to school, but she used a crisper to put some shark meat in preparation for Kang Xiaobo and Tang Yun and Xiaofen in the hospital.

Anyway, a whole piece, Lin Yi baked a large plate, and most of the remaining sharks were stuffed into the freezer.

As for the remnant figure in the shark’s belly, Lin Yi was taken into the drawer. Since he couldn’t understand it for a while, Lin Yi did not spend too much time to study. After waiting for a chance, he would study it slowly.

After the Saturday event, the relationship between the three people has become more harmonious. At least Chu Mengyao no longer has a face, even if there is a little opinion on Lin Yi’s scent, it will not hang on his lips. .

Along the way, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushuyi discussed the inexplicable topic. In short, Lin Yi was not very interested. It was a favorite thing for girls, such as fashion, cosmetics, and Lin Yi.

When I arrived at school, Chen Yushu pointed to a Mercedes-Benz that was not far from the front and said: “Yao Yaojie, isn’t that the car at Zhong Pinliang’s home?”

Chu Mengyao listened to Chen Yushu’s words, could not help but frown, looked up, and really saw Zhong Pinliang got off the car.

Zhong Pinliang was under great pressure. Last night, he made a special call and asked about the progress between himself and Chu Mengyao. He heard that even the handle had not been pulled, and Zhong Pinliang was directly refused by Jin Gubang.

I seem to be working on Pengzhan Group. I haven’t fixed Chu Mengyao on this side. I have already given myself a death order. Within a week, I must get it, no matter what means, even if it is strong, As long as raw rice is cooked and cooked, Pengzhan Group is the home of its own.

In fact, Jin Gubang is in the bottom of his heart. He is not willing to be together with Chu Pinliang and Chu Mengyao. The Chu Peng exhibition has only one daughter. The family business in his hands must be given to Chu Mengyao, that is to say, it will be given to Zhong Pinliang. However, Zhong Fabai is not a person who is willing to succumb to people. Although Zhong Pinliang and Chu Mengyao together, they will temporarily relieve their pressure to remove Chu Peng Exhibition and become the new chairman of the group, but it is only a temporary one. It’s fascinating, maybe it’s time to take a bite out of the shares in Chu Peng’s exhibition.

It’s just that he has no choice. Since he has already exposed the relationship with Xie Guangbo, he can only seize the time. As long as Zhong Pinliang can fix Chu Mengyao and hold down the Chu Peng exhibition, he will have time to control the group.

Zhong Pinliang got out of the car and turned his head. He saw that the Bentley car of Chu Mengyao was behind him. He was overjoyed. He was not in contact with Chu Mengyao. He saw the car of Chu Mengyao’s car. The fart ran over and waited for Chu Mengya to get off.

“Yao Yao sister, he came over…” Chen Yushu smiled and looked at the car outside, and looked at Zhong Pinliang.

“Scorpio…” Chu Mengyao licked his forehead. How is this person so entangled? Is it over? “Lin Yi, you get off and drive him away.”

“I? Get off?” Lin Yiyi, he got off the bus now, did not expose his relationship with Chu Mengyao?

“Yes, you get off the bus and drive him away.” Chu Mengyao nodded. “I don’t want to see him anyway.”

“He asked me how I would do it on your car?” Lin Yi smiled bitterly.

“Shun the road, take a ride,” Chu Mengyao did not think that there is anything wrong with this: “Do not explain it, or he will not think too much, you are Tang Yun’s boyfriend”

Having said that, Chu Mengyao snorted and was originally a shield for his own money. Now it’s free and cheap. Tang Yun thinks it is not good.

“Oh…” Lin Yi smiled and opened the car and got off the car.

“Yao Yao… Hey? Lin Yi? How are you in the car of Yaoyao?” Zhong Pinliang thought that Chu Mengyao got off the bus. He was trying to run a few words, but did not expect to see it. To Lin Yi

“Let’s drive the road.” Lin Yi looked at Zhong Pinliang coldly: “Three numbers, give me a go, one, two…”

“Well, let’s walk.” Zhong Pinliang blew up. How is it so unlucky? It’s easy to find a chance to meet Chu Mengyao, but I met Lin Yi again, but this kid can’t afford it now, but he can only bear it, but you wait for me, waiting for Zhang Naijia to learn to go down the mountain. I want your life V
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Is it an illegitimate child?

“Is it as if he is more concerned about him than he is? Is the attitude so good?” Chu Mengyao frowned slightly…

“Yeah, especially, before Chu Bobo said, let you and Lin Yi get along well, you are the same age… You don’t think, this attitude is a bit difficult to understand?” Chen Yushu analyzed: “If Lin Yi only Is it a Chu Bobo hired follow-up class, is he necessary to say this? Look at Chu Bobo over the years, in the strictness of your attitude with male students, you can see how Chu Bobo could make a man and for no reason Let’s live together?”, “It’s also…………” Chu Mengyao thought that he nodded. Indeed, he had a good tutor since he was a child, and was severely told that he was not allowed to talk until he was 18 years old. Love, not allowed to go out with boys, not allowed…

Although I am now 18 years old, is this attitude too big? Chu Mengyao does not believe that his father suddenly became so open and enlightened, put a big man in his own home!

There must be demons when things go wrong! If there is no such reminder from Chen Yushu, Chu Mengyao is strange, but he doesn’t think much about it. After all, the authorities are fascinated by the fact that Lin Yi can come here to Lin Yi to give his father a soup. But think about it, how savvy is it? Pengzhan Group, which runs Nuo Da, can be deceived by Lin Yi as an old hat? It’s not possible to think about it…

Well, that is to say, Lin Yi came to himself, in fact, the father praised it from the heart… What is the reason for the father to make such a decision?

“And… Forbee seems to respect the Wrigley brother very well…”, Chen Yushu’s words, whether or not Chu Pengzhan appreciates Lin Yi, this is not important, the key issue, Chu Pengzhan appreciate There are so many people in the company. So many young talents in the company are recruited through him. These people’s attitude towards Fu Bo is respectful and can’t be respected. After all, Fu Bo is the vice president of the old company around Chu Peng Exhibition. When I saw it, I would like to respectfully call Li Ge… But for Lin Yi, Fobo’s attitude seems to be different from those of the company’s employees, more like the attitude towards himself and Chu Mengyao…

“Yes oh…” Chu Mengyao’s brow lock is tighter, and he is even more suspicious of Lin Yi’s identity and the purpose of arranging him to his side…

“Yao Yaojie, in short, I think you are awkward, or Fu Bo, the attitude of the Wrigley brother is too embarrassing… It seems not for a hired person… but like treating… ……Own family…” Chen Yushu said his thoughts, although this idea may frighten Chu Mengyao, but as a wonderful girlfriend of Chu Mengyao, she still needs to say it.

Listening to Chen Yushu’s analysis………… Suddenly, Chu Mengyao thought of a very terrible possibility, this possibility, even her own are a little scared!

“Xiaoshu… You said Lin has… Lin Yi, is he going to be an illegitimate child?” Chu Mengyao’s eyes widened and looked at Chen Yushu with a panic: “No, why do you like him so much… ”

“嗄?!?!”, Chen Yushu was shocked this time, she did not expect Chu Mengyao to think of such a magical reason, Chu Bobo’s illegitimate child? Chen Yushu had a chilly…………but this possibility is basically not there. There is no such thing as the two people are similar. How is it possible? Chu Mengyao is too strong, and this may be embarrassing.

“What’s wrong, Xiaoshu?”, Chu Mengyao also saw that Yu Yushu was standing there, suddenly felt like he was thinking about it: “Is not right?”, “Yao Yaojie, yours The imagination is too strong………Wrigley is almost as big as you and me? If it’s an illegitimate child, that’s what Chu Bobo knows before and after your mother, but at that time… is it possible? Have a chance? Chen Yushu shook his head without words.

“Oh……… That’s what I thought wrong? But apart from this, what’s the explanation?” Chu Mengyao also gave up his own thoughts. “It’s too unreliable.”

“Yao Yao sister, I think, Chu Bobo is choosing a son-in-law! He treated the Wrigley as a son-in-law…”, Chen Yushu thief thief smiled and said narrowly. But I don’t know why, Chen Yushu said this, but his heart was a little uncomfortable.

“Select a son-in-law?” Chu Mengyao suddenly opened his mouth, looking at Chen Yushu silly: “Small good… Are you telling the truth?”, “I don’t know if it’s true, it’s just my guess.” ……” Chen Yushu shrugged his shoulders: “It just feels a little like me, maybe it is not…”

“How is it possible? I am only 18 years old… Say… Impossible” Absolutely impossible………” Chu Mengyao blushes and keeps shaking his head: “Xiaoshu, what do you think?” “I think” you and the Wrigley brother quite match!” Chen Yushu smiled: “I will drive, will cook, and work hard, very good “…”, “I don’t want it!” “Chu Mengyao refused to subconsciously, in the heart, the strange feelings were surging in the restlessness… I really want him to be my boyfriend? Is it not just pretending to be a shield?”

To be so… he can protect me. The scene in the bank has made Chu Mengyao have a deep sense of security and dependence on Lin Yi… but the little self-esteem and pride of Missy, let her I feel that Lin Yi is even more hateful!

If so, he is also sulking on other girls, how can he see such people? I must have misunderstood myself and Xiaoshu. Maybe my father has other deep meanings. Maybe, if I am suffering, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu came to the underground parking lot and sat in the Bentley car of Forbe. Chu Mengyao was faint. Sighed: “Xiao Shu, you said, what is the possibility of the previous guess?”, “may be zero percent, maybe 50 percent, more likely 100 percent ….”, Chen Yushu has returned to normal, and smiled and said: “However, I feel that this depends on Yao Yao, what kind of hope do you want?”, “I? What do I want, he likes Song Lingshan, and I met yesterday at the commercial street.” That beautiful girl, what has anything to do with me!” Although Chu Mengyao is in the arrangement of Lin Yi, the tone is slightly sour.

“Oh…”, Chen Yushu smiled, but his heart was l sigh, is Yao Yao sister also tempted?

After Fu Bo checked the car, he got on the bus. Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu also stopped talking. Chu Mengyao’s expression was fascinating, but he didn’t know what he was thinking…

Chen Yushu licked his mouth and said that Yao Yao’s sister was in the spring. She knew that she would not tell her………

Magical mission

“This is your reward for going to North Africa.” Lin Laotou carefully took out two wrinkled hundred dollar bills from a well-wrapped rag, and handed it to Lin Yi, who looked at him with his eyes.

Lin Yi did not understand that the tasks he performed were so dangerous, his enemies were so powerful, and the benefits that the client obtained were so rich that his income was so small.

Where did the old man pick up these best tasks from himself? Every time it’s nine deaths, the reward for getting it is fifty or one hundred. It’s okay, there are three two pieces… Whenever I think of it, Lin Yi wants to cry.

After taking over two hundred dollars that I exchanged for my life, Lin Yi’s most wanting thing is that although he is an orphan, he has no mother since he was a child.

After learning fifteen years of hard work with Lin Laotou, who has raised himself, how can he be regarded as a civil and military genius after reading a fifteen-year book? In ancient times, it was also the double-listed champion of both civil and military, but it was used as the same as the workmanship… When is this day a head?

I heard that in the city, I can still build tens of thousands of houses a year. I die every day, but I don’t have a thousand or so a year…

“Old man, you won’t be playing me? Two hundred? I doubt if you are deducting my reward?” Lin Yi suspected this incident more than once, but the old man eats the same as he wears. The same, not like the rich man.

“It’s good to have money. Do you think that the money is so good now?” Lin’s old man turned his blistering eyes and said, “What? Don’t want it? If you don’t want it, give it back to me. I haven’t been to the snack department of the village head widow’s house for a long time.”

“…” Lin Yi wanted to scream at the old man who was thin and dry, but he knew that the result of his own hands was to be defamed.

Lin Yu’s kung fu is so powerful. Lin Yi himself does not know. He only knows that he did not make every effort when he accompanied himself to practice. Just as his own kung fu improved a grade, he suddenly found that the old man also improved a grade, he is still his defeat.

“Well, you have been practicing almost all these years, and that big event is almost the same time.” Lin’s eyelids are not lifted, sitting cross-legged on the squat, let’s lick the fennel beans in front of you. : “You have done this task, you will not eat and drink for a lifetime.”

“Is it true?” Lin Yi knew that when he was three years old when he was smashed by the old man, he followed the old man to learn kungfu, learn medicine, and learn the outside knowledge, just to do a big thing, but Lin Yi is very Do you suspect that the reward for this big event is as much as the old man said, a task can eat for a lifetime.

“When did I fool you?” Lin Laotou threw an fennel bean in the import: “You can’t go? Don’t you change someone?”

“Go, of course, I will go” Lin Yixin said, such a good thing, the fool will not go. A task can eat for a lifetime, you can not live so dead in the future. Even if it is the Longtan Tiger Cave, it’s worth it.

“Well, then go, you go to Songshan City, Pengzhan Group, find a person named Chu Pengzhan, he will tell you what to do next.” Lin Laotou’s mouth smacked a trace of undetectable smirk: ” But you have to think about it. Once you take the task, you must do it. You can’t quit in the middle.”

“Why? Is it dangerous to let people run?” Lin Yi is not the kind of person who knows how to die, but he does not do it.

“Xiao Yi, Lao Tzu raised you for fifteen years, for you to eat, for you to drink, buy a laptop for you, buy you a 3G network card…” The old man’s eyes turned, and he chattered: “Let you If you do something, you have so many problems, don’t force me.”

“Let’s rely on Lin Yi to listen to the old man’s words and then do not fight one place: “You raised me in the first three years, I started cooking at the age of six, I chop firewood, I made grass shoes to earn money to raise you, you don’t force me.”

“You sneaked into the computer to watch ** in the middle of the night, don’t think I don’t know.” The old man blinked and said, “This is what you forced me to say, you are still facing the computer…”

“Well… I am going… I don’t run the road, OK?” Lin Yi’s old face was red, and he didn’t think that the secret things he had done were noticed by the old guy. It was his mother’s shame. Let him talk about it, and maybe he will say something that is forbidden by children.

Therefore, under the intimidation of Lin Laotou, Lin Yi carried a bag and set foot on the train in the north. He arrived in Songshan City, a modern and cosmopolitan city.

Sitting on the train, Lin Yi was thinking, he had to encrypt the ** in the future, hidden in the computer system folder, when doing that, you have to look at the six directions.

However, for this time, Lin Yi is still looking forward to it. This kind of task can retire good things. Lin Yi is dreaming, even though I can feel it from the words of Lin Laotou, this task seems not simple. Well, it’s not easy to be challenging.

“Hey,” a man with a pockmark face sitting across from Lin Yi opened a can of canned cola, and then threw the ring on the table.

A small flat head around the man pretended not to look like it. He took the ring and put it in his hands. After fiddling with it, he suddenly shouted: “Wow wow first prize”

Although the sound of the flat head was not very large in the noisy train compartment, the passengers sitting nearby heard it and looked at him.

Mazi’s face is no exception. When I saw the pull ring in the flat head, I just dropped it. I suddenly became a bit unnatural: “Give me, this is mine…”

“What’s yours? Where did you write your name?” Xiao Pingtou took back his right hand and held the ring tightly in his hand. He blinked and said, “Your name is the first prize?”

“No… I am not calling the first prize… The first prize is the one I lost…” Ma Zi’s face saw Xiao Ping’s appearance as ferocious, somewhat timid, but did not want to lose what he deserved. Then he said with trepidation.

“You said it, you lost it. If you lost it, then whoever got it?” Xiao Pingtou snorted and said disdainfully.

“Hey, how can you do this?” Mazi’s face suddenly rushed, and a passenger opposite him, a glasses man sitting on the left side of Lin Yi, said: “This gentleman, you look like a A scholar, you give the evaluation, how can he be like this, isn’t this a rogue?”

“Who is playing rogue?” Xiao Pingtou is not happy, but also sideways to the glasses man: “Master, you talk about who should this ring be?”

“Hey…” The glasses man pushed his glasses and hesitated and said, “I am a university teacher. Since both of you trust me, then I will give you a review.”

“You said, you said,” Mazi face and Xiaopingtou all nodded, and looked anxiously at the glasses man who claimed to be a university teacher.

“According to it, this pull ring is the big brother pulled from the beverage can, things should be his…” The glasses man said half, the face of the pockmark showed a proud expression, and Xiao Pingtou suddenly rushed However, just want to say something, the glasses man waved his hand and stopped him. He continued: “However, since the big brother has already lost the ring and was picked up by the brother, it should belong later. This brother is…”

“But you said it, the ring is mine…” Mazi’s face listened to the glasses man and said, immediately crying and mourning.

“In my opinion, it is better to do this. You two will divide the prize equally, so that no one will suffer.”

“Division ah…” After listening to Xiao Pingtou, he hesitated and bit his teeth and said, “Well, then divide.”

Probably Xiao Pingtou also felt that his own reason could not stand, so he agreed to the proposal of the glasses man. The pockmark face over there is also the one that sees the pull ring in the hands of Xiao Pingtou. If he doesn’t agree, he may not be able to fish. It is better to divide it in half, so he nods and agrees.

“Well, since you all agree, then you have to divide it.” The glasses man took the cans in the hands of the pockmark and looked at it. “This is written on it. The first prize is 100,000 yuan. After 20% of the personal income tax, there is a surplus of 80,000 yuan, but in view of the trouble of receiving the prize, if you two of them go to the award, give another person 30,000 yuan, and then go to the prize yourself. How do you see this idea? What?”

“Way” Mazi face is able to get some money, so I directly agreed: “You give me 30,000, then you go to receive the award”
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I am afraid to gamble.

Then I have to look at Cao Qitai’s death or I will die first, and provoke me. I first killed this Cao Qitai. As for me, I am afraid that you can’t kill me. Du Shaoying looked straight and did not back down, and his eyes became more and more gloomy.

Du Shaoqi’s heart is clear, not to mention that there are uncles and second sons, these two guys can’t kill themselves.

Moreover, Du Shaoqi also has a card, a greeting to the king of the scales can be immediately rushed, from the two men’s shots, the two can not win the king’s scales.

“Kid, you dare!”

The middle-aged roaring, but the face is a little scared. From the shot of Du Shaoqi, he is really afraid that Du Shaozhen will really do that.

“The most hateful people who don’t believe me.”

Du Shaozhen’s face was full of smiles. In the eyes of the middle-aged, the middle-aged, the stunned Cao Qitai’s slammed on the ground again, and the blood of Cao Qitai’s mouth continued to overflow.


This moment, the middle-aged heart is broken, the anger is rolling, roaring and anger: “Kid, you…”

At this moment, everyone in the Qin family is also suffering from blood-sucking pain. This Du Shaozhen’s move is not to see his Du family in his eyes. It’s Cao Qitai, but Cao Qitai is the son-in-law of the Qin family. It is in the face of the Qin family.

“What are you, do you want to gamble, I dare not?”

Du Shaozhen interrupted the middle-aged words of the taller ones, and once again brought Cao Qitai, who had just stunned, who had just stunned again, in his hands, and fell down like a ball.

“Stop, I believe, stop!”

The middle age collapsed. He didn’t expect Du Shaoqi to be so embarrassed at a young age. The style of the game would be so fierce. The younger county couldn’t help but fall again.

Du Shaozhen’s face showed a satisfied smile and looked at the two people: “Why do you want to do it to me, to bully it, or to bully it?”

The faces of the two men were convulsed, and the short middle-aged gnawed their teeth: “We saw that the younger county was injured, and the moment was in a hurry. Even if the county owner had already lost, please let us have less county owners.”

“I can’t let it go. If I let him go, you have to deal with me. You are bullying. You bully and bully. I don’t want to bully. I am not your opponent.” Du Shaoxiao smiled, and he did not care. The momentum of Rao.

“We promise not to.”

The tone of the middle-aged middle school is completely softened. The current situation is in front of them. They can’t help Du Zhenwu and Du Zhixiong of Du’s family. The younger counties are still fainting in the hands of Du Shaoqi, and they must be healed immediately. I can’t afford a minute.

“You not only destroyed the contest between the younger generations of the five major families in Shicheng, but also forced me to take the shots. I clearly did not put my stone city in my eyes. When I was in Shicheng, no one could?”

Du Shaozhen looked at the two people indifferently, but the voice became very fierce. “I promise not, you have to guarantee with the city owner of Shicheng.”

As Du Shaoqi’s voice fell, no one saw Ye Baolin’s eyes but helplessly wiped out the bitter smile. The perverted Du Shaozhen, this is clearly to push the trouble of seriously injuring Cao Qitai to the whole city of Shicheng and his city.

In the middle of the middle of the year, the face twitched again, and suddenly turned to look at Ye Baolin, said: “Yecheng Lord, we save the people for a moment, and please ask Yecheng Lord forgiveness, we have less need to heal the wounds, what is the matter? Let’s talk later?”

“You are a guest outside, but you just waited for the shot, but it was too much. It really was when I was in Shicheng.”

Ye Baolin got up, and there were some more fierce eyes in his plain eyes. He looked at the middle and young people. “Well, there is nothing happening that everyone doesn’t want to see. This is the case.”

“Is there something that everyone doesn’t want to see?”

Two young and middle-aged hearts are secretly concealed, and their younger counties have been ruined like this. The dark road is what everyone wants to see.

Ye Baolin finished, and then looked at Du Shaoqi, his eyes suddenly softened, said: “Less, they are far away, we are the owner of Shicheng, then be generous.”

“Everything listens to the city.”

Du Shaoqi smiled. Anyway, the purpose has been reached. It is to throw Cao Qitai, who is faint in his hand, to the tall middle-aged.

Du Shaoqi also did not want to really destroy this Cao Qitai. Cao Qitai is the son of the Liuyun County magistrate. If it is really dead, then the consequences can be imagined. Dujia really can’t help the entire Liuyun County. It is certainly not enough to have a king-scale demon tiger.

However, Du Shaoqi is not too worried, even if Cao hates himself, but after all, they are eating dumb losses, and there are Ye Jias in anyway, but it will not bring too much trouble for Du. Ye Jia has been pulling himself into the water. At this time, naturally, it is impossible to pull the leaves into the water.

“The mountains and rivers meet, regret it!”

After receiving Cao Qitai, the middle-aged face was extremely embarrassed, and he looked around at everyone, then the two turned and left.

After the Qin family, several young people who were not Qin family immediately went out. They did not pay attention to the Qin family. They finally disappeared into the square.

Qin Xiaolu returned to the Qin family lineup, looking at the field, Shuguang has been a bit sluggish.

“We won, and the younger brother won!”

As the people of the Liuyun County left the square, within the Du family lineup, a bunch of juniors broke out with excitement.

“Less brother is good!”

“Our Du family finally won!”…

Du Du’s juniors, Du Yu Du Xue and so on are so excited and excited.

In the end, many Dujia young people rushed directly to the square. It was impossible to say that Du Shaoqi was lifted up and thrown directly into the air.

“we won.”

Du Hao, Du Chong, Du Yan, etc. are also excited and clenched with both hands. At this moment, they are all happy for Du. The people who have just had Du’s presence in the field are unruly, and they are not what they are watching. It is also a bloody, as a member of the Du family, at this moment is also full of glory and pride.


“Du Shaohao is good.”

“it is good!”


Inside the square around the square, there was also an outrageous applause, and it was all cheering.

That purple robe boy, in such a contest of the youngest generation of the five major families, once and for all shocked everyone with that most arrogant attitude.

In particular, the last wonderful battle, the last wonderful counterattack, the people watching the tide, can not calm down for a long time.

Around the square where the cheers are screaming like thunder, it is extraordinary that the daring girl shouts out the name of Du Shaozhen, and the bolder ones directly express love.

The young men are also impressed, and the overbearing gesture sweeps everything, no man does not yearn.

“Du family, hidden is really deep!”

Among the major families, many powerful people lamented, who would believe that Du Shaoqi was the stupid young master of the decade. This is definitely the smoke bomb that Du’s family deliberately fabricated to confuse others.

At dusk, the Du family, a piece of boiling, brightly lit, it was a good light.

With Du Shaoqi overbearing in the contest of the younger generation of the five major families, he defeated a pulsating initial level of repairs with the repair of the first-class squad, and it was shocking to beat the opponents beyond the realm!

Whether it was the Du family who liked Du Shaoqi or did not like Du Shaozhen, they were happy at this moment. As a member of Du family, they are proud of their children.


After walking out of the Zangwu Building, Du Shaozhen intends to find Fu Yibai to ask where the purple gas Chaoyang Jing was placed. What he saw was a young man who was sweeping the ground honestly, but Fu Yibai disappeared.

The young boy saw Du Shaoqi from the Zangwu Building, and he was surprised and confused with his broom face.

From yesterday to today, Du Shaoqi’s three words have spread throughout the Du family. Everyone is talking about the things that collapsed yesterday. If you drink a big drink, you can shake people. What the hell is going on, is this fool? The young master is not stupid.

When I saw someone, Du Shaoqi was very interested in striding away, only to come back to Fu Yibai to ask again. After all, Zangwulou is not a place where you can come in. If someone is guilty, it will be troublesome if you want to come in later. .

The Dujia inner courtyard is lush, and the terraces are separated. Together with the Du family, the entire Shicheng is quite a long-standing existence. The architectural style is patina and the scenery is good.

Du Shaoqi left the Zangwu Building and followed a gravel path. In the surrounding lush scenery, the footsteps were slowed down.


Before the gravel trail, there was a burst of laughter and laughter.

Du Shaoqi lifted his head and looked down the sound. There were more than a dozen young girls who were coming over. When a teenager and a girl were outstanding in the crowd, the teenagers and girls behind them became invisible.

When I saw the group of people, Du Shaoqi could not help but frown. The first boy, Du Shaoqi, was known. Du Hao, the grandson of Du Jiada’s elder, was one year older than him. It is said that the absolute leader in the younger generation of the Du family is also the leader of the Du family.

For this Du Hao, Du Shaozhen will not forget that although he is a waste of the pulse, but also the identity of the young master of the Du family, also every month there is a supply of medicinal herbs and monthly money, but his monthly supply The medicinal herbs and the monthly money will not fall on him. If you just received it, you will be robbed. The most frequently robbed is Du Hao.

This kind of thing is naturally forbidden in the original family, but because of the four words of the idiot young master, the elders in the family are also blind and blind, and they simply ignore it. Perhaps the elders in the family also believe that it is a waste of a fool to hold those medicinal herbs, and it is better to give it to others.

So, later, every month’s replenishment, Du Shaoqi rarely received it, anyway, he can’t use it, and he doesn’t need to spend any money at Du.

At this time, the young girl who was eye-catching, Du Shaozhen looked at it more. It was not a Du family. The teenagers and girls accompanying him were not Du’s children.

The girl looks very beautiful, young, but has been slim, white skin, delicate face, and occasionally a smile, so that a few Dujia teenagers around are obsessed, especially Du Hao, has been Enthusiastic companionship around.

Du Shaozhen’s gaze between the eyes, the dozens of young girls also saw Du Shaoqi, the sound of laughter and laughter gradually weakened a lot, and all the eyes were on Du Shaozhen’s body.

Although there are a few teenagers who can be regarded as their cousins, they have never had an intersection with these so-called brothers and sisters since the age of six. To say that there is an intersection, that is, every year when the ancestors are worshipped, the ancestors will be ridiculed by these cousin cousins.

Therefore, Du Shaohao did not take too much attention and went straight ahead. “Du Shaohao, still not letting some open, how do you collide with the guests?”

Du Hao brows his head, and some unhappy hopes that Du Shaozhen has come over. He didn’t expect to encounter this fool here. There is a little ridicule in his eyes. Now I don’t want to be disturbed by this fool.

Du Shaoqi lifted his head faintly, and did not intend to pay attention to Du Hao, and went on.

“If you said something, you didn’t hear it, let me go.”

Seeing that Du Shaoqi not only did not let it, but also continued to come over, Du Hao finally stared at Du Shaoqi.

The footsteps paused a little, and Du Shaoqi stopped at the body, looked up at Du Hao, and the clear scorpion froze, saying: “This road is not narrow. You are leaving you, I am leaving me, I don’t need me to let it!”

Du Shaoqi’s faint tone made Du Hao’s face stagnate. It seems that this idiot is really different today. This idiot saw him before but turned around. I didn’t expect it to be in front of the beauty today. When I hit him, my face suddenly became gloomy.

“Hao Ge, and this idiot has much to say, stupid, and unclear.”

After seeing a young Chinese costumer behind Du Hao, he suddenly came out with great acquaintance. When the voice fell, he took Du Shaoyan’s eyes and pushed Du Shaoyu to the past. He taunted: “You fool or honestly let Open………………”


The crisp squeaking sound came out, and the voice of the Chinese costume boy had not completely fallen. Suddenly there was a scream in his mouth.


The sound of miserable mourning came from the mouth of the Chinese costume boy and reached out to Du Shaoxuan’s arm and wrist. I don’t know when it was already in the palm of Du Shaoyan’s palm and turned over one hundred and eighty degrees. The arm was directly dislocated, and a face suddenly became painful.

All of this, just turned out to be no one to see how it happened.

“Du Gui, on the seniors, I am your cousin, Du parents are young and orderly, respectful and distinguished, dare to disrespect me, this is a lesson for you!” Du Shaoqi put his palm down, lightly holding his hand, but the voice is There is a majestic momentum that is hard to resist.

Suddenly everything, so that a dozen young girls are stupid, and only the beautiful girl frowns, the eyes are quite unexpectedly falling on Du Shaoqi.

“Du Shaohao, you dare to do it!”

Du Hao took the lead to return to God, took a breath, and his eyes stared at Du Shaoqi’s body. His face was not angry and laughed. He felt that today’s fool is indeed something that is not normal, maybe it’s like a rumor in the family. In general, this fool has returned to normal and has been able to cultivate.

“The young and the young are in order, the Du family is a rule, I just teach him the rules.” Du Shaozhen looked at Du Haodao.

“A good young and old, my good cousin, your head has always been a little fascinating, it seems that I am a brother, and today it is necessary to teach you some rules.”

Du Hao looked at Du Shaoqi, but the smile in his face revealed the deep sarcasm that he did not hide. A fool, even if he recovered, how strong he could be.

“You can’t teach.”

Du Shaoqi shook his head and looked up at the beautiful girl next to Du Hao. Then he continued to look at Du Haodao: “I know that you are only trying to attract the lady around you.”

The voice paused slightly, Du Shaoqi’s mouth was picking, and the tone of play was a bit of a playful tone. He continued: “But I have to say that you are very young. I feel that you are not strong enough. When you don’t get out of the limelight, you lose face. That would be worth the loss.”


Du Hao was ridiculed, and the face of the present smile could no longer be completely gloomy. He did not think of the former idiot, but today he came to such a big turn and sneered: “I heard that you are in Du Yudu. Snow, their test benches have a lot of limelight on the stage. I didn’t believe it. I think it should be true now. Let me try what you have reached!”

“Let’s change the sky, it’s not good for outsiders to read jokes. I still have things busy today. Don’t let the young lady around you fall out.”

After squatting on the long sleeves, Du Shaozhen directly strode away, and did not look back at Du Hao.

“Du Shaohao, you…”

Seeing Du Shaoyan leave indifferently, falling in the eyes of Du Hao, the gloomy face twitching, it seems that the heart is being held.

The beautiful girl’s gaze was to look at the back of the purple robe boy, the thin body, but the back is very tall and straight, and then Du Haodao, who is gloomy and sullen: “Hao Shaoye, this person is your Du family. Brother, how have I not seen it before?”

Tianmen and Divine

Gravity room.

Next to a huge mace in the center, Shiyan wore only a pair of shorts, his body was petrified, and he slammed into the mace.

The mace is seven meters high and three meters wide. It is deeply inserted deep in the stone ground in the center of the gravity room. The sharp pointed stick on the mace is like a short stick, with a dark luster.

Shiyan’s body is dark brown, gasping, around this huge mace, constantly using the shoulders, arms, waist, thighs, back and other areas of the body to hit the mace.

In the gravity room, the dull roar is heard.

The petrochemical martial arts of Shijia, who want to mobilize all the potentials, must hone themselves through this self-harmful way. Only by hard-hitting the hard objects can the petrochemical capacity be maximized. .

Only through this cruel torture of the body, the petrochemical martial arts in the body can adapt to the indiscriminate bombardment of the opponent.

Around the gravity room, there are seven luminous pillars of gravity. Because of the existence of these seven gravity columns, the gravity of this wide room is always seven times.

“Hey! Hey! Hey!”

Semi-naked, Shiyan looks firm, and forgets the extreme quenching of the body, and it is necessary to mobilize the potential of the petrochemical soul.

Every time he hits, his body touches the position of the mace, and there will be a faint brown glow.

Those rays will die, and only when his body hits the mace, will it suddenly bloom, and when his body is separated from the mace, it will disappear instantly.

After the body has been blasted in 5,000 different areas, Shiyan became a muddy mud, unable to lift a little strength, and his limbs were wide, lying in the center of the gravity room. The sweat on his body seemed to flow from his body. The bluestone floor is full of water.

Half a month.

During this half-month, Shi Yan ate in the gravity room and slept in the gravity room. Apart from convenience, he almost never left here.

This is the arrangement of Shi Jian.

After Shi Jian discovered that his petrochemical martial arts entered the second stage, he immediately stopped other cultivation and used all his energy to quench his body.

Let him speed up the potential of the second stage of the petrochemical Wuhun at the fastest speed, with the help of petrochemical Wuhun to maximize the physical fitness, so that the body is tough enough to withstand the bombardment of the human beings!

In the past half a month, Shi Jian, Han Feng, Yang Hai, and the elders including Shijia will come over from time to time.

In particular, Shi Jian, who comes almost every three days, will examine the results of Shi Yan’s cultivation in detail, examine the subtle changes in his body, and then propose the following direction and intensity of training.

Lying on the ground, Shiyan was weak and slowly adjusted his breathing. After finding a little more strength in his hands and feet, he forced himself to sit up and start running the body.

The whole body is exhausted, and the speed of the Jingyuan is much faster than usual. When the eyes are silently cultivated, Shiyan does not think about anything, and his heart is like a mirror.

Whenever this time, he will find the body flesh, cells, bones and bones, seems to quietly nourish his body in a way he can not understand.

He is exhausted to the body that is about to collapse, will quickly regain strength, and the exhaustion of one will be quickly expelled.

This is the self-recovery ability of the undead martial arts!

Shi Yan’s heart is bright.

I don’t know how long it took, he woke up slowly, and his eyes were bright as a cold star. After a period of meditation practice, his tiredness in his body was swept away, and the body was so sturdy that it seemed to contain explosive power. There is a feeling that you have to vent.

At this time, the stone door of the gravity room was pushed away.

I saw Han Zhong carrying a total of seven bamboo baskets, big and small, and smiled and walked in.

After coming in, Han Zhong put down the bamboo basket and put out the delicacies one by one, while setting aside: “Today is bird’s nest, sea cucumber, centennial turtle, bear paw, ganoderma lucidum, rock brother, you can really eat! Stone The young master of the family, the food that is eaten five times is not as good as the one you eat. You can eat a few small families with this amount of food.”

Han Zhong talked and laughed. He put down a stack of cans of food and dish, and secretly took out a jar of wine from his arms. He smiled and said: “This altar ‘flame flame’ is my treasure. Your kid is going to drink and drink. I have to deal with it early.”

Shi Yan was also welcome, and he came to Han Zhong’s side. When he sat down, he screamed and smashed the big things that the civilians could never reach. Finally, he held the altar “flame” and went up. The bottom is heaven.

Wiping a mouth and putting the empty jar down, Shi Yan smiled and said: “Old Han, the next time this wine comes in two altars, a jar is not fun.”

“Yang Geer, this ‘flame’ is the wine of the Yingchun Pavilion, but a jar of five hundred amethyst coins!” Han Zhong was full of smiles. “This is the last time I saved it. I will come back tomorrow. I will continue to give it.” You send a ‘burning knife’, and that wine has only one hundred blue crystal coins. It will be fine for you to bring four altars at once.”

“Isn’t it a crystal coin?” Shi Yan said: “While you send me a ‘flame flame’, you will inevitably add your crystal coins, and I will give you the next time.”

“This is no problem.” Han Zhongyi smiled and said: “Yang Geer, you become a warrior, the owner is very tight, and now most of the family’s warriors and guards do not know your Situation, do you know why?”

“Why?” Shiyan slouched.

“The five-year fighting meeting will start in three months. You also know that last year, when we met with Moh and Ling, we ate a small loss, and the owner could roar after coming back. For a few days, so this time…”

“He is going to let me participate in the fighting party?” After waiting for Han Zhong to finish, Shi Yan responded and was surprised.

The Wudouhui is an activity organized by the five major families of the Shangmeng. It can be participated as long as it is a military.

The Wudou will be divided into five levels: acquired, innate, human, hundred, and status. The masters of each realm can compete for the top three in each realm.

The five major families will provide rich rewards, such as medicinal materials such as medicinal herbs, secret treasures, and martial arts. The winners will receive corresponding prizes.

This martial arts association is run by the five major families of the Shangmeng. The first is to select the best players from the fighting party and strengthen the force of their own family. On the other hand, it is also to let the merchants of the business alliance maintain their arduousness and promote the business alliance. The overall strength of the military.

The warriors who do not belong to the major families, the mercenaries who are independent and unique, have a very strong desire for the medicinal herbs, secret treasures, and martial arts provided by the five major families, and some single-handed warriors want to enter the eyes of the big family through the fighting. I hope to have the opportunity to join the big family.

Therefore, every time there will be a lot of military people flocking in the fighting, it will be very lively.

In addition to the scattered warriors, the five major families will also send their own family’s children to compete for the ranks of the fighting.

This is done to prove the strength of their own, so that those who stand out in the fighting party know how to choose.

The Wudouhui is a good opportunity to select talents and is also the stage for the five major families to fight.

Therefore, for the fighting party, not only the military and mercenaries of the trade unions will be very concerned, even the five major families themselves will be very cautious about the fighting.

Sometimes, even the ownership of the unidentified industries of the five major families will be solved through the fighting.

For example, the last time Shijia and Moh, they took out the ownership of the three mines, as a gambling gamble.

Unfortunately, in the battle between the three generations of the two generations, only Shi Tianyi won, Shi Tianluo, Shi Tianke lost to the Mojia Erlang, and finally the Mohist won the ownership of the two mines, but the Shi family only got one.

“You don’t know. Recently, the family and the Mojia fight are very lively. There are disputes in many industries, and they have not been resolved. This time, the fighting party may have the last situation and continue to take ownership of some industries. Come to gamble.” Han Zhongdao.

“So, I have a chance to play?”

“You will definitely play, the homeowner will definitely expect you to win a game, or else you will not stare at you every day, even every three days, you don’t know how busy the home owner is, how busy he is taking time. To check you, you can see how much you value it.”

“Oh I see.”


In the hall of the stone.

Shi Jianduan sat on a huge rock, and he looked solemn and stunned. He seemed to be thinking about it constantly.

“In the auction house of the Pavilion, there was a remnant picture with ‘Tianmen’…” Han Feng stood by and told the latest situation to Shi Jian.

“Tianmen” is a strange entrance that can lead to the “Divine Land”, and the “Divine Land” is a mysterious space. It may be in a strange place on the mainland of God, or it may not belong to the mainland of God. Separate space.

No one knows how the “Divine” is formed. No one knows what structure the “Divine” is, nor does it know where the “Divine” will appear. No one can say it.

Only the “Tianmen” can lead to various “Divine Realms”, which is the entrance to the “Divine Realm”.

On the mainland of the gods, there have been many legends about the “Divine”.

It is said that in the “God of God”, there are often mysteries. It is said that in different “Divinity”, there are different spiritual levels, mysterious levels and even god-level martial arts, and even have been circulated, but no one has ever seen The singular medicinal herbs, the treasures between heaven and earth…

“Four months ago, it seems that there is also a message that Kalu, the apprentice of Yao Wangmu, stole a residual picture with a ‘Tianmen’ from him. Will these two residual images come from one? Zhang Baotu? These two pictures, is it one, or two? Is it now that the one that Caru stole is stolen?” Shi Jian’s brain turned quickly, and soon thought of the disability of the previous period. Figure.

Han Feng shook his head. “Nakaru has disappeared for a long time. There is no news at all. However, the remnant figure of the 缥缈阁 is said to have been auctioned out by a woman. Instead, in the name of detecting the authenticity, the piece of the residual picture was temporarily retained.”

“That picture is still in the pavilion?” Shi Jian said.

The wind nodded. “Northern meditation, Mohist, Lingjia, Zuojia, after receiving this news, they have already taken the initiative to contact the 缥缈 了, and intend to acquire that ruin map. However, 缥缈阁 said that there is no firm truth. Before, I wouldn’t take out the auction. The four helpless people can only express a strong desire to buy, and they haven’t secretly started.”

“That is because there is only one residual map. If it is a complete treasure map, the North Ming family will never give it to the face of the pavilion. It has already been robbed.” Shi Jian stunned.

“Do we want to step in?”

“Always pay attention to this news, but don’t participate in it for a while, remember to exchange news with the left family. We don’t act rashly until the second residual picture does not appear.”


first battle!

“You have seen it?” The beautiful girl bites her silver teeth, and her suffocation is suffocating.

“As long as it is exposed, I naturally see it.” Shi Yan nodded, the facts were there, and denied that he could not change anything. It is better to admit it.

“looks good?”

“The snow muscles are rich and full, and they are pretty and full-bodied. It’s really good-looking.” Shiyan is a serious man, his eyes are open and unpredictable.

“I still want to see it again?” Mo Yanyu Jiaodi trembled, the lungs were all mad, and I saw shameless, I have never seen shameless such a bright and honest.

“If you are willing to take off your pants and don’t mind if I look at it, I would be happy to take a closer look.” Shi Yan sneered.

Shiyan is obviously not a hypocrite. Before he came to the world, he would find a beautiful woman to relax and relax after every extreme exercise. Extreme sports is his greatest interest, while women are an indispensable adjustment in his life. Product.

Mo Yanyu almost jumped up.

Who is this? This bastard is like a ghost. I don’t know where it came from. Every sentence is not as shameful, but it is also honest. If shamelessness is also a realm, this person is afraid that it has been repaired to the extreme.

Mo Yanyu had several deep breaths, and the tall and crisp chest was constantly fluctuating. He pressed the impulse to rush up the stone rock and slammed it. He was very angry and laughed: “Good! Very good! Very good!”

Shi Yan listened to her, and she smiled and said, “You really don’t mind. Well, you take it off, I will wait and see, I just didn’t look carefully, this time I will be more careful.”

In the beginning, Mo Yanyu did not understand the meaning of Shiyan’s words. Immediately, she suddenly reacted. She was still ready to ask her identity and then she couldn’t hold it anymore. Mother’s head!”

The words fell, and Mo Yanyu crossed hands. The jade hand was blue and slammed, and the arc of a half-moon shape, such as the entangled lightning, rushed toward the stone rock.

“Blue Arc Half Moon!”

In the crescent-shaped cyan propulsion, all the shrubs and banana leaves in the middle of the two are crushed, and the thunder is like a rainbow, and the lightning bolts on the chest of Shiyan.


Shiyan flew in the air, and the skinny body fell backwards and fell into a banana leaf.

The chest is cut by a knife, the burning pain, the slender wound is deep visible in the bones, and the blood is dripping, just this way, almost his life.

After the “Green Arc Half Moon” was hit, all the obstacles in the center of the two were washed away, revealing a tantalized path mixed with burnt smell.

Mo Yanyu chills his face and comes with money.

Shi Yan’s expression gradually cooled down, and the pain in his chest made him realize that the other person was really moving. This blow completely awake him.

If something similar happens in his world, the woman will swear at most, and the powerful one will only be solved by legal means, and will never die.

He has just arrived here and has not yet adapted to the cruel style of life here.

Especially in this dark forest, because the dark forest is between countries, not subject to any one country, plus the monsters are rampant, deep in all kinds of rare herbs, powerful warriors regard this as a training ground, mercenary And the caravans used this as a natural treasure house.

In the dark forest, the strong is not subject to any restrictions, because the monsters and rare herbs, here often stage the murder of the goods, sometimes accompanied by partners, the key time will slap you a knife, this is a crazy place!

Here the powerful warrior can do whatever he wants! The weak have no right to claim!

Because of this, he did not have any precautions, because he did not think of the other party, and would kill the killer because of the small things in this area.

Shi Yan is sober!

The weak element in the body, I do not know when it is gathered in the wound on the chest, is quietly moisturizing the wound, where the fine Yuan has passed, the burning pain of his wound is greatly reduced.

“Shasha! Shasha!” The sound of the wet foot quietly sounded.

Shi Yan stood up in the field and calmly looked at Mo Yanyu who was coming from the road. He said, “You want to kill me?”

“There is still no death.” Mo Yanyu frowned slightly and stopped at the stone meter in front of Shiyan. She looked at Shiyan with a slight surprise and said: “There is a stream of sperm in the body. Still a small warrior who doesn’t go into the flow, it seems that I just started to light it…”

Shi Yan’s face sank, no longer nonsense, and immediately concentrated on coping with God. He knew that Mo Yanyu would still do it.

Spiritual power is unprecedentedly concentrated. Before life and death, Shiyan adjusted himself and quickly returned to the calm and self-confident when challenging the limits.

He seems to have no pain in his chest. He only feels that the weak element in the body is flowing rapidly in the veins. The speed is getting faster and faster. The next moment, a violent and violent thought grows from his heart. He The brain roared and jerked, and the whole world suddenly felt quiet.

“Hey! Hey!”

He can clearly hear his heartbeat, and as the heartbeat speeds up, his cell seems to be amazed! The pores of the cells become so sensitive to everything around them that he can even feel the tremors of the weak hair when the breeze blows the hair…

A strange amount of power spilled from the body’s 720 acupoints, pouring into the bones and veins, and countless currents flowed like a rapid flow in his body…

After a tingling sensation in the eyes, he suddenly felt that the whole world had become colorful, and his eyes were fixed. The fine lines on the banana leaves were clearly visible 50 meters away. He looked at the beautiful but poisonous woman on the opposite side. It can be felt that there is a silk thread in the woman’s snowy jade arm veins flowing in accordance with specific rules…

The environment has not changed, however, in his eyes, the whole world has become different from the past.

He hadn’t had time to experience this wonderful feeling. Suddenly, he found that the speed of the flow of silk in the jade arm of the woman was suddenly doubled!

Shi Yan’s body was suddenly erected!

I didn’t want to think about it. Shiyan was almost a subconscious left ankle. A force suddenly shot from the foot, and Shiyan’s body slammed three meters toward the right.

It is also an arc-and-half-shaped green light that is dangerously washed from his side!

Qingguang smashed the obstacles and swept all the obstacles from his left two meters to fifty meters behind him. This is a deadly attack that is more aggressive and more refined than the previous offensive!

The cold sweat of the rocky ridge was infiltrated, but it could not stop being excited.

He suddenly found that this less than a second can determine the battle of life and death, simply irritating! – He regards this battle between life and death as another extreme sport!

In his original world, he can challenge all kinds of extreme sports, but legal, moral and rational but tightly framed him like a huge prisoner. He can’t do whatever he wants without any restraint, can’t completely indulge, can’t Trample the legal and moral bottom line.

But here, in this world of the strong! There is really nothing wrong with it!

He suddenly felt that this place is very suitable for him! This may be his paradise!


“Hey!” Mo Yanyu couldn’t help but scream, she didn’t expect Shiyan to escape. She was confident that Shiyan would break the bones in this hit, so she was not prepared for subsequent attacks.

Mo Yanyu screamed and excited to the maddening stone rock, and Shi Yan returned to reality from the dream.

Without any hesitation, Shiyan suddenly jumped like a monkey, grabbed a soft rattan hanging down from the old tree, swayed and swayed toward the front, letting go, he threw himself high, and grabbed it again with lightning. Another soft vine, the flow of water in general, with the help of soft vines leap, in this way quickly approached Mo Yanyu.

In the case of rock climbing, it is often necessary to use the vines on the mountain. For the enthusiastic extreme lovers of Shiyan, it is completely pediatrics with the swaying of the vines.

Shiyan is like a wild monkey. The body swings between the soft vines. The sensation of the extreme is so violent, there is no fixed trajectory, but it is getting closer and closer to the ink Yanyu.

Mo Yanyu snorted, and a curved “green arc half moon” flying, the soft vines in the position of Shiyan were like the long snakes, and they fell from the sky, but Shiyan could always avoid it dangerously. Change to another soft vine, so that she can not really hit.

The heart of the Shiyan movement is like a mirror, which can clearly feel the power fluctuations in the arm of the ink Yanyu, which can be dodged in advance, and often avoids it at a critical moment.

In the movement, Shi Yan has faintly realized that the blood of the blood pool has changed him. This originally weak body not only does not drag him down in the high-speed extreme sports, but also makes him perceived and able to understand. The strength and flexibility of the body even surpassed the body he had tempered for ten years!


An arc and a half moon screamed in the fierce whistling sound, and cut off dozens of soft vines behind him. The fine elements gathered by Mo Yanyu broke out in vain.

It’s now!

Shi Yan violently descended from the sky, like a goshawk rushing to the ink Yanyu, before her new essence did not gather, accurately hit her.

“Hey!” Mo Yanyu fell to the ground.

Shi Yan pressed against her face, her hands and feet like an octopus clasped her soft body, and Mo Yanyu’s bumpy body was firmly locked by Shiyan. Her plump and straight chest-like chest was in her Under pressure, it became a flat round cake, which was placed close to the bloody chest of Shiyan.

Shi Yan only felt full of fragrance, and couldn’t tell the comfort. The heart praised this woman as a real thing. Unlike the woman in his world, it seems that the chest is very strong. In fact, most of them use thick underwear. When the mat is stretched, it is found that it is flatter than the wall after taking off the underwear.

“Let me go.” Mo Yanyu looked disgusted, but did not struggle fiercely. He said: “If you want to die, give me a hand!”

“贱人!” Shi Yan sneered, “I almost want the life of Laozi, how easy it is to let you go!”

In the face of a change, she did not wait for her to react. She found that she had never been invaded by the holy face and was kissed by the bastard. The bastard was not honest, but she had quietly touched it. Going to your beautiful buttocks and starting to swear up rudely…

Mo Yanyu was furious, and the terrible power contained in the “wu soul” in the body broke out.

I was enjoying the rock and rock, and I felt that there was a terrible current flowing from the beauty. His body was paralyzed, his hands and feet were weak, and his strength could no longer be lifted.

Mo Yanyu slammed Shiyan away, and the eyes were cold and cold, staring at the rocky rock facing the sky for a while, and then gnashed his teeth: “Don’t think it’s so easy to die!”

Mo Yanyu mentioned a rocky rock like a beach, cold face through the bushes, and quickly swept away from the distant vocals.

Xie Jia Xiantian

At noon, the sun shines vertically into the valley, and the river flashes the scales of the silver flower; the icebergs in the north are behind the overlapping mountains, revealing only a narrow sideline, white and charming, white and dazzling.

In this valley not far from the country of Kailuan, He Yiming, Shui Xuan, Ting Shiguang, and many masters of Xie’s family gathered together.

After learning that Xie Zhien was about to come to this place, the company’s Shiguang stayed.

As the innate master of Huowu, he knows the potential of Xie Zhien and understands how much influence it will bring to the whole country if he gives Huowu a more innate master.

Therefore, he was also obliged to stay, and invited the water to dazzle together to protect the law for He Yiming.

At this time, He Yiming looked at the heavily guarded Xie family and the two innate powers who were slightly nervous. They remembered that when he was in Yokoyama, he attacked the innate realm for Lu Zhengyi.

At that time, the Hengshan vein was up and down, why not go all out, up to the elders in the thunder, to the top ten masters of all internal strength, are kept by the creek, for their two to protect the law.

Nowadays, the posture of Ting Shiguang and others is no different from the past, but it is not as strong as the Hengshan.

With a wave of sleeves, He Yiming said: “Everyone, it is noon at this time. It is most suitable for the impact of the father of Zhineng. You are waiting in the distance, not to disturb me.”

The Xie family immediately respected it. Although they were very excited, they did not dare to express it at the moment. They scattered one by one, but their attention was still concentrated here.

As for the two innate powers, Ting Shiguang and Shuixuan, they have similar experiences. After a slight smile, they said, “Thank you, I wish you all the best.” Then they both quit dozens of meters away and condensed. If you look around, any wind and grass will not affect them.

Xie Zhien has a heavy head. He is deeply suffocating. It seems that he wants to absorb all the gas in the latter half of his life.

Slowly, from his eyes, from his body, there is a strong momentum.

When He Yiming sensed this momentum, he could not help but glimpse. There seems to be a lot of emotion in his eyes, and he has a deep admiration for the old man.

Because of the momentum from the old man, He Yiming has already understood his thoughts. The old man has embarked on a road of no return.

This is either a successful attack or he will die here. In addition, there is no third way to go.

Finally, Xie Zhien’s tone stopped. He said to He Yiming deeply: “He’s master, the little old man has decided to attack the innate world with his own old and ruined body. If you are exhausted at the time of blessing, please remove the infuriating.” His face has an indescribable solemnity: “Even if the old man is dying, the fire is still home. Thank you for your great grace.”

He Yiming raised his eyebrows and said: “The old man is not polite, as long as your body can bear it, He will never leave you.”

His words are arrogant, and the one in the heart of Xie Zhien’s heart is suddenly vanished.

He took a deep look again and then slowly sat down.

He Yiming’s heart fretting, his wrist turned over, and he took out a jade bottle and said: “Master, this is an energy Jindan, please take it.”

Xie Zhien hesitated, said: “Master He, as far as I know, the innate practitioners of the past generations seem to have never taken the energy of Jin Dan.”

He Yiming’s face with a hint of relief, said: “Your old man is right, but don’t forget that the innate practitioners of the past generations are rarely older than yours.”

Xie Zhien smiled and took over Jin Dan’s entrance.

He Yiming has already inflicted on him the instinct of the meridian protection. This kind of great grace is definitely a kind of reinvention for a family. If so, then taking another energy Jindan is nothing.

After taking the energy of Jin Dan, Xie Zhien sat on the ground, his energy was highly concentrated, and all the distractions were thrown away. All the minds were put into the internal strength of the body.

He Yiming put a palm on the back of Xie Zhien.

His ingenuity has entered the old man’s meridians and formed a thin protective film there.

Although the old man running at the moment is the wood system, it is different from Lu Zhengyi, but for He Yiming, there is no difference between the two. Moreover, he himself was promoted to the innate by the wood fire method, so when he once again sensed the woodwork of Xie Zhien, his heart could not help but feel a sense of extreme familiarity.

The scene of the promotion of congenital success is vivid, and it seems that history has reappeared in general, and his heart has gradually been invested in it.

Suddenly, He Yiming’s heart fretting, and his face showed a strange color.

At least two innate powers not far away had half of their attention on them. At this moment, they saw He Yiming’s face, and their hearts were also awkward, and they thought of a terrible thing.

Could it be that the physique of He Yiming and Xie Zhien are extremely repulsive, so can’t they add the meridians to Xie Zhien?

However, this thought just started, they saw that He Yiming’s face was calm, and Xie Zhien seemed to be ignorant. The internal fluctuations from him were more and more intense.

At this point, they looked at each other and they were relieved.

At the moment, He Yiming is also a sneak peek.

His infuriating spirit also touched the inner movement of Xie Zhien, and also sensed his inner strength walking route.

Although it is only a kind of acquired practice, but Xie Zhien’s woodwork method makes He Yiming have a refreshing feeling.

On the old man’s body, He Yiming felt the power of a vaguely “living”. This kind of power can only be exerted when the innate power is using the wood system.

However, nowadays, in a hundred-year-old, the old man who is going to be a wood, he actually feels like this.

Quietly sensing this strange feeling of nothing, He Yiming found that with the growing strength of the wood system in the elderly, this feeling became more and more intense.

In the end, He Yiming has even been able to determine that this is indeed the power of the innate powers.

His spirit is also highly concentrated. Through the connection of infuriating, he seems to be “seeing” some strange scenes. These scenes are not the experience of his life, but belong to the old man who has experienced vicissitudes.

In a shady room, the young Xie Zhien holds a medicine book and carefully distinguishes it with herbs. In his eyes, in his heart, it seems that only these herbs exist.

He ate in this room and slept in this room, even if he was practicing in this room.

His whole body is indulged in the herb. It seems that in this world, there is nothing worth paying attention to except the herb.

In the eyes of others, Xie Zhien is already crazy, and his fascination with herbs is beyond the scope that most people can understand.

However, it is because of such fascination and reluctance, so when he is here to recover, the cultivation of the “living” in the herb is poured into his body. in.

At this point, He Yiming suddenly realized.

When the old man was over 100 years old, why was he still so energetic? The general master of the day after he arrived at this age, but most of them have been dusty and earthy.

At this moment, He Yiming’s heart faintly emerged with a strange thought. Although this thought was only passed by, it was already firmly grasped by him.

Although Xie Zhien has the cultivation talent of the second generation of wood fire, his fire cultivation talent is obviously higher than the wood system. The reason why I can finally practice the second-line exercises to the ten-level apex, has a relationship with his madness.

Passing this crazy, almost perverted approach seems to improve a certain aspect of the individual’s talent. This method is absolutely incredible, even if there are no records in the ages. However, after passing the magical induction at this moment, after reading some of the memory of Xie Zhien’s life, He Yiming discovered this method faintly.

Although I don’t know if this method is feasible, He Yiming has such a feeling that perhaps Yuan Lixun and the brothers in Hejiazhuang can benefit from it.

The heart suddenly shook, and He Yiming remembered that he was still blessing the memo for Xie Zhien. He immediately converges his mind and once again concentrates his energy.

Although the discovery just made him ecstatic, it is a matter of the future, and it is not a matter of time to understand the mystery. At present, what he has to do is to try to help Xie Zhien to attack the innate realm.

At this time, Xie Zhien’s body meridians are already full of the internal strength of the wood system. The inner strength of the ten layers of peaks is already a sea of ​​sorrow. Under the state that Xie Zhien can not bear the meridians, this kind of internal strength is boiling like never before. .

He Yiming carefully sensed the subtle changes in the meridians, and his heart said: “Come.”

When his thoughts came to light, Xie Zhien’s meridians suddenly got a little more Mars.

This is the first time that the internal strength of the fire system has appeared. It is hard to burn in the meridians that are full of wood.

If a small dead branch is put into the furnace, it will surely ignite quickly and turn into ashes. However, if a little flame is placed on the bark of a century-old tree, the possible surname of extinction will be far greater than igniting the entire tree.

At this point, the feeling of this fire to He Yiming is the same.

Induction of this crumbling, it seems that there is a flame that may be extinguished at any time, He Yiming knows well, this is because the age of the elderly is too large.

Although his body has the support of “life”, the energy of his old man is not younger than that.

However, slowly, a glimpse of the drug has turned into the body of the old man, and it has become an infinite amount of energy devoted to this flame.

After being supplemented by the new force, the flames in the old man gradually stabilized from extinction at any time. But that’s it. So if you want to go further, it’s a bit of a power failure.

He Yiming’s heart sighed, no wonder the older generation said that the impact of the innate realm should not be more than eighty years old, otherwise the failure may be far greater than success.

Now it seems that this is true, even if it is under his own full blessing, and then swallowed the energy of Jin Dan, but Xie Zhien is still unable to continue to climb to a higher level.

If the average person is in this situation, it must have been abandoned. However, the old man is different. He tried his best to run the fire system. With the support of the energy of Jin Dan, he did his best and did not give up.

He has fulfilled his promise and will rather die on the spot, explode and die, and will never give up.

He Yiming sighed and his face changed a bit. I finally made a decision that even if he said it, no one could believe it.

His instinct was divided into a small piece of silk, which was quickly transformed into a surname, from the surname of the wood to the surname of the fire, and slowly flowed into the flames of Xie Zhien’s body.

Everyone is a reading individual, and the internal strength or instinct cultivated by the practitioners is completely reading.

Even if it is the practice of cultivating the same kind of surname, the internal strength and infuriating of cultivation are still different.

Although they can be borrowed from each other while healing and attacking the enemy. However, in the case of this impact neck, it is impossible to do any kind of external internal strength or instinct.

This is the consensus of all, and the experience that millions of predecessors have summed up over the years.

If the real name is impure at the moment, then waiting for them is not a successful breakthrough, but an unexplained explosion and death.

Not only is Xie Zhien difficult to spare, even He Yiming will be greatly affected.

However, after he thought about it, He Yiming still chose to do so.

What he relies on is his unique physical name.

At this time, in his body, the Dantian high-speed operation like a black hole is running, and the fiery hot air from here is constantly fine-tuning.

He Yiming’s heart has all converged to one place, and he does not understand why he has such a daring idea. But when this thought emerged, he couldn’t stand it anyway.

Under his control, the infuriating surname has undergone a subtle change to the extreme. The vagueness is gradually similar to the inner strength of the fire system in Xie Zhien.

In fact, He Yiming himself knows that this is not his own ability, but when he has this idea, the automatic adjustment of the infuriating in Dantian is gone. It is like the instinct of the outside, even if it is cold if it is ice, or if it is hot, once it enters Dantian, it suddenly becomes a dark chaos.

In the same way, as long as he is willing, the infuriating out of chaos can also be changed as desired to become the rest of the various surnames.

This is the real reason why he can complete the five elements and be able to promote the first-line days with the ice power.

When the instinct in Dantian entered the flames of Xie Zhien with his heart, the frequency of the two had already reached a perfect combination.

It was like a loud bang, the wood energy of the old man was completely ignited, and the crazy flame sprinkled countless fires, and the old man’s body began to become red.

When the energy accumulation in the body reaches the extreme, it finally leaks out of the body surface and intersects with the power of the heavens and the earth.

Shui Hyun and Ting Shiguang look at each other. They know that from then on, there will be another innate power among the small countries.


Far away, in the temple, Zhan Tianfeng looked at the direction of the valley, and his face seemed to be able to scrape a layer of frost.

Turbulent, a black figure appeared behind him, and then, the murmur sounded: “Zhan brother, you send me a secret letter, what’s the matter?”

Zhan Tianfeng did not return, said: “Sima brother, five

Basilica on the Lonely Peak

In the sky, the wind broke, and in the battle circle, the light and shadow of the road flashed, and then the light dissipated, both sides of the horse are all coming out.

The three tigers, there are still six people coming in, and all six of them are also in possession of the strength of the revolving wheel. Obviously, the three tigers of this time are also really motivated by the turmoil of the broken space. There are many top strong players.

As the eight kings, their foundations are not as good as the four major hegemons, but they should not be underestimated.

However, although the lineup of the three major tigers is not weak, at this time their faces are so good that they can’t see where they are, because across the other side, a dozen figures stand in the air, and the fierce eyes are like wolves, before that Lin moved their scattered Zhu Lidai elders, Liu Qing, Jin Yu Yao Shuai and so on, but also arrived at this time.

This lineup of the top four powerful forces of the Four Elephants, Dragons and Heavenly Demons is obviously more luxurious than the three tigers.

In the sky, there were still some fierce battles, but it was because the arrival of both sides of the horses gradually stopped. The strong tigers of the three tigers looked at Liu Qing and others with sneer in the distance. Can not stop shaking.

Both Zhu Li’s elders and Liu Qing are the top powers who touch the reincarnation. The strength is far from being comparable to the ordinary runners. If you really want to fight, I am afraid that they can stop them all. .

“Hey, I said, the courage of your three major tigers is getting bigger and bigger. I know that Lin Dong is the elder of my Dragons. You dare to shoot. Do you dare to look down on our dragons?” Liu Qing laughs. Road.

“Auntie is my patriarch of the genius of the genius. You are shooting against him. That is to provoke my genius.” Zhu Li’s elders are also faint.

The strongmen of the three major tigers heard that the body is slightly stiff. Although the three tigers are also considered a big family in the demon world, they obviously do not dare to offend the dragons and the celestial tyrants. If the matter is passed back to the family, it will definitely lead to severe reprimand.

“Oh, the two don’t want to be angry, it’s just a misunderstanding.”

On that day, the two elders of the Devil Tigers laughed, although in order to obtain the last blood of the Dark Tigers, even if they offended the two major hegemons, it is still acceptable, but looking at the present, they obviously Losing the best chance of seizing, and in this case, it is too unwise to offend the Dragon and the Tianluo.

“The Yan Shuai of the Sixiang Palace is also pregnant with the blood of our Devils and Tigers. It is also a family. How can we move other minds?”

Xiaoyan heard the words, all secretly sneer, in the tiger’s eyes, swept a bit of fierceness, this day the devil tigers today made him particularly unhappy, if there is a chance in the future, you can have a good calculation.

“Lin Dong leader, today’s thing is that we are reckless. The old man apologizes here. I don’t know if I can release Luo Teng first?” An elder of the Dark Tigers looked at it and was trapped by the forest. Rothen, holding a fist.

“Let’s let people go, but they still hope that they will be cautious and cautious. Otherwise, they will have to blame the killer.” Lin moved his eyes and made a slight indulgence, which was faint.

When Naroteng and others heard this, they bite their teeth and immediately nodded. Lin’s words were very clear, and they were told not to talk about the last blood of the Dark Tigers.

When Lin moved to see it, this waved his hand, and Xuantian Temple suddenly turned back into a streamer, and the array that was trapped in Rotten was also dissipated.

Although his heart is slightly angry because of the actions of the three tigers, it is obviously not suitable for them to fight with them at this time. After all, the main purpose of his coming here is to swallow the temple.

The powers of the various parties that are engulfed by the Lord are obviously quite a lot. It is too unwise to consume power here.

Naroten was released, and his face was a bit sloppy, but at this time he recognized the situation, and he had no previous fierceness, especially under the fierce eyes of Liu Qing, he could only sneak down. The figure, which was lifted by the sway of the forest.

Naluo’s face is also covered with iron blue. In the presence of so many people, and in the case of two dozens, Lin Biao made such a wolverine. This is a fear that will cause many people to laugh.


However, although the heart is resentful, but Luo Bian also knows the current affairs, had to wave his hand, and then quickly with the strong of the dark tiger family, while the other two tigers after seeing the dark tigers retreat, only Can smile awkwardly, rushing to Lin and other people to hold a fist, and then quickly sneak away.

The original fierce competition was the end of the tiger’s tail. It seemed that the strong people around him couldn’t help but shake their heads. The three tigers didn’t know which ones were wrong. They knew that there were dragons behind the four elephant palaces. The Tian Yao Yi people support the waist, and even dare to provoke, it is really boring.

In the sky, the strong parties of the parties saw the end of the good show, and there was not much left. The body shape was dispersed.

“It didn’t take long before it was separated. You got into the three tigers…” Zhu Li’s elders saw the crowds disperse, and then they turned their heads. They moved toward Lin, and Xiao Xiao and others shook their heads helplessly. Obviously, his efforts to trouble these guys are a bit speechless.

“These guys dare to grab our stuff. If the grandfather didn’t kill them, it would be a good heart.” Xiao Yan grinned, and there was a thick fierce light in his eyes.

“What are you robbing?” Zhu Li’s elders were a bit stunned.

Lin moved to shrug, this is nothing to hide, said the dark tiger’s things.

“It turned out to be the Dark Tiger…” After listening to Lin Dong, Zhu Li’s elders and Liu Qing were a little surprised, and immediately looked at Xiao Yan’s eyes, which made it clear why the three tigers dared to take risks. .

“You are a good chance. The Dark Tigers are basically completely disappeared in this world. Perhaps the income you got before is the blood of the only dark tiger in the world.” Zhu Lida, the elder, sighed, his look Quite awkwardly, after all, in the ancient times, the dark tigers were not weaker than their dragons. However, after the catastrophe, they were defeated to such an extinction.

“I hope that the last blood of the Dark Tigers can really make this former hegemony rise again.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly, his palms stroking his chest, he could feel that the black and white beads that he swallowed into the body were slowly melting, and an ancient and majestic blood was spreading.

The blood is more powerful than the blood of his demon tiger.

“Let’s go, we should also go to the temple.”

Lin smiled and patted Xiao Yan’s shoulder, and delayed a lot of time here, but fortunately, with the subtle contact that swallowed the ancestors, he could feel the general direction of devouring the temple.

Everyone heard the words, they all smiled and nodded. They looked forward to the look. They wanted to come to the devourer of the legend, and they all had great curiosity in their hearts.

“Being off.”

Lin moved a smile, the body shape took the first to pluck, the body of the rainbow, facing somewhere in the depths of the broken space, and behind it, Xiaoyan and others followed, and the momentum was extremely spectacular. .


On the way to the next road, Lin Dong and his party did not stop at all. His eyes were staring at the depths of the broken space. In the dark black scorpion, it seemed to have a burning fire swaying.

On the way, I also met a lot of strong players who entered the broken space. Most of these are strong people who have a lot of fame in the demon field, but these strong people are all seeing Lin Dong’s people. It’s a taboo, after all, their lineup is a bit shocking.

Lin Dong did not care about this, and the speed was applied to the extreme. After about an hour, his body was suddenly stiff. He felt that the body’s engulfing ancestors trembled fiercely at this time.

That kind of induction is becoming more and more clear.

“We are coming.”

Lin Dong gradually slowed down and said softly.

Everyone heard the words, and there were surprises in their eyes.

Once again, it took more than a dozen minutes. The body shape of Lin Dong and others gradually slowed down. Their eyes were all looking to the end of the front. There was a black lonely peak on the wasteland. Standing, the peak is so steep that there is no way to go.

As the line of sight shifts, it is only above the lonely peak, and a black hall stands quietly, as if it were so old.

Lin Dong and others looked at the lonely dark hall complexly, where they sat in the most outstanding peers in the world.

A once-passing crack in the plane, into the aliens, and even the ferocious allergens are the peerless powers with a few fears.

He was one of the most dazzling pearls of his time.

“I finally found you…”

Lin moved deeply and his body shook slightly at this time. He could feel the sorrow of the body’s swallowing ancestors.

The devourer, since Lin Dong got the devour of the ancestor, the name is deeply imprinted into his heart, and now, he can truly face him in another form.

Excitement rushed in Lin Dong’s heart, but after a while he slowly suppressed this excitement, because he felt the rush of wind that began to come from behind.

The top powerhouses from all sides of the demon domain also began to arrive in succession.


A rainbow of light, quickly plundered, and finally appeared in the sky, they looked at the black hall above the lonely peak, for a time they have never spoken, there is a sense of admiration in the eyes.

Ancient Eight Lords, ancient times, the pro-disciples of the Fuzu adults, they guarded the countless creatures of this world.

Lin Dong felt the atmosphere, but his eyes closed slightly. He knew that this silence could not last long…

Time passed by, and after waiting for this quiet half an hour, the eyes of many powerful people in this world began to reply to the clear, and then, like the flame of the flame, began to come up.


Lin Dong seems to have noticed this change. The slightly closed eyes began to slowly open, and the slender palms were gently gripped, and the eyes looked firmly at the black hall.

Your inheritance, I will inherit.

This piece of heaven and earth, I will guard, in order to protect the people I want to protect.

Strong strength

Nirvana robbery and wind thunder robbery lasted for nearly half a day, the thunder in midair and the fiery volatility emanating from the forest, which made the cultivation station extremely hot, even the pervasive nirvana Gas is the violent anger that has become more and more.

Two kinds of catastrophe arrive at the same time. For the ordinary strong, this is indeed a ruinous unfortunate thing, but for Lin Dong who has the mysterious stone symbol and swallowed the ancestor, it just makes him The opportunity to improve the strength is getting better and better.

Although under these two simultaneous catastrophes, Lin Dong still ate some bitterness, but compared with the strength of the next surge, these pains can be completely neglected.

Therefore, when the day gradually approached the evening, the violent fluctuations in the cultivation platform covered by the red mask were quietly weakened until the final disappearance.

In the center of the cultivation platform, Lin’s figure sat quietly. At this time, the golden light above his body was full of concealment. The former violent and powerful atmosphere was also lurking to the body of Lin’s body with the dissipation of Jinguang. Where.

From Lin’s gradual return to the normal color of the skin and the calmness of the midair, it is clear that the Nirvana and the wind and thunder have been quietly passed by Lin.


Closed eyes, suddenly opened, looming, with wind and thunder, the air in front of Lin, was shocked at this moment, making a harsh low-pitched explosion.


Lin’s fists are slowly gripping, and the muscles are squirming. A force that is not as strong as it used to be, is like a sponge of drowning water. From every part of his body, a strand of oil permeates.

The palm was clenched and then punched out.


The invisible air, the lightning-like condensation under the boxing, was directly compressed into an invisible air cannonball, and then slammed on the red mask, making the mask a circle. Subtle fluctuations.

This punch, if it is the usual nirvana, the fear is at least the result of serious injury.

When a fist hits, Lin moves with a heart, and the majestic spirit is the lightning-like condensation in his body, and his body is suspended. Lin’s hands are slightly open, and with his strong mental power, he can sense To this blushing hood, there is a constant flow of Nirvana, and even he can penetrate this red mask, and all the circumstances outside the Dan River are in the mind.

At the same time, he naturally discovered the king and other people who were watching the tiger outside the cultivation platform. At that moment, his lips and lips gradually set off a chilly arc.

“Successfully passed?” Xiao Yan and Xiao Yan also sent a slightly delighted look to Lin Dong. Although they knew some answers, they still couldn’t help but ask.


Lin smiled and nodded. He could feel that his current strength is not the same as before. The original one is a little taboo, and now it is already for him. Does not constitute any threat.

This time, the results of the accumulation of thin hair, the results achieved, obviously far beyond the expectations of Lin Dong.

Now, he is confident that he will compete with the real strongmen of the ancient battlefield. Even if he is the one who has seen the unknown, but the strength is extremely strong, Lin Sen does not dare to say that he has absolute certainty. It’s not easy to beat him, but the latter wants to do something to him.

This is the confidence brought by strength.

“Let’s go, the cultivation here has come to an end, some troubles, it should be completely solved.” Lin moved down and smiled at Xiaoyan Xiaoyan, the smile, the chill.

Under the previous spiritual divergence, he already knew what Wang Shu and others were doing. Lin Dong’s people have always been people who don’t commit me. I don’t commit crimes. But now that people count on him, they naturally don’t sit back and watch. reason.

When Xiao Yan and Xiao Yan listened to Lin, the eyes also looked at the red mask, and seemed to understand what they were, and they immediately nodded slowly.


A large number of people, such as the edge of the Dan River, Wang Fen, suspended in the air. Their eyes were closely locked to the looming cultivation platform under the cover of Nirvana. In the eyes, there was impatience and fierce light flashing.

“Isn’t that forest movement really going to practise here to close this space?” The face was thin and dry, and the face was staring at the cultivation station with a haze. The voice was already impatient. They kept here. In the past two days, if this is normal, perhaps they don’t care, but now it’s an ancient secret. All the people are desperately searching for treasures, but they are wasting time on this bitterness. Under the circumstances, whoever to change, fear that the heart is quite uncomfortable.

The people on the side heard the words, and they nodded in the same sense. It seems that the waiting for these two days has consumed almost a few of their patience.

“Chen Fuxiong, don’t worry, as far as I know, the protective array of this training station is not long-lasting. At most five days, it will automatically dissipate. The kid can’t hide for a long time.” Seeing their intolerance The king rushed.

“And as long as you catch the kid, you can get the coffin in his hand. For this baby, if you pay some time, you should not lose money.”

“Oh, yeah, wait for the kid to clean up, isn’t this cultivating platform also ours? When it is time to cultivate here, what loss will not make up?” Zheng Zhuizhu also looked like a deep smile, just the depth of the eyes However, it is constantly flashing with the color of blackmail and sin.

“Hey, then wait, this kid, it’s really tolerable, like the tortoise, waiting for him to catch this time, but let him try my way.” Hearing the two, That Chen dry face is only slightly slower, said.

“What Chen Fuxi said is that when you catch the kid, you want to deal with it. You have the final say.” Wang cracked his mouth and smiled, and there was a thick hustle and bustle in his eyes.

Chen Kui nodded and just wanted to close his eyes, his look suddenly changed, his eyes suddenly turned to the red mask, and Sen smiled: “Is it finally coming out?”

“Oh?” Hearing this, Wang Bing and the spirit of Zheng Heizhu slammed into the mask, and they saw it. The mask that covered the cultivation platform was actually visible to the naked eye. The speed has become faded.

“Haha, this kid, finally can’t stand it!”

Upon seeing it, Wang Li suddenly couldn’t help but laugh at the sky. The strongmen of the Skyhawk dynasty behind him were also excited. In order to solve the forest movement, they waited here for a long time.

At this time around the Dan River, there are still many people staying here. On this Dan River, there are many people watching every cultivation station. Here is no exception, but now this place, It has been seen by the three senior dynasties such as the Tianying Dynasty. Although others are coveted, they also know that the chances of succeeding are not great. Therefore, staying here has the meaning of watching the fun. By the way, if you can see if you can fish in troubled waters. Opportunity.

During these two days, they all knew that Wang Bian and others were waiting for Lin to come out here. For the name of Lin Dong, they also heard that for this guy, their first impression was to make trouble. Before the offense of the Magic Rock Dynasty, I did not expect that this has just entered the ancient secrets not long after, but also the power of the Eagle Eagle dynasty that is not inferior to the magic rock dynasty to offend…

At this moment, the eagle dynasty calls for friends and friends, but it is to find a lot of famous and strong people to come, obviously does not want to give Lin a chance to escape, so everyone understands that when Lin moved out from this cultivation platform At the time, perhaps it was the moment he was buried in the Dan River…

Because of this, when they saw the red mask that gradually became faded, there was a sympathy in their eyes.

“Oh, what’s so happy, let me be happy?”

The red mask was getting weaker and lighter. After a while, it was completely dissipated. Then, the two figures appeared in the eyes of the road, and at the same time, a chuckle, from the cultivation platform. Outgoing.

“I will know if you should be happy or crying, Lin Dong, today this Dan River is the place where you are buried!”

Wang cracked his eyes and stunned. He stared at the current figure from the red mask. At that moment, he seemed to notice that the figure had some different places from two days ago. However, this kind of flashing feeling, he did not go too far, no matter what, now they are three high-ranking dynasty people here, and there are three genuine one-yuan nirvana strong, these Lineup, even if Lin Zhen really has three heads and six arms today, I am afraid it is impossible to escape!

“Chen Fuxiong, Black Pillar, start!”

Wang cracked a fierce drink, as if he was worried about Lin to turn around and flee. In fact, he did not give Lin a half-time to reply, and his body shape was a violent rush.

“Hey, boy, we can wait for you for a long time, give me a coffin!”

Chen’s eyes stared at Lin’s greedily, and he was already impatient. Almost at the moment when Wang’s voice fell, it flashed out, and his powerful mental power condensed in his body.

The last one is Zheng Baizhu, who seems to be honest. He is naturally cautious and suspicious. Even at this time, he has not rushed to the forefront. Years of experience have made him feel what he is today. A little bit of uneasiness.

However, this feeling is also like Wang Chuan. This Zheng Heizhu did not detect it. First, time is not allowed. Second, their lineup here is indeed quite powerful. Although they dare not say nothing, they have nine. Cheng Zhicheng will solve the forest movement!

Therefore, Zheng Heizhu smashed his head and left the restlessness of the point. The sneer of sneer, also plundered out under the sympathy of many people around Lin.

The three big ones are the Nirvana powerhouses. At the same time, everyone knows what this means. Perhaps, after today, the forest movement that has some reputation in the northwestern region will disappear in this ancient battlefield. Someone will remember the light that he brought up.

After all, this world is the stage of the strong, the loser, only in the passage of time, completely disappeared into the world.